2015 Missouri Snow Goose Hunting Report
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The Muck Boy crew was in Mound City, Missouri on March 7th and 8th for our 4th annual spring snow goose hunt.

Unlike our past hunts, hunting with Snow Goose Chasers, we are changing things up. We will be hunting with Top Gun Guide Service and "RNR Waterfowl Chasers" (810-335-0591). We had a a couple good years with the guys from Snow Goose Chasers and we will use them again. This year we wanted to give a couple of other outfitters a try. We always strive to learn new things, and grow as hunters. Hopefully, we will learn a few new tricks this year! Of course, we will have a complete write up posted shortly after the hunts.

Update: 3/15/2015: After hunting wtih Top Gun Guide Service, "RNR Waterfowl Chasers" (810-335-0591) Snow Goose Chasers, we can recommend all three outfitters. All have good fields, the days we hunded them, they seemed to be in the flight path of the birds. All have good decoy spreads with fliers and all have all the electronic hardware, vortex machines and electronic callers with clean layout blinds. In all cases the guides have worked hard to get the birds into gun range.

2/8/2015 - First push of birds seen in the Squaw Creek Area

3/7/15- Travel to Mound City - We always stop about the half way point at Sheels All Sports in Springfield Illinois to stretch our legs, do a little shopping and have lunch. But what was really cool the harvested corn field behind the store was loaded with canada geese, getting us pumped knowing that the migration was underway. Then all the way up flock after flock of snows were spotted moving north into the area by the other half of our team coming over from St Louis burning up the batteries on our phones.

3/8/15- Hunt With RnR - Weather for the day 30's in the morning and near 60 in the afternoon with winds south east winds switching to east in the afternoon. We started by meeting at McDonalds in Mound City to connect with our guide for the day JP and outfitter Ron Hohne, after some conversation about where we were to hunt and what we could expect, we made the twelve mile drive north to the setup in a harvested corn field. As with most of these hunts the layout blinds are never in the correct place for the wind so after getting to the spread we had to move the blinds and adjust the decoys. The first bird in the morning arrived coming into the spread for the northeast, it took a few rounds but it finally went down and as JP retrieved he was surprised because it had jewelry. (Band Information Species: Lesser Snow Goose Date banded: 07/22/2007, Banding Location: 70.8KM SE of Churchill Mt; 8KM North of Thompson Creek Manitoba, Canada Age: Hatched in 2006 or earlier Sex: Male). For the most part there was only singles that would work the decoys or sneak in and by lunch we had picked off eight. After lunch the wind had switched again so we moved the blinds once again. While JP adjusted the spread for the wind. All this hard work and we only managed to pick off a pair of Ross Geese for the effort.

3/9/15- Hunt with Top Gun Guide Service - Weather for the day 30's in the morning and near 60 in the afternoon with light and variable winds north east winds switching to east in the afternoon. We started the day by connecting with our guide Sean and the other party we would be hunting with today at the Kwik Zone in Mound City. After all the introductions everyone headed about five miles east of town between Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge and Nodaway Valley Conservation Area both areas were holding thousands of birds of all species. After arriving at our field we moved the blinds for the morning wind and Sean setup the vortex machine, fliers, e-call and gave us a safety talk for the day. After the sun was up a ways a larger flock finally committed to within shotgun range and the group managed to drop six and a little while later a sneaker came in low from behind of course it didn't’t make it far and we finished the morning with seven. After lunch guess what? Another wind change and again we moved the blinds to play the wind, what little there was of it. In the afternoon the group picked off five more all juveniles finishing the day with eleven.

Trip Notes:
As always we had a great time and learned a few more things about hunting snow geese. We were planning on being on the front edge of the migration and sure enough we hit it perfect. Hunting the front edge is problematic because you are basically hunting the oldest and most educated (conditioned) adults, very very wary and everything has to be just right and I mean everything right down to the smallest details - to get them to finish.

Heres a list of details - Blinds: completely covered with the waste crops from the fields, no blind bags, shell boxes etc.. outside the blind that are not covered with the waste crops. No hunters rubber necking, this a hunter trying to take a peak, thus sticking their head out, thats the guides job, its hard but its what is required. Tying to hide eight
or more blinds and humans, is itself counter to what it takes to getting these adults to committ. So keep your head down. We beleive that the decoys need to spread out at least one full step between each, no decoys laying on the ground, no socks leaning front to back od side to side. If the birds and flaring or not finishing the guide should move the fliers, start or stop the vortex or maybe dismantle them completey because every day is different and its even different from morning to afternoon.

As mentioned there was many species of waterfowl in the area thousands of Speckle Bellies, Canada’s, Pintails Mallards a few swans and they all wanted into our decoys on both days putting on quite a show. Something every waterfowl hunter needs to see. Absolutely Amazing !!


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Snow Goose Chasers

Canada Geese in Springfield Il
Geese Moving Into Il.
Meeting the guides in Mound City
Meeting JP at McDonalds
Moving the blinds, this is part of the hunt.
Moving the Blinds
Adjusting the decoys for the snow goose hunt
Afternoon wind switch.
The morning snow geese
Sundays Birds
First Snow Goose had a band, great way to start the hunt
First Bird of the Day with Bling
Watching thousand of Snow Geese headed out to feed
Checking the Skies

A great sunset to end the day
End of the First Day
Snow Goose decoy spread

Missoui Snow Goose Hunting
Some success day two


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