2012 North Dakota Duck Hunting Report

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2012 Muck Boy North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Report

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North Dakota Hunting  Report 2012
Sunday Morning

North Dakota Lesser Canada's
In the Cattails

2012 North Dakota Hunting  Report
Monday Morning Drakes
Pintails & Mallards

North Dakota Hunting  Report 2012
You Tube Video
Monday Day Two

North Dakota Hunting  Report 2012
Corn Field Mallards

North Dakota Hunting  Report 2012
You Tube Video
Tuesday Day Three

Big Waves on Devils  Lake
Bad Weather Begins
You Tube Video

It's hard to believe but our trip is only one week away. That's when we will be en-route to Devils Lake North Dakota on our annual Waterfowl Hunting trip. Like in past years we will be staying at Westbay Resort in Minnewaulkan and hunting with Curt Kenner owner of Kenner Farms and Kenner Guide Service (701-438-2451 Cell 701-866-4841). The long range weather forecast looks to be in our favor unlike the last couple of years when we had temperatures in the 70's and 80's.

New this year will be tying to make and post some video's. We purchased a GoPro video camera and if we can edit the footing fast enough we will be posting here along with daily pictures.

As Always there will be daily posting during the week, so everyone can follow the hunt. Check back often to see how things are going on this years hunt.

10-13-12 - Left Michigan at 3:30am and so far there has been a jack knifed semi in Chicago, luckily it happened just before we got there and we made it through before the road closed down, 62 miles of continuous construction in Illinois and rain. But still we are making good time and are coming up on Madison. Were we should start to drive out of this rain.

10-14-12 - We will call our first hunt Hammer Time - Ten Mallards and 3 Lesser Canada's in an hour. This mornings temp was 27 degrees and not a drop of wind. After the hunt we scouted the area and there are birds every where, the most we have seen out here is the last few years. Can't wait till tomorrow morning.

10-15-12 - This morning we set up in a harvested bean field
between a bunch of sloughs. The weather was overcast with temps in the 40's and winds out of the south at about 10mph. The birds seemed to be a little shy and would only skirt the decoys and this made for shots a little further than we like but we made do and ended this morning hunt with five mallards, four pintails and one gadwal. If we had shot just a little better we could of had our limit.

10-16-12 - Today we were in a harvested corn field next to a medium size slough. Ten minuets before shooting time two flocks of mallards showed up and tried three or four times to get into the decoys. One hen did and when she landed it hit one of the decoys. This scarred her a little and she just jumped a few feet and landed again. When shooting time arrived the drakes came one and two at a time until we had our two man limit of mallards plus a bonus widgeon. With the weather so nice, temps in the 50's, full sun and light winds we stayed an extra hour or so, hoping a few of those little geese that were flying around the area would pay us a visit, but they never did. Another Great North Dakota hunt!

The weather is going to change starting tonight and the weather man is calling for wind gusts up to 60mph for tomorrow.

We are getting plenty of video but we don't have enough bandwidth to post it. Will post when we get back home.

10-17-12 - Well the weather man was right. But we did manage to get out for a couple of hours this morning before the wind and rain showed up. We did managed to take a couple of gadwals. Now we are back at the cabin waiting for the weather to improve.

10-18-12 - The weather is not and will not improve today, winds in excess of 30mph and heavy rains so we have packed up and are headed home. We are just about to Grand Forks ND and we are hoping when we turn the corner to head south to Fargo the wind will push our rig all the way to Chicago. Stay Tuned!

Trip Wrap Up:
#1 - Sloughs - had better levels of water than last year and good plant growth and we found birds on most of our favorite sloughs.
#2 - Devil's Lakes water level is down about three feet from last year, because of the mild winter and the drought of 2012.
#3- Weather - The week prior to our trip with cool to cold temperatures up in Canada which pushed migrating birds into the area and for first three days of our hunt the weather could not have been better, cool temperatures in the morning, mild temperatures during the day, but that changed quickly on Wednesday with wind gust in excess of 50mph and rain and on Thursday it got worse.
#4 - Kodi, our eleven year old lab is still at it, of course he is a step slower than when he was four but he's fun to have along and he does help find in the thick stuff and retrieve the birds that hit the water. We believe our sponsors Black Gold Field Trial Blend with the supplements Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint health are plying a large part it allowing him to continue hunting this long.

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Water levels change

in the region

North Dakota Water  Levels Change
Hunting Slough 2011
North Dakota Water  Levels Change
Same Slough 2012

Devils Lake Water Levels Change
Old HWY 281 2011
Devils Lake Water Levels Change
Same view 2012

North Dakota Hunting  Report 2012
Getting It Done

North Dakota Hunting  Report 2012
Rest for the Old Guy