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Muck Boy Waterfowl Page
Our this page you can review our past hunts and connect to useful waterfowl links.

The Muck Boy Crew takes annual trips to North Dakota and Missouri and on occicasion one member even goes to Texas for a Deer Hunt. After each trip we post a detailed report on the trips events, including game taken, weather conditions and more.

Read reports from past hunting trips 08 TX Deer Hunt, 12 TX Deer, 13 TX Deer, Waterfowl Hunts 08ND, 09ND, 09AR, 10ND, 11ND, 12ND, 12MO, 13ND, 13MO, 14MO, 14ND, 15ND, 16ND.

Also you can view all of reports from past years by clicking this link. Annual Waterfowl Hunting Highlights

2017 Nebraska Snow Goose Hunt
Waterfowl Information

The following links are Waterfowl Reports and information that the Muck Boy crew believes you will find helpful. These reports will save you time when you are looking for information on how hunting action is, in your state or another state.

Michiagn Waterfowl State Game Area Reports

Other States Waterfowl Reports:
Minnesota - MinnesotaWaterfowler

North Dakota


Links to Great General Information:
North Eastern Michigan Waterfowlers
Michigan Waterfowl Gear Trading Post
Hardcore Waterfowler
North America Snow and Ice Cover
US Fish & Wildlife Migratory Birds
Waterfowl ID Guide
from DU
Missouri Duck Hunting Private Land Unguided
Real Tree Duck Blog

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