2015 North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Report

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2015 Muck Boy North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Report

The plans have been made and we are just waiting to begin our 2015 North Dakota trip. We will be traveling to Westbay Resort in Minnewaulkan, on the west end of Devils Lake on the 25th of October. As like last year we will be starting out in the afternoon due to some of the younger crew members having football games. The plan is to stop in Eau Claire, WI about halfway, then finishing up the rest of the drive on Sunday. This will allow us to see the last football games of the season on the 24th and get an afternoon hunt in on Sunday the 25th. As always we will be hunting with Curt Kenner owner of Kenner Farms and Kenner Guide Service (701-438-2451 Cell 701-866-4841).

Weather: The long range forecast looks good with a few clouds and little or no precipitation being predicted for the whole week. The weather up in northern Canada is forecasted to be a little warmer than we would like but still cold enough to get the birds to start their push south. Those of you who follow our annual hunts to North Dakota may notice we are going out two weeks later. We are doing this because the weather the last few years has been way to warm and there was very little of the migration taking place if at all. Hunting waterfowl with the high temperatures in the 60's and 70's isn't in most cases conducive to good waterfowl hunting, especially after the local birds had been shot at for two weeks. Maybe getting out a little later will have better results?

Travel: Hope to be posting daily reports during the week, so everyone can follow the hunt, unlike last year when we were hunting from daylight to dark to get some birds and posted very little during the week. Check back often to see how things are going on this years hunt.

10-25-13 -Arrived at our cabin in Devils Lake at about 2pm after staying the night in Eau Claire, we unpacked the trucks got our gear in order and headed out to Kenner Farms for at evening hunt. It was great to see Kurt again and after some getting caught up conversation, on the past years events, we headed to the field.

Weather for the hunt - light winds from the east, mostly sunny and temps in the low 50's.

We were set up in a rock pile with a small pit for cover. The decoys were placed mostly in a harvested barley with a few geese set into the corn field which was to our back. It wasn't long and the action started and over the next couple of hours we picked up our fifteen mallards and a couple of pintails. Birds decoyed fairly well but made at least three passes before they would commit.

Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. Arrival at West Bay Resort Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. Sunday evenings success, a limit of mallards and a couple of pintails
10-26-13 - Weather for the hunt - winds from the east, mostly sunny and temps when we started in the in the upper 30's.

We were setup in a harvested corn field that had been mowed, using our field blinds as cover, there was a large slough behind us that was holding a large number of ducks and geese. Birds were seen feeding in this field the evening before. The morning stated out with a heavy ice ground fog, covering everything with a ice, we think the fog kept the birds from flying early. When they did start to fly, large flocks headed west. While the birds on the slough continued to sit, but every now and then a few would get up and come out to feed and seeing our spinning wings and the decoy spread would check us out, some giving us a real show diving into the decoy pocket. We ended the morning with eleven mallards. After taking a break for lunch we picked up our final four early in the afternoon. There was not a lot of chances for any bonus ducks such as pintails, widgeon, divers etc. some were seen but didn't give us an opportunity. Check out the new You Tube Video.
Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. North Dakota a great place to duck hunt Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. After the ice fog melted the field became muddy.
10-27-13 - Weather - early morning rain had us planning an afternoon hunt when the rain was to be out of the area. Winds continually changed direction and were strong enough that we had to change the set up three times, about three o'clock the rain that was to be out of the area returned, luckily not heavy but everything did get wet. Including the fields and roads that we had to travel to get back to the farm.

In the morning we
caught up on some chores like updating the web site and and washing dishes. We headed out after lunch, setting up in a harvested corn field next to a barley field. We placed decoys and spinning wing decoys in both and hid the blinds in the corn. As with Monday morning most of the birds wanted to work west, but every now and then one would get close enough we even had one drake mallard that looked to attack one of our hen spinning wings and you all know we had to protect our decoys. We ended the evening with seven mallards. And a wet slippery ride back to the farm.
Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. Tuesdays afternoon setup. Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. Mud every where. Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. Getting ready to clean the Mallards after a wet afternoon hunt
10-28-13 - Weather for the hunt - strong winds from the northwest up to 28mph with gust near 40mph mostly cloudy and temps when we started were in the in the low 30's.

Started the morning in the same harvested corn field that we were in on Monday. The birds cooperated even less than they did Monday. At lunch we picked up, went back to the cabin to get a bite to eat. In the afternoon we hunted in a very large harvested barley field further west, this must be were all the birds were going Monday and Tuesday. Because this is the most birds we have seen working a field like this in a few years. We used a large rock pile as cover placing our decoys on the lee side and the ducks came in hard and often and we had our three man mallard limit of fifteen mallards and two pintails bourns birds by five pm.
Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. A great duck hunt in a large wind Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. Drakes nearing full color. Muck Boy Outdoors 2015 North Dakota waterfowl hunt. Some selfie fun after the hunt.
Trip Notes: We made a very good decision in going out two weeks later than we have normally done. There were many more birds down from the north and they continued to come in all week long, giving us opportunities on fresh less educated birds. The drake mallards and pintails were at almost full color. As usual the geese gave us fits, but we only targeted them once after we had filled our procession limit on ducks for our travel home. One other thing, we have discovered, (I am sure some already know this) , travel with extra batteries for your spinning wings they seem to be un chargeable at the least inopportune time. I have already ordered a four pack.