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The Tale of Muck-Boy
You may be asking yourself what is muck-boy or better yet who is muck-boy? The tale of muck-boy began.......
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2008 Muck Boy North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Report

Once again the Muck Boy crew was in Minnewaulkan North Dakota located on the west end of Devils Lake during the week of October 13th on our annual waterfowl hunt.

We left Michigan at 4:00 AM EST and took the southern route through Chicago. Our I-Pass Unit helped to speed up the process of getting through the Illinois toll booths without wasting too much time fumbling for change. The Tom Tom Navigation Unit guided us through Chicago and Minneapolis/St Paul without a hitch.

We arrived at Westbay Resort in Minnewaulkan at 5:30 PM CST. Jim and Diane as always had the cabin ready for us and the hospitality was great.

We spent the day Sunday waiting out the weather as it rained (poured) and the wind howled most of the day delaying our scouting efforts for an afternoon hunt. According to Jim, the area had received over 7 inches of rain since the beginning of September. At about 3:30pm it slowed enough to venture out to find a slough to hunt in that evening. We found the area gravel roads slick and the class "B" roads were impassable, so we decided to hunt a slough near the cabins where we had taken birds in the past. Well as it were we should have stayed in the cabin.

Monday morning found the weather had cleared but the wind was still blowing at about 30 mph forcing the ducks to hold tight on their roosts or fly high. We did manage to take a couple of Canvasbacks and Spoonbills. After the morning hunt we started to scout more and we were finding many, many puddles and small pools in the middle of bean and corn fields, and of course the birds were sitting in them thus spreading them out all over the area.

Tuesday morning and the weather was improved with light winds and colder temperatures. We were hunting on Curt Kenner's farm. Curt also guides for waterfowl ( Kenner Guides Service 701- 438-2451 Cell 701-866-4841). Curt had us set up for geese in a harvested barley field next to a standing corn field. There was only a few geese working with most holding tight on the roost for most of the day. We did manage to take two out of a flock that passed over the corn too low. In the afternoon we were setup on a slough for small puddle ducks and we ended the day just short of our limit.

Wednesday found the morning sky clear with stiff west winds. The decoys were set up in a harvested bean field that the ducks and geese had been piling into the evening before. The winds blew so hard that the birds were a little decoy shy with most working the edges of the spread. We still managed to take a mix of ducks and geese along with four Ross Geese.

Thursday morning the wind was calm and the temperature was below freezing, we were in a slough that we had spotted earlier in the week and it was holding plenty of ducks. The decoys were out by 8:00am and by 8:45am we were back at the truck taking pictures of a great hunt.

Overall, the crew had a great time as always, visiting with old friends and hunting and relaxing. But there is just one problem – for some reason this year! The week just went by to fast.

Just one more thing, earlier this year we picked up Black Gold Dog Food as a sponsor and of course Kodi our six year old lab has been on this food ever since. Ken Hessling, our local distributor and owner of White Rock Kennels, told us that the one thing he saw in his dogs was how fast they recovered after a hard hunt. Well Ken you are correct, because in years past by Wednesday morning it would be hard to get Kodi out of his bed and he slept the entire 15 hours Friday during the trip home, this year there was a marked difference in Kodi, he just never seemed to run out of energy as far as hunting goes and as for the trip home he was up for a good portion and the only change from other years is Great Food!

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Rig Ready & Clean for the North Dakota Trip
Rig Ready & Clean

Mud Every Where in North Dakota
Mud Everywhere!

Current Rain has left Puddles throughout the Devils Lake Area
Puddles Everywhere!

Hunting the Sloughs in North Dakota
Coming off a Slough

Good hunt in North Dakota
Weather improves and the so does the hunting!

Early Migrants Arrive in North Dakota
Ross Geese

Webmaster with a few North Dakota  Drake Mallards

Great Dog work in the Sloughs in North Dakota
Great Morning Results

Kodi Takes a well desered nap.
Well Deserved Nap

Our Chey Truck was Clean when we left Michigan
Well it was Clean!