The Tale of Muck-Boy
You may be asking yourself what is muck-boy or better yet who is muck-boy? The tale of muck-boy began.......
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Tips on how better to travel with you hunting dog.

Planning on taking a hunting trip and taking your hunting dog along? Here are a few tips we have put together that may save you time and help make your trip more enjoyable.

#1. If your dog sleeps in a crate or cage at home, take it along, your dog will sleep better! Remember that's their nest/den and comfort zone. Your dog will be working hard on the trip, so getting them the proper rest, will make a big difference in their performance by the end of the hunt.

#2. Take their food with you, or make sure you can buy it locally. A big change in their diet may cause them to have an upset system - not good on a trip.

#3. If your dog is a water dog or if your dog will need to get a bath during the trip. Take towels with you - We don't think hotels or resorts would appreciate it if you are drying your dog with their towels.

#4. Other items we have found useful are:
a. Leash
b. Charger for the electronic collar
c. Tie out cable
d. Food dishes
e. First Aid Supplies


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