The Tale of Muck-Boy
You may be asking yourself what is muck-boy or better yet who is muck-boy? The tale of muck-boy began on one of our adventures to the North Dakota pot hole country for our annual duck hunt. On this trip we had brought along a new member of the team who was also new to this great sport. He had a lot of lessons to learn and like most of us he had to learn some of these the hard way. He had all the lastest and greatest gear, including waders!

As we embarked on our first hunt of the trip, in our favorite pot hole, we never thought to mention that wading through the "MUCK" can be a little tricky.

When this rookie crippled his first bird we sent him on his way to the other side of the pot hole to make the retrieve. The rest of us continued to watch the sky, waiting for the next batch of ducks to hit our decoys. After what seemed like an hour, a yell (*%^$#) came from the other side of the marsh that someone could have heard 10 miles away. We all turned around just in time to see him thrashing in the "MUCK". Our man with the camera was quick enough to snap this picture before he could get unstuck.

We still can't recall who yelled it first, but for the rest of the trip and to this day he is still known as





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