2013 North Dakota Duck Hunting Report

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2013 Muck Boy North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Report

All our plans have been made and we are just waiting to begin our 2013 North Dakota trip, traveling day to Westbay Resort in Minnewaulkan, on the west end of Devils Lake will be on the 12th. As in past years we will be hunting with Curt Kenner owner of Kenner Farms and Kenner Guide Service (701-438-2451 Cell 701-866-4841). The long range weather forecast looks to be in our favor.
Again this year we will be shooting video's as well as our shotguns. We purchased another High-definition Digital Video camcorder too go along with our GoPro that we used last year.

As Always there will be daily postings during the week, so everyone can follow the hunt. Check back often to see how things are going on this years hunt.

10-12-13 - Just Crossed into Minnesota - Weather is cool with clouds and sun, driving into the teeth of a 20mph head wind.

10-14-13 - The Weather has not been our friend so far this trip. Had to drive out, into wind and rain, yesterday the morning was cool and and four birds came into the decoys and didn't leave, in the afternoon the wind completely died and the sun was warm and no birds flew.

This morning we woke to rain and as I am writing this at 2pm central time, it is still raining and the weatherman's report calls for it to rain till about midnight.

We did get out out this morning and mudded out a three hour hunt taking six ducks, four Bluebills and a couple of shovlers and we are glad to have them, because that was about all that was flying other than cormorants, we picked up about 11am.

10-15-13 - There was over and inch of rain here to add the inch that this area of ND had already got last friday. With the fields being so wet we couldn't get into any of the fields except for a harvested soy bean field between two large sloughs. We managed to take ten ducks including a pair of Canvasbacks, a pair of Pintails, a pair of Gadwals and a pair of Mallards.

10-16-13 - This morning we were setup in a barley stubble field and because of the lack of cover we were in our layout blinds.We managed to take eight mallards. It was very hard picking out the drakes in the low light of early morning the way we were setup, looking directly into the sun and when the light did get good enough to pick out green - the drakes just did not show up. We had hens sitting in the decoys, even knocking over some of our decoys. Our plan is to hunt geese this afternoon and we are hoping to pick up our two other drakes. More updates later:

10-17-13 - We are having to work a little harder than we normally do for the birds. Kurt believes that the migration is a little behind most years. Also a lot of ducks are feeding and staying right in the fields because there is now water laying in the fields after all the rain. With the fields being so wet it is difficult to almost impossible to get to the "X". Today we set back up where we were last night in a chisel plowed barley stubble next to a corn field. We are using the corn field for cover, this spot is between two sloughs holding a few birds. We managed to take eight more including four very nice drake mallards.

Trip Notes:
We had high hopes for a special year when we traveled to North Dakota this year, but as always when travailing to hunt there are a bunch of variables that always effect the out come. This year there was three inches of rain to deal with making it impossible to get to the "X", this limited us to setting up between sloughs and for the most part pass shooting. Also the birds were sitting in puddles in the middle of the harvested fields, with everything they need they never had to leave. The migration is later than normal, so we had local birds in the area that have been hunted for over three weeks. They get smart out here also.

Now having to deal with all this doesn't mean that the hunting was bad it was not, we just had to hunt a few more hours to get them. I always tell other hunters that it's never an issue of getting birds in ND it's just a matter of how hard you have to work to get them.

The crew has hunted ND now for a dozen years and every years hunt is different than the last. Something new always happens, like taking canvasbacks in harvested fields and seeing a moose on Kurt's farm we can't wait to see what in store for us next year.

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Dropping off the Trailer

Sunday Morning.

A Warn & Sunny Sunday

Wet and Sloppy Monday

Mondays Bluebills

Tuesdays Set Up

Canvasbacks Field Hunting

Nice Morning Hunt

Picking Up on Wednesday Morning

Nice Drakes

Thursdays Set Up

Thursdays Birds

Old Dog Enjoying the Sun

Moose Sighting

New Farm Yard Critters