2010 North Dakota Duck Hunting Report
2010 Muck Boy North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Report

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On October 9th we will be en-route to Devils Lake North Dakota on our annual Waterfowl Hunting trip. We will be staying at Westbay Resort in Minnewaulkan and hunting with Curt Kenner owner of Kenner Farms and Kenner Guide Service (701-438-2451 Cell 701-866-4841). The long range weather forecast looks to be in our favor with sunny to partly sunny skies and temperatures in the 50's and 60's. If this forecast holds.

New this year, will be daily updates during the week. That's if the laptop's air card can get a connection from the cabin, if not when we go back to Devils Lake we will post a few times during the week. So check back often to see the latest reports.

10-9-10 12:21PM Central -We are on the road and so far everything is going great, weather could not be better, sunny,warm and most importantly no strong head winds. Will up date again when we get in this afternoon.

10-9-10 4:45PM Central - Arrived Devils Lake, record time for us to get here total time traveled fourteen and a half hours.

10-10-10 11:20AM Central - Spend the morning scouting and the news from here is July type weather as a matter of fact so nice the ducks have went back to Canada, there is a cold front moving through Monday afternoon which we are hoping gets some birds to return. We did find a couple of sloughs that were holding a few birds and we are planning to hunt them this afternoon. As many of you may know Devils Lake over the last decade has expanded and continues to expand. Once again Hwy 19 that runs between Devils Lake and Minnewaulkan is being raised which will limit our ability to go back to Devils Lake because of all the construction.

10-10-10 8:30PM Central - Spent the afternoon in a new slough that was connected to a waterfowl production area, between getting a sunburn and swatting mosquitoes we managed to take four ducks. Not bad for the conditions.

10-11-10 AM - Started the morning in a couple of sloughs that were holding birds yesterday. The first one produced only one Gradual's in about two hours, so we moved on to the next which produced two more, we will be back in this slough this afternoon. What is needed is some better duck weather, there is a the front predicted to move in tonight with heavier winds and cooler temperatures this just may bring in some birds from Canada and get the ones here moving.

10-11-10 PM - Was back in the slough at 4:00PM, birds seemed to move a little better had winds from the southwest close to 15mph with a few gust better than 20mph, but it still was 80 degrees. We did take another four birds two more gadwals, one blue wing teal and one redhead.

10-12-10 AM - Hunted mallards in a wheat stubble field located between two large sloughs this morning, taking eight mallards and one pintail. The birds again did not move as expected with the 20+mph northwest winds and cooler temperatures. There was not a bird looking at our setup until after 9:00am.

10-12-10 PM - Plans for the morning have been made and we are going after some Giant Canada Geese that have been hanging around Kurt's property and he has been wanting to hunt. The weather forecast is for a northwest wind to 15mph and temperatures in the mid 30's.

10-13-10 AM - As promised we were after Canada Geese this morning. These geese have been hunted since the middle of August and they are very wary of just about any type set-up and today was no different. The first set-up in a wheat stubble field full of re-growth was placed where the geese had fed the evening before, but of course this morning they wanted a different field. So we picked up and moved to a harvested bean field on top of a large hill. Where we had about four separate groups work the se,t but they worked the outside edges just out of gun range. But we did have one group after looking hard at the decoys turned and came over us. We dropped two and that was about it. We also took a lone green head who looked to hard at all the goose decoys. This afternoon we will be back after the ducks.

10-13-10 PM - Ducks did not move in any numbers this evening, the sunset was great and the mosquitoes were terrible, this should tell the story.

10-14-10 AM - Our final hunt here in North Dakota for 2010, ducks numbers are low as they have not returned from Canada. Curt told us the week before we arrived he had over 20,000 ducks on his larger sloughs. This morning we were east of his farm and we basically had the same action "Slow", the two groups of mallards that did look circled a couple of times and left. Not all is bad, we did manage to take six more birds, two gadwals, three redheads and one hen mallard.

10-15-10 AM - Back on the road for the trip home for another year.So far the weather is great with light winds and mild temperatures. It was great to be back in North Dakota again for another week of waterfowl hunting and visiting with friends. This years weather was the exact opposite of what we had last year. Last year the sloughs were ice covered and one evening we hunted in a snow storm. This year we had temps in the 80's with light winds, sure not waterfowl hunting weather and we could tell by the lack of birds in the area. We have our reservations made at Westbay Resort and with Curt Kenner for next year - we are just hoping for a little better "Duck Weather".

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