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The Tale of Muck-Boy
You may be asking yourself what is muck-boy or better yet who is muck-boy? The tale of muck-boy began.......
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This is Your Big Game Trophy Page - If you would like to share your trophy picture with our readers, all that is required is to send us an email at with your picture and the caption you would like attached.
Your Big Game Trophies - Click any image for a larger view.

Terry from Reese Mi took this buck some where near Unionville Michigan during the 2014 season.

Butch from Clio, MI got tis nice 8 pt buck with his crossbow on 10/30/2014 in Tuscola Co. MI.

Liam from Swartz Creek, MI shot this nice 10pt in Lapeer Co. during the 2014 Michigan Youth Hunt

Jerry "The Barber" from Genesee MI harvested this nice 7 pt Buck with his crossbow on October 12, 2014 in Genesee Co. MI.

10 year old Aiden from Linden, MI. shot this 10 pt buck on the 2nd day of the 2014 Michigan Youth Hunt in Genesee Co.

Caden, from Morrice MI, shot his first deer a nice 8 pt buck with a muzzle loader during the 2013 MI regular deer season.

Sydney says "I'm ba...ack", after not baggig her buck tn 2012 she shot this nice 8 point on the first day of the 2013 Michigan Youth Hunt with her muzzleloader.

Lyle from Gaines MI shot this nice buck during the 2013 Michigan Youth Deer Hunt.
Tom R. took this great buck behind his house north of Zeeland Mi. He was watching the buck chase 6 does on the evening of Oct. 10. Soon he was coming right at him, Tom shot it with his crossbow along the neck and the bolt went out of site. The buck ran aways and fell. When Tom got up to check the deer is when he discovered that his neighbor was nearby in a tree stand and videoed the whole thing.
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Bob, from Linden MI, shot this 10 point buck with a unique rack on 11/16/2011 in Genesee Co.

Jeff from Flint took this great buck on
1 1/15/11 in Alger County located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Dale from Flushing Mi. took this nice 7 point in Hocking County, Ohio on Wednesday. morning December 1st. 2010 at 8:15 AM. Weapon of choice was a Colt Python 357 Mag. mounted with a red dot scope. The deer was taken at 42 yds. Dressed out at 130 Lbs. Dale's first deer taken with a hand gun but he did say not his last..

Kevin from Flushing MI. got his first buck opening day of this years Michigan rifle season around 2:00 in the afternoon. He made a great shot on a good sized spike. The buck was about 75 yards away and it dropped right where he shot it using a Remington .270 Mountain rifle.

Kevin and his dad Al were hunting with friends near Freesoil, MI.

Zach from Reese Mi took this large bear this September between Rodgers City and Cheboygan MI. He weight the bear on a local scales (not certified) and they could 't get it completely off the ground and the scale read 515 pounds bottomed out. So Zach estimates the weight at some were between 550 & 600 pounds. The taxidermists Zack took his bear to said the skull measurement is just short of a Michigan record for a bear taken with a bow. To get some idea of how big this guy is, his nose is at the edge of tail gate and his back feet are at the back of the wheel well - your webmasters guess is this bear stood about 8 foot tall. Whow!

Arron and a group from Birch Run Mi. recently returned from a Canadian Black Bear hunt in Calling Lake Alberta last week 5-20-09. Arron's is pictured on the left with his Black Bear which weighed in at 300 lbs (skull of 17"). In all this group took 5 Bears, 3 colored and 2 Black the first night of our 6 day hunt. The other Black was +400lb. (skull of 20"), the colored bears ran 150 - 130lb.

Mark from Auburn Mi
With a nice 2008 Black Bear he took at Mid Forest Lodge in Prudenville Mi.

Bud and Crew from Zeeland Mi are having a good coyote season. Pictures are from 12-18-08 and 1-1-09.

Mark from Genesee, Mi. shot this 10 point buck on November 17, 2008, in Genesee County

Neil (left) and Bob from Munger Mi took these two nice Kansas bucks during the 2008 season. Neil's deer was an 8 point with a 25 inch inside spread and Bob's was a 10 point.

Barry from Columbus OH, took this nice 900lb bull in New Mexico, at the begining of Bow Season.

Eric from Jonesville Mi sent in this picture of a monster elk he took in October of 2006 in the Gila national forest in New Mexico with a 270 short mag @ 372 yards.

Mark from Auburn Mi took this nice buck in Ontario, Canada on the on Nov the 5th, 2007.

Matt from Ridgeland MS, shot this gator at 8:00 p.m. on Sat Sept 13th 2008 with his bow on the lake next to his house. It Measured 8'-6" and weighed 120.5 lbs.

Dan from Linden Mi took this nice Colorado Bull.
Dan was hunting with Bearcat Outfitters

Terry from Reese Mi took this great buck some where in Northern Michigan during the 2005 season.

Neil from Munger Mi sent
this picture of his trophy
Mt Lion taken in Montana.

Lee from Burt Mi. took this elk in October of 2006 during an early snow storm in Colorado.

Tim from Birch Run Mi took this huge buck in Indiana

Shandon from Saginaw Mi. took this nice 8 point with his .44 magnum hand gun.

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