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This is Your Small Game Trophy Page - If you would like to share your trophy picture with our readers, all that is required is to send us an email at with your picture and the caption you would like attached.
Your Small Game- Click any image for a larger view.

Sydney got her turkey on May 1, 2015 during the Michigan ZZ hunt in Genesee County. The bird had a 9" beard and 1" spurs.

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2015 Michigan Spring Turkey ZZ Hunt

Mark from Gemnesee MI, shot this turkey on 4/29/2015 during the Michigan ZZ Hunt the turkey weighed 22.6#, had a 9.5" Beard, and had one .75" broken spur and one 1.25" spur with a decent hook. Would definitely have been a Limb Hanger if it hadn't broke one spur

Lyle from Gaines MI took this turkey during the MI 2014 ZZ Hunt with his bow. The bird weighed 21#, had a 10" beard, and 1" spurs.

2015 Michigan Spring Gobbler

Blue from Mt Morris MI shot this nice Gobbler on 4/20/2015 in Genesee Co. It weighed 23.5 lbs, had a 9.75" beard, and 3/4 and 7/8 inch spurs.

Mark harvested this nice Genesee Co. Gobbler on the third morning of Michigan's 2014, ZZ zone hunt. The bird had a 9 1/2" beard and 1 1/8" spurs.

Mark from Fowlerville MI, tagged this nice Gobbler on April 26, 2014

Chris from Linden MI shot this large Canadian Goose on 9/22/2013 during the 3 day September Goose Season.

Damian from Auburn Hills shot this double banded Drake Mallard with a $100 reward band on 10 14 2013 near Saginaw MI.

Blue from Mt Mrris MI, bagged this bird on April 23, 2013 in Genesee Co. It weighed 20 lbs, had a 10inch beard , and 3/4 inch spurs.


Mark from Genesee County on Sept 14th 2011 reports that his group managed to down 4 of the 7 geese and then he turned out to be the retreiver.

Adam and four others + this happy fella from mid Michigan sent in the first 2011 Waterfowl hunting picture - all I can find out is they were near Hemlock,

Field Reporter Bud took this Tom opening day of the Michigan Spring Turkey Hunt. April 23, 2013 7:30am

Sydney's First Hunting Season

My turkey hunt!!!! By Sydney Sheeks
My first turkey hunt started out terrible. I had been hunting for 6 days now and that was just on weekends and I did not have any luck. I mainly hunted with my grandpa Butch and we went out 4 times together and I went out with my dad 2 times.
The only hunting tools I had was a 410 gauge, a ground blind, a box call, a decoy, and two camp chairs. I knew the turkeys were very smart and they knew when to come out and not be in danger of getting shot. I also knew that there was a Tom walking around and roosting on my property because my mom had seen him and took pictures of him to show to me. My mind was set that I wanted that turkey and I was determined to get him.
I knew the turkey would come out when I was not around or when I was in school. So I asked my dad if he could take me out on Monday morning and he said “yes.” I went out on Monday morning but I had to have all my school stuff in order to go and I had to get up at 6:00 am. When I went out we were out there for 30 minutes and saw nothing but a hen. I was beginning to feel very tired and so I tried to go to sleep but as soon as I fell asleep my dad tapped me on my shoulder and said “look up” when I looked up there was two toms in front of my blind. I pulled up my gun and my dad pulled up his and we shot at the same time I took the closest one and my dad took the farthest one since he had a 12 gauge. They both had 9 inch beards on them. I had so much fun with my dad on my turkey hunt!!!!
My turkey hunt!!!!

Sydney got her first deer during the Michigan's youth hunt Sept. 2011

Sydney's first Duck Hunt
Although very few ducks flew her spirits remained high. The 80 degree weather, , clear blue skies, and hardly any breeze set the stage for poor hunting, a suntan, and a bout of skeeter swatting. Her team mananged to down one wood duck for their efforts.

April 26, 2010 -Dale from Flushing Mi says his spring turkey hunt was over in 2 hours and 35 min. 21 lbs. 8 inch beard.

Dec 27, 2010 - Ken & Hunter from Harbor Beach Mi finally got out on their first rabbit hunt together. They took only one gun becasue Hunter was to do all the shooting, a 20 ga.1100, switched over to a youth model. They also had beagles Tux, Topper, Bear, Queeny and Brook who ran 7 rabbits. Once in the field Hunter changed the plans and wanted Ken to take the first rabbit to see how it was done. Then the dogs brought another rabbit around, real nice and Hunter made a great shot. So they each got one rabbit. Ken says he is a real proud Dad & Hunter said they are going again in the morning.

Ken thinks he's hooked!!!!!

Oct 14 2009 - Field Reporter Bud took his first turkey with a crossbow. Bud had three toms come by 25 yards out and here is the results.

Oct 21 2009 - Danny from Vassar Mi and four other hunters took ten geese in 18 minutes.

Rev. Ricky Summers of "BIG CREEK BEAGLES" & some of his friends, following a great morning hunt in the Mississippi Delta.

Wayne from Reese Mi. took this fine drake wood duck in a cut corn field layout hunting in Indiantown Mi. the second weekend of regular 2007 Duck Season.

Greg from Genesee, County Mi. Sent in these Pictures of their 2008 North Dakota Waterfowl Hunt.
Was reading about your ND trip, we were there the same week as you and we also ended up sitting around on Sunday waiting for the rain to lighten up. Your mudded up truck gave me horrible flashbacks. A friend of mine did get his truck stuck in the mud roads once and almost a second. I had a little bit beefier tire so I made it through all right but it was still nerve racking, especially with ditches on each side of road. Anyways, we had a great time. I applied for a swan permit this year and shot a nice one the second day out there except......the hole we hunt is very muddy to begin with and with all the extra rain it only made it worse and when the swan hit the muck it stained it pretty good. I tried to wash the feathers off for the picture, but as you know that stuff is like trying to wash off tar.

Shannan from Auburn Hills Mi, sent in this picture of two geese that he shot in North Dakota by belly crawling 50 yards along a slough to jump shoot. What a blast.

Drake Pintail

Scott from Genesee, County Mi. - Reports that they seen a ton of birds during Michigans late waterfowl season. We hunted all day both days and took a total of 21 birds. Including a hooded merganser and this beautiful Drake Pintail.

Field Reporter Paul from Linden took this nice gobbler near Albion.
We got there late Wed. afternoon but got out for an evening hunt about 6 pm. I had one nice gobbler come in about 35 - 40 yds out and tried to make an around the corner shot (outta one of his deer blinds) and missed. My right shoulder still hates me for attempting that shot.
Noticed the birds liked to travel the edge of a swale about 70 yds from where I was sitting in the deer blind so I carried my Lucky's Tent Blind in and set it up near the edge of the swale before dark and listened for fly-ups but didn't hear any.
The next morning, Thursday, we were set up before light and had a bird gobbling on the roost on a ridge to my left about 200 yds. Gave him a few soft yelps and continued with some clucks and purrs, within a half hour or so I could see him heading down the ridge toward the edge of the swale where I was 70 yds, 60 yds, 40 yds, 35 yds but behind some thick brush but headed toward my blind. Then for no apparent reason he angled off into the swale. (heard him gobbling in that direction a little later, he musta heard or spotted a live hen). Well, about this time I thought my turkey hunting luck was goin' to hold and it would be another hunt of close encounters and misses.
The rest of the morning was uneventful there was a few periods of sporadic gobbling but they where henned up and not moving. Went in about 9:30 for breakfast and a nap. Headed back out about 3:00 pm nothing happening had not heard anything or saw any birds all afternoon. Then about 6 pm I see a Jake sneekin' through the swale about 25 yds in front of me, then another Jake, then Jake no. 3, I was thinkin' well no Jakes yet I still got a lot of season left when between me and Jake #3 walks Mr. Long beard, shotgun up as he moved past some thick brush and as he entered the next window in my blind I let him have it at about 10 yds.

The bird weighed in at a little under 19 lbs and had a 10.25" beard with a pair of 3/4" spurs.

Field Reporter Bud took this turkey Saturaday morning, it weighed in at 22lbs. and had a 10 ½ “ beard.

Terry from Reese had a great upland bird hunt on Peele Island.

Leo of Pinckney Michigan took this Smokey Gray in the Michigan Zone ZZ, 2008 Hunt.

Paul & friends had a great opening day to to the 2006 early Michigan goose season.

Ernie one of the Muck Boy Field Reporters took this Hybred on Thankgiving Day, while hunting at the Shiawassee River State Game Are

So what is it crossed with?

We have had a a few emails helping us to idendify this duck. Some of the replys included mallard/common eider, hybred mallard crossed with a white tame duck, immature mallard drake and mallard crossed with a snow goose.

We think we got the real scoop came from Rob & Darla at RCL Retrievers. The minute they seen it they identified it as a Snowy Mallard, first I have ever heard of such a thing. So Click on the link and check out what they are. Looks like someone lost a prize. Ernie plans on having this bird mounted and when he gets it done we will post a pictue of it.

Paul's Banded Drake.

Dale from Flushing Mi. has been hunting turkey for 8 years and this is his first bird.

Ernie & Paul's Pheasant Hunt.

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