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Muck Boy Waterfowl Report Page
Welcome to our waterfowl report page, on this page we will post reports of waterfowl hunting trips. We will let you know in some detail what worked and of course what did not work, with plenty of pictures.
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Sept 20th 2015 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - Daddy Duck and I made it out for a goose hunt on the second day of the 9rh day of the MI Regular Goose Season on a small lake in Genesee Co. We saw several flocks throughout the morning but only enticed 3 loners into our spread, and bagging all 3 and ending just one short of our 2 man limit.

Michigan 2015 Regular Goose Season in Genesee County

Sept 3rd 2015 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - Slim pickings on the geese on the 3rd but as on the 1st we had ducks over our spread most of the morning. Kevin with his young "eagle eyes" picked up a teal flying with a small flock of mallards. We ended up harvesting two geese and a teal. Terribly hot humid weather this year.

Sept 1st & 2nd 2015 - Muck Boy Crew Tuscola Co. Mi - I had been scounting the local goose flock for the past two weeks. This years birds did not fall in to any sort of pattern. Some days they would leave the roost and go east some days they would go north a few times west, using different fiekls feeding between harvested wheat, barley, oats and pickles. They were usually in three seperate groups one group was made up of about four dozen, another of maybe twenty and the last was a roup of about six. So we made the decision to setup our spread, so when they got up off the roost they at least would be able to see us.

On the 1st - we were east of the roost and setup the spead where I had seen the birds in this field Sunday morning, we were very close to the "X". There was a fairly thick fog and no wind but this did not keep the ducks from flying early, they were all over us for the first hour, nice show. At about 7:40 the geese flew in two large groups heading east, but south of the "X" totally ignoring us? We hoped they would get up from were ever they went to feed in smaller groups, pairs, threes ets... but when they retured they were in the same big groups as when they had left.

On the 2nd - we setup in the same field but south of where we were on the 1st. Hoping to be in there fligh path when they left. There was a little haze and a light wind. The ducks came out later that the day before. But so did a small group of geese. We had four come in from behind us in stealth mode (no calling) they skirted the outside of the spread but did give us a fair shot and we managed to take three once we seen them. As for the rest of the geese, just like when scouting they got up off the roost a half hour later and headed north.

The theme for this years early season - the bird numbers were down, about half of the numbers from last year and no pattern. These two factors alone made for a slow opener. Hopefully the numbers will increase for the goose opener in a couple of weeks.

Michigan 2015 Early Goose Season Opener Tuscola County - Lots of Ducks seen early
Michigan 2015 Early Goose Season Opener Tuscola County - Thick Fog and no winds for the opener Michigan 2015 Early Goose Season Opener Tuscola County - a look north at some of the decoys Michigan 2015 Early Goose Season Opener Tuscola County - took a few geese on the second day


Sept 1st 2015 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - It was a slow start for this years Early Goose Season for us. For some reason less than a 1/4 of the geese that had been coming into the field we scouted showed up on the Opener. We still managed to harvest a dozen of the nuisance geese before the hot humid weather forced us out of the blinds and had us looking for shade.
11/15/2014 - Field Reporter Paul - Been a slow year on the waters we hunt in Ogemaw Co. a few birds per hunt were all that was being seen and only a few of those over the decoys. On Nov. 15fh, the MI Deer Firearms Opener 3 Shells decided to avoid the hordes of orange clad hunters and hunt waterfowl on a local lake. As expected not much was flying but he did manage to scratch out a couple of Goldeneye, a Drake Mallard, that was sporting some leg iron. The banding info on the bird revealed the bird was hatched in 2006 or earlier and was banded on 6/23/2007 in Thunder Bay Ontario. Now that duck had some miles on him.
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SRSGA Report - 10/21/2014 - Field Reporter Paul
Blue and Kevin have hunted Shaiwassee a few times since the opener on the 11th with limited success. with Miller Rd., N. Prior, and the 30's still closed to hunting due to the crops not being harvested, hunters have been packed into available hunting areas and a good draw was necessary to obtain one of the few hot spots.

On the 21st, after a few days of northerly winds and cool temperatures putting the ducks on the move, their luck changed and they finally got a decent draw. With these elements put together it made for a great hunt. They bagged a limit of geese and were just a few ducks short of their limit.

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Middle Zone Opener - Oct 8th 2014 - Field Reporter Paul Ogemaw Co MI - Hunted Monday and Wendsday the opening week of the MI Middle Zone. Birds were scarce where we hunted partly because of the heavy rains the prior week leaving standing water in most feilds and woodlots, scattering the birds. We did manage to scratch out a few Ringnecks, a Bluebill, and a few Woodducks for our efforts.

Southern Zone Opener - Genesee Co. - Oct. 11 - 12th Field Reporter Paul - We hunted a small farm pond the first two days of the season although many mallards gave us a pass we opted to shoot only the few that gave us a shot that would drop em in front of us and not in the standing corn behind our blind. There was a a lot of geese in the area but they were using a field about a 1/4 mile west of us, we did however draw a few of them close enough for a shot. Heard quite a bit of shooting on nearby farms and lakes.

Craig, Lyle and crew hunted a farm pond both days on the other end of the county, they had aa little more success than us harvesting a few geese and quite a few mallards and woodies. Craig said his son Lyle is getting to be quite the retriever and can fetch multiple ducks in one retrieve.

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Sept 21st 2014 - Muck Boy Crew Kent Co. Mi - Decided to do a quick hunt this morning to get some more practice in setting up, for our upcoming trip to North Dakota. We hadn't scouted our field since the 2nd of Sept, we just knew there were plenty of birds in the area with early migrators stating to show up early last week. We had a good wind from the west with gusts to 17mph and low clouds. The first pair showed up a little later than usual but it may have had something to do with the cloud cover. They flew over the decoy spread and looked like they were going to set down behind us, so we got on the calls and they swung one more time outside but on the outside of the decoys, we took only one. The next pair looked to want to commit but again they tried to sit outside the decoys but closer than the first two and we took both. The last bird was taken from a flock that flew right over our blinds low and we took the lowest one in the bunch. Nice quick hunt before the heavy rains started again.
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September 14 and 15th Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi
With temps forecasted in the 40's and 50's, and some molt migrants trickling into the area we decided to close the Early Michigan Goose Season by hunting the last two days, on the 14th we hunted one end of the county while a group of friends hunted on the other end. On our end the geese were sparse, , we only saw a few in the air, and only downed two honkers outta the few that worked our decoys. On the other end of the county geese were plentiful and they had their, 15 goose, three-man limit by 9 am. What a difference about 20 miles makes.

On the 15th we were invited to join our buddies on the plentiful end of the county, even though they had thinned them out the day before and educated a few birds in the process they assured us there was still enough geese in the area to make it interesting, and they were right and we finished the early season with 10 more Blackfeet nose down in the wheat stubble.

It was a fairly decent Nusciance Goose Season for our crew even with our limited number of hunts but most importantly we have enough goose meat for the sausage maker and a few batches of jerky.

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Sept 14th South

Sept 14th North

Sept 15th
Sept 3rd 2014 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi
After resting our old bones for a day we gave the local geese another go as they were using our field the previous evening. Warm temps, no wind, and two days of hunting pressure, had the geese fickled. The first flock of the morning, 7 birds, finished easily for us dropping feet right in the kill zone and we downed 6. As the sun rose higher, the temps started rising, and the geese got warier, the next flock sideswiped us and we dropped 2. The next and last flock of the morning over the field were well educated and circled us 4 - 5 times but refused to commit. By 8:30 the skies were clear, bright, and gooseless. We called it a day.
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Sept 2nd 2014 - Muck Boy Crew Kent Co. Mi - The crews second days hunt took place in a stubble field just off Hwy 6 near Gerald R Ford Airport. Yes we traveled across the state as one of the crew lives near this field. Kids had to go to school. We have been scouting this field for awhile and finally caught the geese in it two weeks ago - a few phone calls later and we had permission to hunt. This field would have really been killer with a north or south wind, but the weatherman was calling for west winds at 5 to 15mph, as it turned out for this hunt we had no wind. Causing a few issues. Our first bird came in at 7:01am, just as planned, following the runway right in to the pocket we had formed with the decoys. Then there was a dry spell till about 8am when we had a flock of about 10 circle the field paying no attention to our calls, decoys and flagging and landing about 40 yards behind us when they got up only 1 was dropped. A few minutes later a flock came in from the north, they eyed the decoys, not flaring turned and went east over the tree line a minute later they headed back towards us but were climbing, another 1 dropped. The last flock came from the south worked the south end of the field and with some calling and flagging they headed straight to us but a little behind, but instead of landing they came to within 10 yards on our right and 3 more fell. We picked up 2 more in the last half hour that we hunted. Taking a total of 8 for the day. We do believe that if we would have at a little wind all the birds that worked our set-up would have came right into the decoys, but with no wind to guide them, they came in from any direction. Not complaining just explaining.

Sept 1st 2014 - Field Reporter Paul - Michigan's new experimental Teal Season also opened on September 1st Blue and Sons headed to the Bay as did Daddy Duck and son. Reports from both were that the bulk of the Blue wing migration had not arrive yet. Blue's group on the westside bagged 5 teal. While Daddy Duck's crew hunted the eastside and only downed one teal.
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Daddy Duck with his Teal
Sept 1st 2014 - Muck Boy Crew Tuscola Co. Mi - I have been scouting my friends farm for a month, watching the local flock of Canada geese switch fields, a couple days in this field a day in that field. But a few days before today, the geese finally found a field they really liked and had been feeding heavily in the only green patch, this was way to close to the east west road. So we set up about 60 yards to the south of it hoping we could pull them off the green patch long enough to give us a look. Well all I can say is, our plan worked - the crew has had a few GREAT hunts but to us this was Historical for us. The first pair showed up at 7:20am and then there was a little lull and then all hell broke loose, between 7:30 and 7:40 we took the next 8. The birds were lined up like planes waiting to get into O'Hare airport. The shooting was fast, we were reloading and shooting sitting up in the blinds. We took 7 birds in six shoots from the last bunch that made our limit. Then we went around and picked up the cripples. Done at 7:45 and the birds were still wanting to come into the field. Ending this hunt with a limit of ten Canada's and the best is, two were banded. Whow!
Sept 1st 2014 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi
Seemingly a good hatch for our local geese this year, as we saw many geese flying the first 2.5 hrs of the Michigan Early Goose Season in Genesee Co.. We hunted a wheat stubble field on my buddies farm and our crew managed to bag 21 Blackfeet out of the flocks we had decoy.

A friend of ours and his crew hunted the other end of the county and had a real hotspot as they downed 40 geese an 8 man limit for their efforts.

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40 geese an 8 man limit
Nov 3rd 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Ogemaw Co MI - With reports of ducks showing up on local lakes, I made a road trip north to the cabin. The temps were in the 20's when the alarm went off at 5 am and it took us awhile to shake the cobwebs out as it was the first day that daylight savings time ended and shooting hours adjusted, I know we gained an hour but looking at an hour earlier shooting time still made me feel tired. Our short morning hunt of about 3 hours produced a mixed bag of buffies and bills for 3-Shells and I.
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Oct 30th 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Ogemaw Co MI - Ducks have been filtering into NE Lower Michigan for the past week, flocks of mallards, buffleheads, and woodies have been showing up on local lakes and potholes. 3 Shells finally got a chance to hunt some of these birds on the morning of the 30th. With a duck stir fry in mind he choose to hunt some of the tasty woodies on a local pothole. Using the Puddler and a few decoys it took him less than a hour to get his 3 woodduck limit.
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Oct 29th 2013 - Captain Ken, Jireh Charters, AuGres, MI - Jireh charters and Black Dog Outfitters have been chartering duck hunts on saginaw bay. Recently we have been in wig wam bay and out in Augres bay. Based on weather conditions wigwam has been good. This week Old Squaws should be in with good numbers as they are just showing up. We will be hunting this weekend and hope to provide photos of the trips. I unfortunately did not get photos of last Tuesday and Wednesdays hunts.
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Oct 25th 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Ogemaw Co MI - The cold temperatures, a brisk northwest wind, and a few flakes of snow had waterfowl moving in Michigan's NE Lower Peninsula. 3- Shells saw a few flocks of new birds dump into the lake he was hunting on the morning of the 24th and a little scouting showed new birds on a few of the other lakes in the area (mostly puddlers).
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Oct 21th 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - A few flocks of geese had been using a picked bean field on my buddy Mark's farm as some new birds had seemingly moved into the area over the past week. The plan was to hunt early morning but steady rains dampened our spirits so we went to plan B and switched to an short evening hunt. Lack of cover in the field had us tucked into a weed patch that stuck out about 100 yds out from the side of the field and the 15 mph wind somewhat in our face (not an optimal setuip but only hide we had) causing the cautious birds to pass just a little outta range as they swung toward the 1 dozen FFD Lesser decoys we had set. A few however cut the corner and came within good shotgun range allowing us to bag four birds in the last hour of shooting time.
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Oct 7th 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Ogemaw Co MI - Michigan's Northern Lower Peninsula Duck Season Opener was a super wet one the first two days the mornings greeted us with pouring rain and/or dense fog making my old bones ache too much to hunt, the third morning we got out for a few hours in the morning before the showers began. The fourth morning was again foggy we could hear geese moving but couldn't see a thing.

From what little we could see there seemed to be good numbers of local mallards and woodies in the area and some flocks of Canadian Geese were moving through.

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Sept 22nd 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - What a difference a day makes, Daddy Duck and I went back to the water and saw geese in the air all morning with a few singles and small flocks over our spread of Big Foot floaters and we soon had our 4 goose 2 man limit. It was quite evident that a new wave of migrants had moved into the area.

Sept 21st 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi -The first day of the 3 day regular goose season was uneventful for us, Daddy Duck and I hunted a small lake and saw only a few distant flocks, We never fired a shot.

My buddy Blue and his son hunted a wheat stubble field with a little more success, they dropped two geese out of the 2 flocks that gave them a pass, one of which was bandsd. A quick check with a smart phone in the field gave this info "banded near Sarnia, Canada in 2010"

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Geese Taken In Genesee County Michigan  9-21-13

Banded Goose Taken  The First Day of Michigan's 3 day regular goose season
Sept 6th 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Ogemaw Co MI - It was a cool morning in Northern Michigan with clear skies that gave way to a beuatiful sunrise. With woodducks zipping around the marsh the Puddler was tucked into the sparse grass and brush available and with a few decoys placed out front it wasn't long until a small flock of Canadian Geese were feet down over the blocks. A quick double outta the flock gave 3 Shells his first geese of Michigans Early Season.

Not many geese are being seen in the area and a little scouting is necessary to pinpoint huntable birds.

Click images for a larger viewSunrise Wood Ducks

Michigan Early Goose Season 2013

Sept 2nd 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi
Since we didn't hurt the goose population or educate any birds on the first day we gave the same field another try. With brisk northerly winds and overcast skies the geese flew better but our problem with hiding in the disced field proved to be our downfall as the few flocks that worked us were hesitant to finish. At the end of our morning hunt we only had four Blackfeet on the tailgate.

A slow start for our crew this Early Goose Season.

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Michigan Early Goose Season 2013
Sept 1st 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi
Preseason scouting had us zeroed in on a disced wheat stubble field that several flocks of geese where using which presented us with the impossibility of trying to hide eight layout blinds on the spot in the middle of the field. However. Michigan weather solved the problem for us with a blanket of thick fog so dense that at times it was difficult see the decoys 20 yds away. Unfortunately, the fog, which hung around til near 10 am apparently held the geese down also, as less than 20 geese worked the field and we only bagged three Honkers for our efforts

Sept 1st 2013 - The Muck Boy Crew Tuscola County Mi - we didn't have a field that the birds were using but we knew there was about 100 hanging around locally, so we decided to set up in a local wheat field about a 1/2 mile from their roost. About 7:30am two flocks of about 20 birds each came failely close with a few, of what we thought were the juveniles locked up and or did the wing dip thing, but the majority of the birds kept going and those young ones followed. This is what happens about 99 percent of the time when not hunting the X. But we thought it was worth the a try.

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Michigan Early Goose Season 2013
Muck Boys Goose Setup 2013

11/30/12 Field Reporter Paul - Ogemaw Co MI - The regular Michigan Middle Zone Duck Season ended on the 25th and it appears that most small waters will be frozen tight by the 2-day Late Season on December 15th and 16th as there is snow on the ground and the lakes are skimming over and opening back up on almost a daily basis.

The Canada Goose regular Season however is open through the 29th of December and there are still a few birds in the area. Success is limited hunting Blackfeet on local inland waters but occasionally one is rewarded.

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11/13/12 Field Reporter Paul - Ogemaw Co MI - The warm 70 degree weather over the past weekend brought an abrupt halt to the action in Northern Michigan and raking leaves proved to be a more productive activity than duck hunting. Tuesday (Nov. 13th) morning however brought temperatures dipping into the 20's, a slight dusting of snow, and a limit of ducks. The frigid weather had the ducks moving as it only took a couple of hours to fill a 6 duck mixed bag consisting of 4 Bufflehead, a Mallard, and a Goldeneye.

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11/6/12 Field Reporter Paul - Ogemaw Co MI - Many of the Woodies and Geese have moved on but the number of flight ducks is on the rise and more divers are being seen on the local inland lakes. Ringnecks, Bluebills, Redheads, Buffleheads, and Goldeneye are some of the species passing through the area now. Most hunts have been modestly productive with only a few birds in the bag but still enough to keep it interesting.
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Muck Boy Duck Hunting Report - Bufflehead

10/29/12 Captain Ken, Jireh Charters, AuGres, MI

Saturday 10/27/12 we got 21ducks for four guys. Should have gotten our limit but that's hunting.

Sunday 10/28/12 - took another 20


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Saginaw Bay Layout Boat Hunting

Saginaw Bay Layout Boat Hunting
Jireh Charters
10/26/12 Captain Ken, Jireh Charters, AuGres, MI - We limited out on divers including Old Squaws, Friday on Saginaw Bay layout boat hunting. I twas a great day on the water.
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Saginw Bay Duck Hunting 2012
Jireh Charters
10/23/12 Field Reporter Paul - Ogemaw Co MI - Still many Canadian Geese in the area, some woodducks are still hanging around, and an occasional flock of divers are being seen.

With lots of Canadian Geese still in the area a little scouting showed that a few flocks were using a marshy area on a small lake for a day roost. The Puddler was again put into action, 4 G&H floaters and a few shell decoys was all that would fit in the little boat but proved sufficient for the job. About an hour of hunting was all it took for a two goose one man limit.
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10/21/12 Field Reporter Paul - Ogemaw Co MI
The sunny Fall day with mild temperatures inspired my son Scott to load the Carsten's Puddler in the truck and head for the local Woodduck hole for a short evening hunt. Laying in the Puddler with a 6-pack of GHG Woodduck decoys spread in front of him he managed to take his limit of Woodies in short order. It appears that the cold weather last week was not enough to push all Woodies south.
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10/14/12 Field Reporter Paul Zone 2 Opener - Ogemaw Co MI
The forecast for the 13th looked ducky with showers and cool temps in the morning, we set up mainly for geese as there were still good numbers in the area and to our suprise the spread of Big Foot floaters was buzzed by a few flocks of divers one flock swung in too close we dropped a pair of nice Redheads it appears the flights are starting to trickle down and will hopefully fill the void left by some of the woodies being pushed out by the near freezing temps the past week.
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9/29/12 Field Reporter Paul Zone 2 Opener - Ogemaw Co MI
It was a crisp morning for the Northern MI opener with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees, shooting hours brought volleys of shotgun blasts from nieghboring lakes and potholes soon followed by the bark of our own shotguns as the seemingly bumper crop of woodducks took to their morning flight. Action was fairly steady for the first hour with woodies buzzing our spread regularly, a few met a cloud of steel and others snickered as they flew away afterburners blazing. A lone Redhead dropped into the decoys and met his waterloo capping off the morning hunt. There were a few flocks of geese using the area and we waited a few hours to see if we could dupe a few into our spread as they returned from the fields with no luck, maybe tomorrow.
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Sept 23rd 2012 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi
The new 2 day Michigan regular season goose hunt on the 22nd and 23rd opened with more rain than my old bones would tolerate so I passed on hunting the 22nd. The 23rd brought clear skies, crisp temperatures, and a two-man limit of 4 Canadian Geese. With the molt migrants now down we saw geese in the air all morning and it only took us 1.5 hrs to lure enough geese over our spread of 20 Big Foot floaters to fill our bag.
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Sept 2nd & 3rd 2012 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi What a difference a day makes, September 2nd was mostly cloudy with a brisk breeze from the ENE, the morning started with a couple of singles feet down over the decoys a little before 7 am, then the action was fairly steady until about 8:30 am with doubles , triples, and a few small flocks working the field. We harvested 14 Canadian Geese before picking up at approximately 9:30 am as the clouds began to clear and the temps began to rise. We saw several large flocks, high and moving North to South that morning also (molt migrants starting to trickle down on the northerly winds?).

September 3rd brought clear skies and calm winds making for tough hunting, during our brief 2.5 hour hunt we only had 2 sets of doubles work our spread and we dropped 3 of them. We only saw a few other birds flying. The highlight of the morning was Blue's banded goose with a white marker. A quick check of the band numbers on a smart phone in the field gave us this info: Banded on 6/28/11, Lasalle FWA, Indiana.

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Sept 1st 2012 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - I was thinking to myself "this certainly doesn't feel like goose hunting weather" as the sweat ran into my eyes at 5:30 am due to the warm temps and humidity while setting decoys for the morning hunt on the opener of Michigan's Early Goose Season. Those feelings proved to be right as we only saw a few flocks of geese in the air and only duped one small flock of 10 birds into our spread, seven of those ate wheat stubble for for breakfast as they met a wall of steel from our barking shotguns. Not an event filled morning but it was enough to put a smile on Kelly's face, a young lady in our group who had just got her first geese. The reports were the same from two other groups of hunters we knew hunting in Genesee Co., not many birds in the air and only a few in the bag.
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Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 Well the end of the 2011 Waterfowl season is almost here. It was time for us to spend some time in the field and try to make something happen.

Friday the 25th - Tuscola County - I had been watching a small flock of snow geese (15) hanging around the village. Our plan was to hunt farm ground just north of the village where I had seen them feeding a few times during the week. At 7am we had our eighteen full body goose decoys out in the chisel plow at about 8:30am they showed up and we hit the calls and had them circle a few time prior to setting in another field just north in another field. A little later we had a couple of canada's take a look at the set up but they also passed.

Saturday the 26th -
- Fish Point State Game Area - Our luck still continues to be 'poor' in the draw, this time drawing 26th. The weather look to be favorable for hunting other than the temp was almost 60 degrees with a brisk southwest wind. We did manage to get a zone that we thought could produce a few birds, but it was a long hike so we got the boat out of the trailer with our four dozen decoys and set out. Unfortunately that's all the highlights, as you can tell from the look on Kodi's face it was really slow. There was only four ducks that flew over the field we were in, until about 5:15 when there must have been thousands in the air. Still a great day to be out.
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This is why we do it!

The Set-up

On the way Out

Where's the birds!
Nov 19th 2011 - Fish Point State Game Area - What a difference a day makes the weather was basically the same as the day before, a little less wind with the gusts only into the 20+ MPH range and temps in high 40's. Our luck continued to be 'poor' in the draw, drawing 27th and this time when it was our turn to select a hunting spot, most zones were gone so we took a blind, to see if and how the birds were going to fly and maybe get lucky. It didn't take long to understand the birds were not moving like the day before, when they did fly, they seemed to be high and headed out to farm fields, out of the area. We hung around for a few hours and decided the birds would not going to be visiting our spot any time soon, so we packed up and headed out. On our way out Kodi our lab chased down a crippled hen mallard keeping us from getting skunked.  
Nov 18th 2011 - Fish Point State Game Area - We finally got out to hunt again after a mild fall the weather promised to be what I call real "DUCKY" with southwest winds gusting to over 40+ MPH and temps in the mid 40's. Our luck continues to be the same 'poor' in the draw that is held for zone selections at Michigan State Game Areas, even though we were about last we did manage to get a pretty good zone. We hand to break about 1/2 inch of ice to make a pocket to set the decoys in. The cover in the zone we had picked was very sparse (see pictures) so we had to make do - kneeling behind the boat which we had covered in camo - burlap. The ducks did cooperate early in the hunt by 3pm we had taken seven birds all in good color, two Blacks, four drake Mallards and one drake Shoveler but after this the bird activity slowed do and we only managed two more birds to the end of shooting. One drake Mallard and a lone Sussie. This is why we hunt like to hunt in November.
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Nov 17th 2011 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - My buddy "Daddy Duck" had some time off work for the deer opener so's we managed to sneak in a few short duck hunts on a local lake. The morning of November 14th came with few clouds, temps in the 40's, little wind, not much flying, and only a few ducks over our decoys. We did manage to put a pair of Goldeneye and a Mallard/Black cross on the duck strap .before 10 am. The 17th was a duckier day, overcast, temps in the 30's, a few flakes of snow in the air, and more ducks iflying. Again, the oversize Bufflehead decoys worked their magic as two flocks of the little black and whites were sucked in feet down over the spread. We managed to bag 5 of the little ducks that morning. Not overly productive hunts but a couple of enjoyable ones close to home.
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Nov 10th 2011 - Field Reporter Paul Nayanquing Point State Game Area - With snow in the forecast for November 10th, the V-gang decided to make a road trip to Nayanquiing Point for an afternoon hunt. Three snow sqalls came through that afternoon each followed by a short flurry of action. Our brief 3.5 hour hunt ended with a bag of seven mallards and a black. The crops in the area were the best they've been in years with lots of cover and good water depths.

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Sept 18th 2011 - Field Reporter Paul Genesee Co. Mi - Michigan's 2011 Early Goose Season was slow for our group and resulted in only 4 hunts. Our first two trips ended in skunks this hasn't happened to us in many years. The geese appeared wary right from the start, the few flocks we had work us on the opener side swiped our spread and landed a few hundred yards down the field. Things began looking up about half way through the season as larger flocks of Molt Migrants began to filter into the area. On the 9th 4 of our crew hunted and harvested 6 geese. Our last hunt took place on the 14th and we managed to down 4 of the 7 geese that worked our spread. Not a very productive early season but enjoyable for us as we were in the fields getting the first leg of Michigan's waterfowl seasons in. We are now anticipating the regular waterfowl season starting in a few weeks.
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