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2012 Missouri Snow Goose Hunting Report

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Meeting the Outfitter on the first morning of the hunt

Looking through the decoys from the blind

First days birds

Adjusting the

Good Cover

Field boss George checking the decoys one more time

Having Fun

Sundays Birds

The Muck Boy crew will be in Mound City, Missouri the weekend of March 9th, for a spring snow goose hunt. This is a hunt we have been talking about and trying to plan for several years and finally all of our busy calendars fit for this weekend. We will be hunting with Snow Goose Chasers, who have been doing this for ten years and have a great track record for putting their clients on the birds. As all waterfowlers know this hunt will be subject to the birds migration, you can only be in the path of the spring migration, the rest is up to the birds.

We will be updating this page when ever there are new updates about this adventure and every day of the trip, so check back to keep up with the action.

2/26/2012 - Snow Goose Up-Date -In and around the Mound City area the population continues to build the bird count was over 1,000,000 last Thursday.

3/4/2012 - We have good news and bad news - First the bad news all the storms that pushed through the mid-west the past two weeks, looks to have pushed out most of the local geese that spent the winter around Mound City. Now for the good news, there are still plenty of geese to come through this area from Arkansas, Texas etc.. The long range weather forecast for next week, has warm temperatures and clear skies in the forecast, we are hoping this will trigger a push of new birds from these states. State Tuned!!!!

3/8/2012 - 9:10am Central Time - On the road and we are nearing Springfield Il, had some rain showers earlier, but right now the sun is out and still a little chilly at 35 degrees. More later ----

3/9/2012 - We met our Outfitter Scott from Snow Goose Chasers at McDonalds at 5:00am in Mound City and what a show, there must have been over 100 trucks, trailers etc..meeting up with their outfitters in this small town north of the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge. Scott explained to us where we were going and who we would be hunting with. We followed Scott out to our field about three miles east. There we met George our field boss (guide) and JP, George's trusted assistant, for the weekends hunt. The mornings first hunt was slow, it looked to us like the birds had fed in the fields all night, because most of the birds, we did see were headed back to the refuge, they didn't even try to decoy. George and JP told us it should be better in the afternoon.
The afternoons hunt was a little better just like George and JP said, there seemed to be a few mores birds interested in decoys than in the morning. After a little rearrange of the spread. We managed to take five.

3/10/2012 - Hunting was fairly good this morning, our group took six more birds. Later in the morning the sky "Filled" with geese coming in from the south and east - wish all this activity would have turned into more birds for the afternoon but that didn't happen. George and JP couldn't have done more, adjusting blinds and decoys to play the wind trying to entice the birds, but it was not to be, maybe it was the mid 60 degree temperatures, but who really knows. At the lunch break we took a drive through the Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge just to see how many birds had came in from the morning flight. The refuge personal said they were still counting over 300,000. In my mind that's a lot of birds, but in most years at this time, there are more than 1,000,000 birds. There is a weather change on the way and maybe this will get the birds to cooperate a little better in the morning.

3/11/2012 - The weatherman's forecast for light showers and light south winds was 100% correct for this mornings hunt. We didn't see nearly the amount of birds as we did Friday and Saturday but the few we did see decoyed and we took six more on Sunday's half day hunt. We are packed up and on the road headed back to Michigan.

We want to "Thank" the guys from Snow Goose Chasers they could not have done more to make this trip a real pleasure. Scott our outfitter kept calling us before the hunt to let us know the progression of the snow goose migration and even a couple of times he thought we may want to cancel because it looked like the migration was over, but we had decided we wanted to go and see what this spring goose hunting was all about, glad we did and we are already booked for next year.

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Snow Goose Chasers

Visiting Squaw Creek

Looking back at
Mound City

Geese are every where

Nice View

Nice Adult Birds

A Wet Sunday

Thanks George & JP