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The Tale of Muck-Boy
You may be asking yourself what is muck-boy or better yet who is muck-boy? The tale of muck-boy began.......
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Muck Boy Mizzou Crew
Meet the Crew

Useful Information: Mississippi River Earth Cam, River Bill's Rivver Charts,
Mizzou Crew Outdoor Activities: Bowfishing Boat Project
Texas Deer Hunting - 2008, 2012, 2013
Snow Goose Hunting
- 2013, 2014
Bronson Fishing Report - 2014
Goto - Greater St. Louis Missouri Bow Fishing
Goto - Greater St. Louis Missouri Deer Hunting Scouting Report: 2013, 2014
Greater St. Louis Missouri Deer Hunting 2014 - The hunting spots are set this year in Missouri. We got a little but of a late start this year due to bowfishing, but after the trail cameras being out for a few weeks, everything looks good.

We will have at least 3 guys reporting from the Mizzou crew this year. I have 2 tree stands set and 1 brushed in ground blind. I should be good no matter what the wind direction. There are also 4 good bucks on camera so far, 3 - 8 pointers and a very nice 10. A few nice does have also been past the camera daily, and we have been out of venison for months.

It is shaping up to be a great season, we will be in the woods Sept 15th, be sure to check back for updates!

Some of our 2014 Trail Camera Pictures
2013 Greater St. Louis Missouri Scouting Report: Mizzou Crew Team Member Kirk's Report - This is the 3rd year hunting my small piece of property here in St Louis. So here is some hope for you guys that can't afford a lease on that couple thousand acre Whitetail Mecca that you have always dreamed of. The last two years have been a challenge to say the least. Due to my property being so small (18 acres to be exact) I have been very selective in everything that I do. Stand placement, offseason supplemental feeding and the most important, in what I choose to harvest.

18 acres doesn't hold a ton of deer, typically a small buck or two and a few does. I keep cameras up almost year round to track what I have on the property. This makes it very difficult to take a doe during early season bow hunting, I need them around to bring in the bucks later in the year. I typically do not start seeing bucks until Halloween. I have ended up not harvesting a deer either of the last two years, not that I haven't had the chance, it just wasn't the right deer at the right time.

I have watched the bucks continue to grow and can go back through trail cam pics and match them up to previous years. This year, I finally have not 1 but 2 of what I would consider Shooter Bucks. I have seen both of these bucks over the last 2 years. Last year they were both good bucks but this year I am truly happy that they had another year to grow. I have already had an encounter with the shorter of these two pictured last night. He walked by me, 10 mins before the end of shooting hours at 20 yards, 5 of those yards were through thick branches. I know they are here and I know that when chasing does they make mistakes. Now the trick is to be there when they do!

St. Louis Missouri Bow Fishing - Bow Fishing in the tributaries of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers



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