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The Tale of Muck-Boy
You may be asking yourself what is muck-boy or better yet who is muck-boy? The tale of muck-boy began.......
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2012 Muck Boy Texas Deer Hunt Report
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2008 Texas Deer Hunt

Getting back to why we hunt.

When I moved to Missouri almost four years ago my hunting opportunities were drastically diminished to say the least. I literally had to start from scratch, and finding good property to hunt on a budget is a monumental task. Well, 2012 was the year that all of the networking and searching paid off.

In early September I came across a small tract of land that has not had hunting pressure in years. This property bordered the city limits and I made the decision that due to its proximity to houses, to only bow hunt. After hastily setting up a tree stand and trail cameras, I soon realized that I was in a decent spot, but not THE SPOT. In early October, I moved a trail camera only 80 yards away and gave it a week. When I retrieved the SD Card I seen more deer then I knew were moving through the property and bigger bucks then I had imagined. It was time to get into full on Bow Hunting Mode with a beautiful 8 pt as the goal.

I hunted every chance that I could, probably more then I should have. I definitely indoctrinated my fiancé Clara into the world of hunting in a big way. All day hunts on Saturday and Sundays, quick early hunts before work and every other second I could make work. I must say that she was a trooper, even joining me a couple times out in the pop-up blind. Thorough all of this time in the woods, I never did take a deer. I had set my goal and I was going to stick with it. I was big buck hunting until December 1, after that I would consider taking a doe. I turned down several 6 pts and many does but never got a shot at my buck.

In October I was invited to hunt a friends ranch down it North-West Texas. He is a Trophy Hunter and they have been practicing Quality Deer Management on the property for over 10 years. To say the least I was extremely excited to be going on another Texas hunt.
I left Missouri and took the “scenic” 11 hour drive down through Joplin into Oklahoma and into the Lone Star State. I had visions of a monster buck running through my head the whole way. This was the chance to take the biggest buck of my life and I had a new Savage 7mm dialed in and ready for the opportunity.

On Friday, I was in the tri-pod stand well before sunrise and expecting great things. I was abruptly reminded of why it is called Hunting, and not Shooting! Around 9 am a beautiful 8 pt ran through but would not stop for a shot. After a quick thought of hopefully he will be back, reality set in. I sat the rest of the day in 80 degree weather with 20+ mph winds. Saturday was much of the same, a full day sit in hot and windy conditions with no action. About 15 minutes before sunset a doe walked out about 85 yds away. After she cleared the Mesquite trees, I squeezed the trigger and dropped her.

With it being so warm, we quickly took a couple pictures and got her to the barn to process. She was skinned, quartered and in the cooler within 30 minutes of being shot. I must say that I was impressed by Toby’s knife skills. With a little hitch in my step, I headed back out Sunday with hopes of getting my Texas trophy. Sunday was much of the same, and I didn’t see a single deer. With that the hunt came to an end and I took the long drive back to Missouri with plenty of time to reflect on my hunting season.

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Texas Deer Hunting
Some of the Wildlife

Texas Deer Hunting
Sun Rise

The Final Out Come