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Saginaw Bay - Dock Reports

Useful Information: Great Lakes Buoy Data, Inner Saginaw Bay Marine Forecast, Outer Saginaw Bay Marine Forecast, Lake Huron Open Water Marine Forecast, Great Lakes Water Levels, Wind Speeds Bouy #1, Surface Temp Map, Sebewaing Bay Cam, Huron County Caseville Beach Cam, Thomas Marina Web Cam, Great Saginaw Bay Map with Reef Locations, Area Map of Bait Shops and Launches

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Saginaw Bay Dock Reporter: Paul Smith and Terry Murlick
Aug 12th 2014 -Walleye fishing is generally slowing down around greater Saginaw Bay, but there are still some bright spots. Last week, walleye were hitting in relatively shallow water on both sides of the inner bay. Some limits were taken, and a lot of boats were only 2 or 3 fish short of multi-person limits. So, walleye fishing can still be productive but you may have to change where you fish.

Fishing on the west side of the inner bay was a little slow but they were still scratching out a few walleyes at most locations. Those mentioned included -Off Gambil’s Marina in 10 to 12 feet -Off the Pinconning Bar in 12 to 14 feet -Near Buoy H -West of the Spark Plug (Buoys 11 & 12)

On the east side of the bay, walleye fishing was pretty good in the Slot and on the Bar late last week. The best bite was in 8 to 12 feet of water on either side of the Slot and right on top of the Bar. The Slot was producing from Sunset Bay Marina north to the area off North Island. A few limits were taken, but most boats brought in enough fish to make it worth the trip. Crawler harnesses and crank-baits were both taking fish. Best spinner colors were chartreuse, pink, orange, and purple; chrome finish crank-baits were working best. Fishing north of the Charity Islands, at Oak Point, and on the reefs between Caseville and Port Austin has slowed down.

July 29th 2014 - Some walleyes are being caught at just about any of the popular locations. Catches run from 2 or 3 fish per boat to half-limits to the occasional limit catch. It just depends where you are on any given day and what kind of mood the fish are in. - Out near Buoy 1&2 - General Vicinity of the Spark Plug (2 miles north in 20 feet or 2 miles east in 25 feet.) - 10 to 12 feet of water off Bay City State Park, especially in the early morning - Still a few walleye being taken in the last two miles of the Saginaw River on Reef Runners or Husky Jerks - Anywhere from 8 to 16 feet of water in the Slot, from Quanicassee northeast to Sand Point - The west side of The Bar in 20 to 25 feet. Fishing north of the Charities and off Oak Point out of Caseville had slowed down quite a bit,
July 21st 2014 - Walleye are showing definite signs of moving to deeper water, but some good fishing continues in inner Saginaw Bay as well. Prevailing west wind over the past two weeks has caused some strange temperature patterns to set up in the lake, which is hampering lake trout and salmon fishing on the outside of the Thumb and to a certain extent also curtailing walleye success off Tawas City, Au Gres, and north of the Charity Islands.

Walleye are still being taken at a variety of locations, including - 18 to 24 feet off Pinconning and Gambil’s Marina - 18 feet off Linwood - The Spark Plug (buoys 11 & 12) - North of Buoys 1 & 2 (the green Spark Plug) - The Slot from Quanicassee to North Island (fishing at the south end of the Slot was particularly good in 7 to 11 feet of water north of Quanicasse on Sunday morning) Crawler harnesses in all the usual colors continue to be the go-to bait, and crankbaits in chrome finishes (particularly blue & silver) also produced well. Shore fishing at all locations was generally slow, with a few bass, drum, and catfish caught.

Water temperatures at Caseville were hovering around 59 degrees last week, which sharply curtailed success, but some walleyes were still caught north of the Charities and off Oak Point.
July 17th 2014 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report - With temps in the 70's, sunny skies, and light and variable winds it made for an enjoyable day of fishing on Saginaw Bay, the bite was a little slow and we had to work for our fish but we stuck with it until we boated our 15 fish 3 man limit. The fish came on a variety of presentations, spinner rigs behind 2oz in-lines, spoon harnesses (similar to Worm Burners) and spoons behind mini disc divers, 50' - 60' back in about 22 fow. Purple, pink, and gold seemed to be prefeed colors.
click image for larger view
July 16th 2014-Walleye fishing continues to be very good all over whenever the wind is light enough for boats to get out. Unfortunately, that wasn’t very often last week. Thursday was about the best day all week; fishing was excellent at just about every port with limit catches on Thursday the 10th, but then the wind started blowing again. There are further indications that the walleye are making their annual summer movement toward deeper water, but good numbers of fish were still being caught in the inner bay - Just north of buoys 1 & 2 (the Green Spark Plug at the end of the dredged ship channel) in 20 to 25 feet - 19 feet of water west of the Red Spark Plug (buoys 11 & 12)- Off Pinconning in 17 feet of water - Off Bay City State Park and the mouth of the Kawkawlin River in 10 to 12 feet of water - In the first couple of miles of the lower Saginaw River, from the mouth up to the Coast Guard station, trolling crankbaits - In 10 feet of water on the Callahan reef. (Weeds are starting to be a problem here.) - In the Slot from Quanicassee north to North Island, in 12 to 16 feet of water - On the Bar in 12 feet off Fish Point - On the west side of the Bar in 17 to 18 feet - In 25 to 32 feet off Oak Point and north of Big Charity Island, fishing from Caseville. Crawler harnesses continue to produce, but hot-n-tots are also working. Gold, purple, anti-freeze, and green were good colors.

July 8th 2014 - Very good walleye fishing continues, but there is some indication that the fish are moving toward deeper water. More boats are working out near the green Spark Plug (Buoys 1 & 2) at the end of the shipping channel, the deep side of the Bar, and similar areas. Windy weather really suppressed fishing activity for a lot of last week and for the weekend. Trollers out of Caseville were getting some bigger walleyes off Oak Point and north of the Charities.

July 1st 2014 - Excellent walleye fishing in a lot of locations this past week. Here’s a list of the areas - 24 feet of water north of Gambil’s Marina near Pinconning - 12 to 14 feet off the Pinconning Bar - Northwest of Buoys 1&2 - Two miles east of the Spark Plug - 25 to 28 feet of water near the Spark Plug - 6 to 8 feet off the mouth of the Kawkawlin River, very early in the morning. - Anywhere from 4 to 14 feet on and along the Callahan Reef. (Very good there on Saturday.) - The Slot, from Quanicassee northeast to the outside of Heisterman Island - Over the Bar, between the Bar and the Shipping Channel.

In short, you can catch some walleye just about anywhere you go, but if the area you’re in is slow at the moment, move a few miles and try a different depth. There is some indication that the fish are moving to deeper water, but it depends on the day and the time of day. They may be shallower early in the morning than in the afternoon.

Crawler harnesses are the go-to bait, but crankbaits and spoons are also taking fish for some trollers. Best spinner colors vary with the day, but green, anti-freeze, and chartreuse were consistent producers. It it’s cloudy, try gold, silver, or copper. Best crankbait colors were chrome with blue, orange or gold backs, purple or fire-tiger.

June 24th 2014 - Walleye fishing was good to excellent about anywhere anglers want to go. Here’s a partial list.- 10 feet of water off the Pinconning Bar - 16 feet off Gambil’s Marina. - Buoys 1 & 2 - Around the old dumping grounds - 20 feet of water, 2 miles east of the Spark Plug (buoys 11 & 12) - Off Finn Road and on the Callahan Reef in 6 to 8 feet of water - The Slot from Sunset Bay Marina to the outside of North Island in 12 to 16 feet of water. - The west side of The Bar in 10 to 20 feet of water - Some walleyes are also being taken out of Wildfowl Bay

It all depends on your luck on any given day. Some boats have limits but almost everybody is getting some fish every trip. Crawler harnesses are the go-to bait but hot-n-tots are also taking some fish. Chromes with blue, black or orange backs, black & gold, and purples are all taking fish.

If it’s too rough to fish on the bay, trollers are still taking walleyes in the lower Saginaw River between the mouth and the Coast Guard Station. Shore anglers at Smith Park were getting catfish, drum, and a few smallmouths.

June 22nd 2014 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report - It was a great day on Saginaw Bay. Temps in the 70's, overcast sky, light southerly winds, and the walleye bite was on. We continued fishing shallow water, dropping our lines around 8am and pulling a 4 man limit by 11am. We trolled homemade harnesses 20 to 30 ft back off in-line boards, at 1 to 1.3 mph SOG. Fish ran a little larger this trip with only 4 throwbacks, many in the 17 to 20" range, and topped with a nice 25" Walleye.

Our friend Kevin and crew fished the same general area boating their 3 man limit of walleye plus 3 bonus jumbo perch by 9 am. They ran a similar program as ours.

My buddy Goldy and crew trolled deeper water today fishing 20 to 26 fow, pulling crawlers behind boards with 1 and 2 oz in-line weights. They had their 2 man limit by 10 am.

Basically walleye can be caught just about anywhere on the Bay right now. Another banner year for this great fishery.

click image for larger view

June 17th 2014 - INNER SAGINAW BAY: Excellent walleye fishing at a variety of locations, including: 22 feet off Pinconning - 20 feet off Linwood (purple spoons were hot here) - 20 feet northwest of the Dumping Grounds - Off the mouth of the Kawkawlin River - On the Callahan Reef - In the Slot anywhere from Quanicassee to Bay Port - A were starting to cross the Bar from Sebewaing to fish the deeper water near the shipping channel. - Some walleyes still being taken on the lower Saginaw River, trolling crank-baits. Most are using crawler harnesses; purple, orange, pink and fire-tiger were popular blade colors. Some were doing well on spoons and some were running crank-baits. Everybody was getting some fish; whether or not you got a limit depends on your skill and tenacity…and your luck that day.
June 9th 2014 -Walleyes were being taken at a variety of locations; 21 to 24 feet of water around the Spark Plug (buoys 11 & 12), 21 feet near the Dumping Grounds, 8 feet off the Pinconning Bar, 14 feet east of the Spoils Island, and 14 to 16 feet out in the Slot from Quanicassee northeast to the tip of Sand Point. On windy days when it’s hard to fish comfortably on the bay, anglers trolling the lower Saginaw River from the mouth upstream to the Coast Guard Station have been taking a lot of walleyes there including some limit catches. Silver/blue crankbaits have been working well there. Out in the bay, most people have been using crawler harnesses; purple, green and brass have been favored spinner blade colors. Fishing has been good from most access points including Sebewaing and Bay Port. Fishing at Caseville is still reported slow, but it’ll pick up out there as the water gets warmer.  

June 8th 2014 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report -

June 7th - Blue and Son went back to the shallow water and it produced a quick 3-man limit in a few hours, they boated a tagged fish, and a nice 26" walleye.

June 6th - Saginaw Bay Walleye fishing has been red hot with my freinds reporting limit catches the past 4 weekends. I finally got out on the 6th, the weather was great with mostly cloudy skies, temps in the mid 70's. and light and variable winds. The fish didn't disappoint us as we got a 4 man limit trolling 5-7 fow in the southern portion of the Bay. We trolled wieghtless crawler harnesses behind in-line boards in the shallow waters at .9 to 1.1 mph SOG. Color didn't seem to make a difference.

While we were fishing shallow my buddy Goldy and his crew were fishing 14-16 fow on the Eastside of the Bay which produced a 3-man limit for them. They also trolled spinners and crawlers. They've been limiting on the Eastside for the past 2 weeks.


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June 3rd 2014 - The early part of last week was pretty windy with not many boats out, but walleye fishing on Friday and through the weekend was nothing short of fantastic! Limit catches were the rule, and it really didn’t matter a whole lot where you went. Fishing was just excellent off Pinconning and Linwood, off Bay City State Park and the mouth of the Kawkawlin River, both north and east of the Spoils Island, the Callahan Reef off Finn Road, around both Spark Plugs, and in the Slot from Quanicassee to North Island. Depths ranged from as shallow as 5 feet to as deep as 30 feet. As a rule of thumb, the shallows were best early in the morning with deeper waters being more productive as the sun got higher. Crawler harnesses were the go-to bait, with spinner colors of purple, white, gold, silver, and chartreuse producing best. Some trollers fishing deeper were also getting walleyes on crankbaits and spoons. Better crankbait colors included yellow perch and goby patterns.  
May 28th 2014 - Good catches of walleye were taken from a variety of locations in the inner bay last week. Many limit catches reported throughout the inner bay, and almost all boats got fish. Here are some hot-spots: - 21 feet at the Black Hole - 20 feet off Linwood - 16 feet off Pinconning - 21 feet just east of the Dumping Grounds (Ship Channel) - 4 to 6 feet east of the Spoils Island - 4 to 8 feet on the Callahan Reef - The Slot from Quanicassee to Fish Point; anywhere from 4 to 16 feet of water. - The Slot on the west side of the islands from Heisterman Island to the tip of Sand Point.

Good colors for crawler harness spinners include purple, green, anti-freeze and gold. Some sublegal fish are starting to show up and are being released.

In addition, some walleye are still being taken in the lower Saginaw River from the Independence Bridge downstream to the river mouth by trolling, vertical jigging, and casting with jigs.

May 27th 2014 - From Dock Reporter Terry T -Fishing is great all over-I fished off of North Island and was able to catch fish all day- on on night crawler harnesses and 2 once bottom bouncers most of them in the 15 to18 inch range - every boat I heard from this weekend caught fish on both sides of the bay - now is the time to be out there- Also remember the Walleye for Warriors on
June 15 - Please support this effort in any way you can
May 12th 2014 - Good numbers of walleye being taken from 6 to 16 feet of water off Pinconning and Linwood, trolling harnesses. Walleye fishing is also very good off Jones Road in 4 to 6 feet and off Quanicassee in 6 to 7 feet. Walleye are also still hitting on jigs baited with crawlers or minnows in the lower Saginaw River from Essexville to the mouth. This is a place to try if the winds are too strong to get out on the bay. Further up the Slot, walleye were hitting in 10 to 15 feet of water off Sunset Bay Marina. There’s lots of disagreement about what color spinners to use on crawler harnesses; white, purple, green, chartreuse, and brass all have their proponents. A catfish tournament held over the weekend at the BayShore church camp near Sebewaing which produced a lot of channel cats. Shore fishing at Quanicassee and Sebewaing has been kind of slow, with a few catfish and drum caught. Up at Caseville, shore fishing has been slow, producing some rock bass and the odd walleye. Catch-and-release fishing for smallmouths has been pretty
Apr 30th 2014 - During the week good success on walleye off Linwood in 14 to 16 feet of water trolling assorted crankbaits. Walleye fishing was also very good off the mouth of the Saginaw River and east of the Spoils Island, trolling or jigging with jigs baited with minnows or crawlers. Windy weather Saturday and Sunday kept most boats off the bay and in the lower Saginaw River, however. Perch fishing in the Quanicassee River is about done, but river anglers were catching channel cats and walleyes, and a couple of pike. They were still catching perch in the Sebewaing River last week, but doing a lot of sorting to get a few keepers. The Pigeon River at Caseville has been slow, with a couple of walleye taken.

The Saginaw & Tittabawassee Rivers: The walleye opener on the rivers was just outstanding, with lots of anglers on the water and limit catches the rule. This was the case on the Tittabawassee from the Dow Dam all the way downstream to the confluence with the Saginaw, and the excellent success continued down the Saginaw River all the way to the mouth of the river. The most popular technique was vertical jigging using jigs baited with minnows or crawlers, but a few boats were trolling crankbaits and they were also getting fish.

Walleye fishing in the rivers should continue to be good for at least another couple of weeks, barring major floods that raise the rivers, run the fish out, and make fishing difficult.

Apr 29th 2014 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report - Chris called and wanted me to fish the Saginaw River with him on the opening weekend of the Michigans inland water walleye season but since I was still chasing turkey's I declined, well I shoulda went fishin. He fished in Saginaw and in a few hours of fishing on Sunday afternoon he had his one man 5 walleye limit.

Your webmaster has received many reports of limits this past weekend in the Saginaw and Tittabawassee rivers. Wih rain in the forecast all week in may be hard to get out.
click image for larger view

Apr 22nd 2014 -Walleye were hitting trolled crankbaits in 16 to 18 feet of water off Linwood and off the mouth of the Saginaw River. Anglers fishing off the river mouth were also jigging with jig heads baited with minnows and doing well on that combination. Area rivers are finally receding and clearing up a bit after last weekend’s downpours, but perch fishing in the Quanicassee, Sebewaing, and Pigeon rivers and nearby cuts remains spotty, with lots of small perch to sort through for every keeper. Lots of people were out fishing over the weekend because of the nice weather. A few suckers were caught in each river also. Perch fishing is generally at its best from dawn until about 11 AM. Afternoon fishing for perch in generally unproductive.

Area Rivers: The Tittabawassee experienced major flooding last week, but for the most part the rivers are back in their banks now. No doubt a fair number of fish chose to ride the flooding back to Saginaw Bay after spawning, but there should still be enough fish in the rivers to make for a good opener. The long, lingering winter cause most fish (including walleye) to spawn two weeks later than normal, so the fish have had two less weeks to drop back to the bay. Barring another major rain event between now and Saturday, the walleye opener should be a good one.
Apr 15th 2014 - River fishing was just getting underway in a big way last week around greater Saginaw Bay, with lots of suckers being taken, perch off certain cuts, and walleyes in the bay off the mouths of several area rivers….and then the rains came.

Torrential rains beginning Saturday afternoon have most area rivers running at or above flood stage and fishing is just about impossible. This goes for all Saginaw Bay tributaries

Apr 8th 2014 - The ice has gone out around the edges to the point that the only way to get to it is with waders. If you do that and the wind shifts, you might not be able to get back off the ice. So, the best advice we can give people is that it’s time to hang up the hard-water gear until next winter. There are a few guys with air-boats continuing to ice fish, but most people are getting their regular boats ready for spring.

Shore anglers are starting to fish for perch at the Quanicassee River, the Garner Road Drain, and Allen Cut (Kirk Road), with ??? results; mostly very small perch. The perch really haven’t come in yet. Thomas cut is just opening up. The Sebewaing River is fishable, but no great results reported yet. Same story at Caseville.

Apr 2nd 2014 - Walleye off White’s Beach - watch out for the crack; a four-wheeler went through out there over the weekend. Water’s reportedly getting murky from the Saganing River. Some perch taken off the end of Newman and Townline roads.
At Linwood: walleyes in 15 feet of water; shore ice getting bad; a pickup went through over the weekend in a foot of water.
At Bay City: Lots of anglers fishing out from the State Park this past week and getting walleyes in 3 to 9 feet of water. No activity off the Hot Ponds, Vanderbilt Park, or Thomas Road. A few anglers venturing out from Sunset Bay Marina and getting a few walleyes in 13 feet of water out in the Slot.
At Sebewaing: Fishing is slow due to muddy water. A few guys are fishing walleyes late in the evening off the VFW and Geiger Road, but tno reports on success.
At Caseville: No activity, due to deteriorating ice conditions and muddy water.

The Rivers: Saginaw River including the Shiawassee, Cass and Flint rivers. Consult your Fishing Guide for gear restrictions on these rivers that are in place during the period when the walleye, pike and muskie season is closed. Worms fished on single hooks are legal and greatly encouraged! by the DNR.

Mar 26th 2014 - Ice fishing on Saginaw Bay continues with lots and lots of people out there fishing. Cold nights continue to sustain the ice out there, but the more intelligent anglers are no longer driving trucks onto the ice. The snow cover on the ice is gone, so creepers on the boots are in order. Rivers have yet to open up, so steelhead and sucker fishing is still something off in the future.

On the west side, fishing off White’s Beach was slow due to dirty water but they were getting a few walleyes. A few perch and walleye from 6 to 8 feet off Townline and Newman roads. Lots of activity centered around Bay City State Park. They’re getting walleye from 9 feet off Parish Road, 14 feet off Killarney Beach, 15 to 17 feet out by the crack off the State Park itself, and 4 to 10 feet off the trailer park at the mouth of the Saginaw River. Most anglers are not even going out until 6PM these days, and they fish until after dark. On the east side, walleyes from 13 to 14 feet in the Slot off Thomas Road and Sunset Bay marina, again in late afternoon and evening. At Sebewaing, fishing slowed down in the marina last week. Water is getting dirty and the river ice in Sebewaing and Caseville is getting bad as the runoff starts to wear it away. At Mud Creek, anglers are still getting out but the shore ice is deteriorating. Machines still getting out in the morning when it’s cold. They’re getting some nice perch off Mud Creek, but small numbers only. Lots of the bigger perch are just ignoring anglers’ baits.

Mar 11th 2014 - Walleye were taken at a variety of locations last week. Action could be hit and miss, but was generally better in the evening around dusk, with early morning also a fair bet.
White’s Beach - 4 to 5 miles out.
Linwood - 17 to 20 feet of water
Bay City State Park - 12 to 17 feet of water.
Spoils Island - 16 feet of water northeast of the island
Callahan & Finn Rds - Seven miles north off the end of either
Thomas Road & Sunset Bay Marina - 16 feet of water out in the middle of the Slot.

On the east side, some bluegills and some BIG crappies were taken out of the Sebewaing marina last week. At Mud Creek, perch fishing was hit or miss, Monday and Tuesday were said to be the best days last week; Sunday was real slow. Very little activity in the river or marina basins at Caseville all week long. A few guys were fishing for lake trout out along the breakwall and up to a mile lakeward of it, but with little action over the weekend.

Saginaw River: Fishing success has been spotty all up and down the river over the past week. There really hasn’t been any hot-spot, just a few keepers here or there on any given day. Lots of fishing pressure all over the river this past weekend, as temperatures finally nudged up into a more comfortable range. It appearsa better strategy might be for anglers to avoid the more crowded spots and try getting away from large concentrations of anglers to the less-visited areas in between the main access points. The more sparsely-fished areas were producing a little better than the places with dozens of anglers stomping around and drilling holes with their power augers. So, try getting away from the crowd.
Mae 6th 2014 - Here’s a general note for all of the inner bay…the morning fishing was slow all over last week, but the evening fishing for walleye was pretty good! In the mornings, anglers reported seeing the walleye down there, but they wouldn’t bite. The fishing picks up considerably late in the afternoon, roughly from 6 PM until dark. This was the case from Erickson Road (18 to 20 feet out near the Black Hole) down to Linwood (15 to 23 feet) and also off the river mouth (3.5 miles north of the Spoils Island). A few perch were taken off Bay City State Park, out near the first crack. Fishing at the Hot Pond and over at Vanderbilt Park was slow all week. Walleye anglers off the end of Callahan Road were taking fish from 20 feet of water. (That’s a long way out!) Walleye anglers off Thomas Road were getting some fish out of the Slot in the evening. Up at Sebewaing, a few guys were going off the VFW to fish walleyes in the Slot. The Sebewaing Marina was giving up a few bluegills and crappies. Almost no activity from Sebewaing to Mud Creek. Perch Fishing at Mud Creek was slow all week. At Caseville, fishing in the river and marina basins was slow with just a few small perch caught. Anglers are also fishing out along the break-wall, and there are rumors of a few lake trout being taken.

Saginaw River: Fishing was generally slow all week from Wickes Park north through Saginaw, around the Zilwaukee Bridge, and north to the Middle Grounds at the south end of Bay City. Angler reported seeing lots of fish but they’re just not biting. They are taking a few walleye in the evenings at the Middle Grounds. Fishing was slow through Bay City, but below the Independence Bridge they were taking some walleye in the evening downstream of the U.S.S. Edson in 14 to 15 feet of water. Downstream a bit farther, some perch were being taken off the cement plant at Essexville on perch rigs & minnows. Fishing at Patterson Road around the river mouth was very slow.
Feb 28th 2014 - A few perch being taken in 10 feet of water off White’s Beach. Nothing much going on around Pinconning. Light fishing pressure over the weekend off Linwood with spotty results. A few walleye in the evening in 15 feet of water inside the first crack off Bay City State Park. A couple walleye taken out near the Spoils Island. Nothing going on at the Hot Pond. Perch fishing off Vanderbilt Park was pretty much dead over the weekend. Walleye anglers going off Thomas Road are scratching a few fish out of the middle of the Slot, and they were doing better than the guys crossing the Bar going to the middle of the bay. One brave fisherman from Sebewaing drove his quad all the way to the Spark Plug to get them. A few bluegills and crappies and the odd pike came out of the marina at Sebewaing also. (Efforts by the City to dynamite the ice to break it up last week probably left the fish with a headache and a loss of appetite…) Pressure at Mud Creek and Caseville was very light.

Saginaw River: The fishing was slow from one end to the other last week. Just an occasional walleye being picked up at all locations. Blue & Silver jigging rapalas baited with a minnow head on the treble hook remained the go –to lure. (You can’t hardly find one of these at any area tackle shop.) A few perch were also taken off the cement plant at Essexville. Anglers in the river in particular commented on seeing a lot of fish on their cameras and the fish just ignoring their baits. There was a little bit of open water on the upper Tittabawassee near Gordonville Rd last week and a few guys were casting for walleye there, but they didn’t get any.

Feb 18th 2014 - Walleye are kind of hit and miss but they’re being taken in several locations including, 5 to 6 miles off Pinconning Park, 15 feet of water off Linwood, 17 feet of water off Parish Rd. Perch anglers were getting a few from 7 feet off the ends of Newman and Townline roads near Pinconning. Perch fishing was pretty good mid-week in 5 feet of water off Vanderbilt Park near Quanicassee, but a horde of anglers showed up on the weekend and ran the fish out. Perch anglers also did well in 5 feet of water off Hidden Harbor (King Road), fishing in close proximity to the Vanderbilt Park people. Walleye anglers accessing the bay at Thomas Rd were going across the Slot, across the Bar, and on out to either Buoy #12 or Buoy #1. The distance to either of these buoys is best described as…miles and miles and miles! Most fishing activity at Sebewaing is inside the marina, where anglers took a mix of bluegills and crappies, a few perch, and also speared a couple of pike last week. Ice anglers are reminded that the Sebewaing DPW will be breaking up some of the river ice this coming Thursday (February 20th) using dynamite to prevent ice jams at spring break-up, so you might want to fish someplace else for a few days after that. At Mud Creek, pressure was moderate and success was slow and spotty last week.

Saginaw River: Fishing was generally slow at all locations from one end of the river to the other this past weekend, but individual anglers did very well in places. Fire-Tiger jigging rapalas and gold jigging spoons, both baited with minnow heads, seemed to be producing best. A few decent walleyes were taken at just about every location on one day or the next; you just have to get out there and put your time in. Fishing in the Ship Channel (20 feet of water or more) seems to be most productive. There were lots of people out over the weekend, and also lots of snowmobile traffic which could have suppressed fish activity.

Feb 12th 2014 - Lots of people out fishing on Saturday but fishing generally slow. They’re getting a few walleyes in 20 to 21 feet of water off Linwood and in the same depths off Bay City State Park. A few perch are being taken from 6 feet of water off Newman Road up by Pinconning, but it’s hit and miss. Wading anglers at the Hot Pond took a few pike last week. At the end of Callahan Road, guys were going out about 8 ½ miles and a few limits of nice-sized walleye came from way out there on Sunday. Over at Vanderbilt Park near Quanicassee, perch anglers were doing well on and off out near the first crack. Likewise, some perch were being taken off Hidden Harbor (King Road), but that was hit and miss also. Walleye anglers continue to fish about 10 miles off Sunset Bay Marina and Thomas Road up near the tip of Fish Point; hit and miss there also.

Up at Sebewaing, a few pike and small perch continue to be taken from inside the marina. Anglers should be aware that the Village of Sebewaing along with the Huron County Drain Commission is planning to break up some of the river ice with dynamite beginning on or about February 20th in order to prevent flooding when the snow melts. Signs are posted around town and at some access points for the river. February 20th will probably not be a good day to fish there and you might want to go someplace else…

Nothing much happening at Bay Port last week. Up at Mud Creek, perch fishing has been spotty, with the Old Regulars averaging maybe 10 decent fish per trip most days and 25 fish per trip on the better days. A few pike were also speared last week.

Saginaw River: Walleye fishing was slow at all locations over the weekend. However, the fish bit pretty good on Tuesday and several guys did well.
-Wickes Park: slow
-Ojibway Island: slow
-I-675 to First Street: Tuesday was real good with some 5 & 6 pounders caught. Weekend slow.
-South of Zilwaukee Bridge: some walleye near the grain silos in 23 feet of water.
-North of Zilwaukee Bridge all the way to Bay City: slow all weekend.
-Middle Grounds & Cass Avenue: slow
-Vet’s Park/M-25: slow
-Liberty Bridge downstream: a few walleye in 23 feet out in the Channel.
-Independence Bridge & downstream; good walleye fishing at mid-week; very slow all weekend.
-Smith Park: slow
-Patterson Road/river mouth: slow all weekend; lots of sublegals being caught & released.


Feb 5th 2014 -There was some walleye success off Linwood in 16 to 20 feet of water and also in similar depths off Bay City State Park. On the east side, walleye anglers fishing out of Sunset Bay and Thomas Road are reportedly going out 8 to 11 miles. Perch anglers fishing 5 to 6 feet of water off Vanderbilt Park near Quanicassee have been getting some nice perch during the first half hour of daylight in the morning but the fishing slows as the sun comes up. Fishing at the Hot Pond has been pretty quiet, probably due to the intense cold. Nothing much going on at Sebewaing last week, although a few pike and small perch were being taken out of the marina basin. a lot of sub-legal pike being seen for every legal fish speared. A few guys are accessing the bay at Rose Island and Geiger Road and fishing out in the Slot for walleye. Up at Mud Creek, Wednesday was a very good day for perch despite the very cold temperatures.

Saginaw River: Fishing success was slow and spotty most of the week, but picked up a bit on Sunday. Pressure was generally light from Wickes Park and Rust Avenue north through downtown Saginaw, with anglers picking up an “eater” here and there, mostly on green jig-heads baited with a minnow in 9 to 15 feet of water. Success was also spotty both south and north of the Zilwaukee Bridge, all the way through the Middle Grounds. They were getting some walleyes and occasional decent perch around the Veterans’ Bridge (M-25) in downtown Bay City, mostly downstream of the bridge on the east side of the river. Fishing around the Independence Bridge was generally slow all week but a few guys did really well there on Friday and Saturday. Silver/blue jigging rapalas were producing consistently. Further down the river, at Smith Park, the Cement Plant and the river mouth, success was also slow and spotty.

Jan 30th 2014 - They’re getting a few perch in 5 feet of water off Newman Road up near Pinconning. Lots of walleye anglers are going 4 miles off Linwood to 17 feet of water, or off Bay City State Park to similar depths. On the east side, anglers going off Thomas Road and Sunset Bay are catching walleyes in the middle of the Slot in 14 feet of water. Drifting snow is making access and ice travel difficult all along the east side of the bay. Little fishing activity from Sebewaing to Mud Creek. At Mud Creek, local perch anglers are averaging about 12 to 15 perch per trip, with run of the mill being 8 to 9 inches long. Although the occasional jumbo greater than 12 inches has been taken. Pike spearing has been slow. Fishing at Caseville has been slow.

Saginaw River:
Fishing in the river was generally slow all last week. Fishing was slow around Wickes Park. The occasional keeper was taken downtown off the St. Mary’s Health building. Fishing was slow from the Zilwaukee Bridge downstream all the way to Bay City. A few keepers were taken around the Middle Grounds and Cass Avenue; likewise downstream of the Veteran’s Bridge in downtown Bay City. They’re scratching out a few keepers just downstream of the U.S.S Edson below the Independence Bridge. A few perch being taken off Smith Park at Essexville. Fishing at the river mouth was generally slow all week.

Jan 23rd 2014 -Strong winds last weekend have opened up an active pressure crack three to four miles offshore. The crack runs from Linwood south to the area off Bay City State Park. It opened to a width of 3 to 4 feet and a lot of people ran into it, causing damage to their ATV’s and snowmobiles. Still, guys were finding ways to cross the crack and going still further out to fish! They’re getting some walleyes out there…and then having to look for a way to get back across the crack to come in! Friday night, 8 machines went through, and more went through on Saturday. And still they go out. Sunday, on the east side of the bay, anglers were going up to 8 miles out off Thomas Road to fish near the shipping channel until the strong winds, blowing snow and blizzard-like conditions drove them off. At Vanderbilt Park near Quanicassee, a few guys are after perch and doing poorly. The best perch fishing right now is in the lower Saginaw River. Pike spearers are still having trouble with turbid water at Sebewaing and Mud Creek, but that should clear up with the most recent cold snap. They’re still getting some perch off Mud Creek; generally 10 to 15 per angler-trip. At Caseville they did ok on perch a couple of days last week in the various marina basins. Some guys with an underwater camera fished out near the end of the breakwall and reported seeing walleye, whitefish, and lake trout down there…and were unable to get any of them to bite.

There’s no fishing on the Tittabawassee River at present…too much ice for boats but not enough to stand on. On the Saginaw River, some walleyes are being taken at Wickes Park in Saginaw in 14 feet of water. Fishing is slow through most of downtown Saginaw, but improves downstream of the Zilwaukee Bridge and north to the south end of Bay City. A constant for the whole river is that you’ll catch a lot of short walleyes for every keeper, and the best lures are chartreuse, orange, or clown-colored jig heads baited with minnows. Jigging rapalas with a minnow head on the center hook are also catching fish. Fishing was slow at Cass Avenue and the Middle Grounds. In downtown Bay City off Veteran’s Park, they were getting some keepers during the first and last two hours of daylight. Downstream of the Independence Bridge, they were getting some walleyes and perch downstream from the the Navy Destroyer. Jig heads, jigging rapalas, and perch rigs were all taking some fish. Fishing was kind of slow off Smith Park and at the river mouth.

Jan 14th 2014 - Lots of guys going off Linwood, 3 to 4 miles out and getting some walleyes near and beyond the first crack. Ice conditions are very sloppy and slushy. Anglers going off Bay City State Park are getting walleyes in the old shipping channel. Open-water anglers fishing at the mouth of the Hot Pond are taking some walleyes and pike casting any lure with a chrome or silver finish. Over at Quanicassee, spearers off Vanderbilt Park are getting a few pike. Perch fishing is slow. Walleye anglers off Thomas Road are going to the middle of the Slot (15 feet of water) and getting a few. Up at Sebewaing, about the only thing going on is pike spearing with a couple being taken out of the marina every day up until the thaw with visibility becoming a problem by Sunday. From there north, there’s almost no activity at Geiger Road or at Bay Port. At Mud Creek, persistent perch anglers are getting an average of 10 keepers per trip and pike spearers are getting one here and there. Rains over the weekend are starting to muddy the water there. Some decent perch catches were made mid-week in marina basins in Caseville, but the word got out, lots of anglers showed up, all the stomping around, and runoff in the river seems to have ran the perch out of there. There are people ice-fishing out at the end of the breakwall and a bit further, but success has been indifferent there with just the odd walleye or lake trout.

Stay off the Tittabawassee River; flows have increased with the rain and the ice isn’t safe anywhere. On the Saginaw River, walleye fishing was quite good around Wickes Park on Friday and Saturday with a few limits taken, but it slowed on Sunday morning. (White jig heads baited with minnows or silver/blue jigging rapalas in 9 to 10 feet of water.) There was also a lot of fishing activity on the river right in front of the St. Mary’s Health Building on Washington Ave. Here, anglers reported best success in mid-channel (25 feet of water) with chartreuse jig heads & minnows. From the Zilwaukee Bridge downstream to and through Bay City, anglers caught a lot of short walleyes and occasional keepers. Lots of fishing pressure downstream of the Independence Bridge. Lots of sorting there with occasional keeper walleyes, mostly from mid-channel; also some perch on perch rigs. Some decent catches of perch coming from around the railroad bridge down by Essexville on perch rigs; average catch up to 25 keeper perch per angler per trip. They’re also getting some decent perch at the river mouth, also on minnows. Ice conditions are sloppy on top, but not quite as bad as out on the bay and you don’t have all that far to go in order to fish.

Jan 9th 2014 - Some walleyes being taken in 20 feet of water off Linwood (yeah, that’s a long way out!) and also off Bay City State Park in the old shipping channel. On the east side, they’re getting walleyes in the Slot, 2 miles off Sunset Bay and in 14’ of water off Thomas Road. Most activity at Sebewaing is concentrated in the marina with a few spearing shacks. At Mud Creek, there’s a fair amount of pike spearing activity but success is hit and miss. There have been a few good perch days over the Christmas holidays, but there was nothing much going perch-wise this past weekend. At Caseville: There are a number of shacks in the marina basins and near the river mouth, but success on Saturday was indifferent. They were getting a few walleyes and lake trout out near the river mouth around Christmas as well. There’s not much activity north of Caseville.

Saginaw River: There’s a ton of fishing activity on the river all the way from Wickes Park in Saginaw north to the river mouth in Bay City. They’re catching walleye from one end to the other, but down in Saginaw a lot of the fish are there are a lot of throwbacks for every legal fish caught. This is pretty much the story from Wickes Park through Zilwaukee and all the way to the south end of Bay City. They were picking up more legal-sized walleyes around the Middle Grounds at the south end of town; Some legal fish taken off Veterans’ Park near the M-25 bridge. Near the Independence Bridge a lot of people were fishing around the Destroyer and catching a lot of short fish and a few keepers. Fishing pressure was light near the river mouth, as packs of snowmobilers have disrupted fishing somewhat there. A few guys were trying for perch in the various marina basins, but without much success.
Oct 29th 2013 - Perch fishing was poor all over, with a few guys trying but having trouble even holding anchor, let alone catching anything. There were a couple of bright spots, however. Walleye are hitting in the Hot Ponds for those wading anglers casting jigs, and for a couple of boats that made it around the Karn-Weadok plants and managed to get into the channel. A few boats also went trolling for walleye in 18 feet of water off Linwood. Most were trolling Rapalas and they got some nice fish…up to 5 and 6 pounds. There was a report of one limit of 15 fish for 3 guys, but the average catch is 5 or 6 fish per boat. Heavy clothing, float coats and Dramamine were the order of the day.

Over on the east side, anglers were pretty much confined to shore were most fishing remains slow, but the launches were full of duck-hunting rigs. At Sebewaing, anglers in the marina were getting some decent crappies but not much for perch. Channel dredging continues at Caseville, suppressing fishing activity there, and only small perch in the marina. Anglers around Quanicassee struggled to find much of anything at all.


Oct 24th 2013 - Another quiet week for fishing success on greater Saginaw Bay. Windy weather kept most boat anglers ashore except for short periods of time, usually early in the morning. Water temperatures are finally cooling off and the emerald shiners are starting to show up in big numbers around some of our harbors. Perch fishing is starting to pick up. This week doesn’t look any better for fishing than last week, with high winds predicted for today. Good river fishing for perch is probably about 3 weeks away yet, if past history is any indicator. When they could get out, boat anglers were picking up some decent catches of perch from 20 feet of water off Gambil’s Marina up near Pinconning, out along the shipping channel near Buoy 22, and also just northeast of the Spoils Island. The perch bite takes place early in the morning, from dawn until about 10:30 AM. Nothing going on in the lower Saginaw River yet.

At Quanicassee: Fishing was generally poor last week, with boats pretty much having to stay in the river due to rough weather. Six perch per boat was about average, with lots of sorting.

At Sebewaing: The fishing was limited to a few guys fishing from the docks in the marina. They were getting a few bluegills and black crappies. A couple of boats launching at Bay Port went clear across to the Au Gres side of the bay and brought back decent catches of perch from about 35 feet of water. Bass anglers continue to do well on smallmouths around North Island.

Channel dredging continues at Caseville, suppressing fishing activity there.

The docks at Bay Shore Marina (near Bay Port) and in the Caseville city harbor are now open to shore anglers. Almost all the boats are out.


Oct 14th 2013 - Good perch catches on the right day have picked up a bit at several west inner bay locations including sailboat buoy H, the old shipping channel, buoy 14, and also off Linwood in 15 to 18 feet of water. Catches averaged 30 to 35 perch per boat. A lot of sorting is necessary, but the keepers averaged 7 to 11 inches. There is some shore fishing activity for perch around the inner bay, but action hasn’t picked up for those anglers as of yet. (If it’s like years past that’ll pick up about deer season.) Fair catches of perch from boats in 7 to 8 feet of water off Quanicassee, with many boats averaging about 20 good fish. Nothing much going on at Sebewaing, just a few small fish in the marina and only a few fishing boats that haven’t been fairing all too well. A few boats have been launching at Bay Port and going clear across to the Au Gres side; they’re bringing back 30 to 35 perch per trip fishing the same waters.

At Caseville: Dredging in the channel continues along the breakwall and probably accounts for slow fishing there. Boats fishing perch off Oak Point are doing well one day and catching nothing at all the next day, so it’s kind of hit and miss. A hit day will produce 20-30 big perch per boat though.

Oct 9th 2013 - Wind, rain and waves combined to produce another week of mediocre fishing on greater Saginaw Bay and southern Lake Huron. The weekend was pretty much a washout with rain Friday through Sunday. Water temperatures remain high; as high as 69 degrees on the surface of inner Saginaw Bay last week.
Fishing pressure all over the inner bay was light to non-existent all week. Some perch are still being taken off the Pinconning Bar and near the sailboat buoys off Linwood, but the catches are not large. One boat went into the Hot Pond and caught one walleye and released 10 channel cats. River fishing is really slow and will probably stay that way all week, as several inches of rain fell in the Saginaw River watershed over the weekend.

On the east shore anglers in the various marinas are getting a few bluegills, crappies, rock bass, and perch in a mixed-bag bobber fishing . Bass anglers are still catching some smallmouths in Wildfowl Bay, but most of the boats are carrying duck hunters going out to fix up their blinds for the opener this weekend. Perch fishing off Oak Point, north of Caseville, was slow as was that off of Quanicassee.
Sept-27th-2013 - It was really slow in the inner bay last week except for last Monday, when a couple good catches of perch were taken off the Old Dumping Grounds north of the mouth of the Saginaw River. Somebody talked, and by Tuesday morning there was a small flotilla of boats sitting all over the Old Dumping Grounds, but the perch didn’t care for the crowd and moved elsewhere. So that was the end of that.

Perch off Quanicassee, from the last channel maker buoys out to about 11 feet of water, but not with much success. A good catch there was maybe 20 perch for 2 guys for 5 to 6 hours effort…in other words, pretty slow.
Sept-11th-2013 - Constant windy weather last week and weekend kept most boats off greater Saginaw Bay and southern Lake Huron, so there is really not much fishing activity to report on. Walleye fishing is winding down and a lot of anglers put their boats away after Labor Day. Fishing pressure was reported very light in all areas of the bay all week no one is even trying to get out on the bay. Shore anglers fishing the Saginaw River at Essexville caught some catfish and a couple of walleyes. There was a bass tournament Saturday at the Patterson Road launch ramp and virtually all the contestants ended up fishing in the Saginaw River. They did get a fair number of bass.
Sept-6th-2013 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report Goldy and freind fished the westside of the Bay for perch, he said the bite was slow but the Jalopy Perch are starting to bite. It was his first trip for perch this fall so finding the fish took more time than catching but after all it doesn't take many of 'em this size to make a meal. That's a 16" walleye in the picture with some of the larger perch.
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Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 9-6-2013
Sept-5th-2013 - You can still scratch a few walleyes out of the deeper parts of the inner bay. Just pull crawler harnesses on bottom bouncers and go slow. Perch fishing will keep improving as the weather cools off.
Aug- 31st - 2013 - From Dock Reporter Terry T - Fished Perch out near 1 & 2 buoys today. We ended up taking 37 perch and 1 keeper walleye. The perch ranged in size from 8 inches with the largest being 12 1/2 inches.  
Aug- 27th - 2013 - Fishing is definitely in the Summer Doldrums. Walleye fishing is slow, and the perch haven’t started up yet. Boat anglers are marking large schools of forage fish out there. Actually, forage fish biomass has reached its annual peak and the fish have plenty to eat without working hard for it, so it’s harder to get them to chase your crawler harness or crankbait. Perch fishing will get going after the water cools down, but until then fishing will remain spotty.

Walleye fishing is generally slow and perch fishing is barely getting started. A few walleye were still being taken from 6 to 10 feet of water off Bay City State Park and south to the mouth of the Kawkawlin River using floating crawler harnesses to stay above the weeds, and also up near the Black Hole in 14 feet of water. Only a few perch are being brought in and those anglers refuse to divulge their ‘hot-spots’. A few walleyes are still coming out of the Slot and off the Bar as well as less than 10 FOW in the weed beds, but the average seems to be about one walleye per angler per trip. Some bass and drum are being caught from the Saginaw River at Essexville, and some catfish are coming from the Hot Pond as well as a few small, small perch in the Quanicassee River.
Aug- 21st - 2013 - Walleye fishing is slow all over, and the perch haven’t really started up yet. In the case of walleye there are a couple of things going on; a great many walleyes have left the inner bay for the cooler waters of the main basin of Lake Huron, and this is the time of year when all the forage fish that hatched last spring are becoming large enough to be attractive to (and consequently eaten by) walleye and every other predator fish out there. So, the walleye that are still in the inner bay are swimming around in a virtual smorgasbord of forage fish!
They’re still getting some walleye off Gambil’s Marina near Pinconning in 14 feet of water; also off the mouth of the Kawkawlin River in 14 feet, and west of buoys 1&2 in 25 feet. A few perch have been caught near the red spark plug (buoys 11 & 12), but it hasn't’t really heated up yet. Perch fishing will improve with the coming of cooler weather. Trollers out of Quanicassee, Thomas Marina, Sunset Bay, Sebewaing, Bay Port, and Bay Shore Marina are looking for walleye all over the place and averaging about one walleye per angler per trip. Pleasure boats have predominated at Caseville for the past two weeks as the town hosted its annual Cheeseburger Festival. A few boats have been fishing perch out of Sebewaing and Quanicassee but success has been minimal at best.
Aug- 15th - 2013 We’ve finally reached the August Doldrums on Saginaw Bay. For the most part, it appears that the walleye have moved far offshore, even beyond the Charity Islands and off the reefs between Caseville and Port Austin. Persistent trollers are still scratching a few fish out of the bay, but success has definitely fallen off. This is actually a typical August pattern on the bay; the fish go out deep, and in addition, the bait-fish hatched last spring are now getting big enough to interest the walleye, so your crawlers and crankbaits are having to compete with millions of shiners and shad.

Most fishermen from Linwood and Bay City, are making long trips out to Buoys 1 & 2 and even 4 to 5 miles PAST buoys 1 & 2. There’s also some walleye being caught northeast of the Black Hole in 22 feet of water. No perch activity yet. The lower Saginaw River at Essexville is producing some catfish, drum and smallmouth bass. The Hot Pond is also producing catfish.

Most boats from Quanicassee, Sebewaing, and Bay Port are heading across the Bar to fish the deeper water along the east side of the shipping channel or going out to and past buoys 1 & 2. Catch rates are not great, with 1 to 4 walleyes per boat per trip about normal. Fishing at Caseville is about at a standstill as Cheeseburger is in full swing over the past weekend and this week. Walleyes have largely moved off the reefs from Caseville to Port Austin into deeper water.

Aug- 7th - 2013 - Lots of questions about Perch fishing the last week or so. The way things look right now it will be another couple weeks for them. No bait shop on the east side of the Bay has minnows in stock yet, and I’ve heard the same for most of Bay City and the west side of the Bay too.

This past week was probably the most unproductive week for walleye since the action picked up in the middle of May, meaning the summer slump for them is hear.

They are still fishing walleyes and getting some west of the Spark Plug, and west of Buoy 1-2 (25’), off Gambils (Pinconning)-23’, Saganing Bar, a few off Finn Rd 8-10’, and a few trolling in the Saginaw River trolling between Weadock and the Coast Guard station.

A few smallmouth are being caught around the spoils Island and in the River. Channel catfish and sheephead being caught at Smith Park in Saginaw River.

No perch action reported yet.

July- 31st - 2013 - Walleye fishing on Saginaw Bay continues to slow down as the water has gotten warm and the fish have moved offshore. Fishing pressure was light last week as we had a lot of windy days. Anglers fishing in the outer bay are still doing very well on walleyes, mostly on crawler harnesses but also using crankbaits and spoons. Lots of boats are making the trip out to buoys 1 & 2 to fish that area. They’re still getting some walleye off Gambils’ Marina at Pinconning and off the Pinconning and Saganing bars and a few around the Spark Plug (buoys 11 & 12). A few walleye are still being caught in the lower Saginaw River but that’s slowing down. Shore anglers at Smith Park were getting a few catfish, drum, and bass. Along the east side, persistent anglers are still scratching a few walleye out of the Slot, but most boats from Sebewaing and Bay Port are crossing The Bar and heading for the deeper water on the west side or out to buoys 1 & 2. At Caseville, most boats are going to the north of Big Charity, off Oak Point, or to the assorted reefs to the northeast toward Port Austin.

July- 24th - 2013 - On the west side, walleye anglers are still having good success just about everywhere; both Spark Plugs (Buoys 1 & 2 and 11 & 12) off the Saganing and Pinconning bars, at the Black Hole, in 10 to 12 feet off the mouth of the Kawkawlin River, and two to three miles northeast of the Spoils Island. Small boats trolling hot-n-tots in the lower Saginaw River are still getting walleyes also. Shore anglers at Smith Park in Essexville are getting some catfish, drum and bass.

On the east side, walleye fishing in the Slot is slowing down but persistent anglers are still scratching a few fish out of there. Most boats from Quanicassee, Sebewaing, and Bay Port are crossing The Bar and heading to the deeper water on the other side, where they’re still getting good catches of walleye. For those who don’t want to go that far, the edges of the weedbeds in Wildfowl Bay are still producing some walleyes. Boats out of Caseville are doing well off Oak Point, north of the Charities, and on the reefs between Caseville and Port Crescent State Park.

July- 21st - 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report The weatherman's forecast of light and variable winds provided us with a long bumpy ride from Sunset Bay Marina to our spot, as apparently light and variable must of meant steady winds outta the north. Action was steady but slow from about 8:30 am til noon and we had 6 walleye in the box, but when that lunch bell rang things happened fast, by 12:15 we had 4 more to complete our limit and had to toss back 2 more keepers while pulling lines.

We pulled Tots and Reef Runners 80' back off tethrered boards and Eyeliminator spoon/spinner combos tipped with crawlers, behind 2 oz weights, 35' back. We fished 18' - 22' of water.

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Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 7-21-2013

July- 17th - 2013 - Walleye fishing continues to be red-hot all over greater Saginaw Bay, almost anywhere anyone would want to go.

Limit catches are almost the rule, and everybody is coming in with fish. Trollers are getting good numbers of walleye on all the usual baits and lures behind planer boards; nightcrawler harnesses on bottom bouncers and in-line weights continue to take the bulk of the fish because more people use them, but lots of fish are being taken on Hot-n-Tots and Thundersticks, and also on small trolling spoons. As water temperatures have crept up, the fishing in shallower areas of the bay is tapering off and the deeper areas are producing more fish. Fishing in the deeper areas off Alabaster, north of Big Charity Island around the Steeples, the reefs between Caseville and Port Austin, and off the tip of the Thumb is excellent right now. Best depths range from 25 to 40 feet, depending on where you are. In the inner bay, the deep part of the basin south of Pointe Au Gres and the area along the shipping channel around buoys 1 and 2 (the very end of the dredged channel) are hot-spots. Farther down in the inner bay, good numbers of walleye are still being taken off Pinconning, around the Spark Plug (buoys 11 and 12), in 12 feet of water off the mouth of the Kawkawlin River, and also in the lower Saginaw River from the river mouth upstream to the Coast Guard station. Anglers from the east side are generally going “over the Bar” to the deeper areas to the west, as fishing in the Slot has slowed down. Caseville Anglers are going north of the Charities or to the reefs to the northeast.

July- 14th - 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report We hit the Sunset Bay Marina launch about 6 am to beat the heat and were treated to a spectacular sunrise over Saginaw Bay on our way out. We dropped lines about 6:30 and action was steady until about 8:15 when we pulled lines with our, 15 walleye, 3 man limit. All our fish came from 18' - 22' depths, pulling spinner rigs with crawlers behind 2 oz bottom bouncers off in-line boards.

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Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 7-14-2013

July- 12th - 2013 - Muck Boy Crew Fishing Report - Field reporter Ernie Smith and myself hit the water at 7am with a NE breeze making it hard to get the boat out to my mark where I have had good luck in the past. But once we passed the Spoils Island the waves were a little larger that forcasted so we decided to troll to our mark out by the Spark Plug - we should have tuffed it out because we didn't pick up a fish until we neared the mark. Everyone on the marine radio was talking about the slow bite and we can relate as we only went 5 for 6 with 2 shorts. But as the morning went on the waves continued to build until they hit the 3 foot mark with a few breakers and that is when we decided to head home. Hope to be back out this weekend.
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Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 7-12-2013
July- 9th - 2013 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report With calm winds, near 90 degree temperatures. and high humidity it was hard to tell whether we were in a boat on Saginaw Bay or in a sauna. We literally worked up a sweat fishing. The bite was slow most of the morning and didn't pick up til about noon when we started catching fish on a regular basis. T'was a long day on the water but we stuck it out until we filled our 15 walleye 3 man limit.

Most of our fish came from the 15' - 17' depths on the eastside of the Bay trolling spinner rigs 25' -35' behind in-line boards at 1.3 - 1.6 SOG, pink and/or purple blades were the hottest producers.

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Saginaw Bay Fishing Report 7-9-2013

July- 10th - 2013 - Excellent walleye fishing from every port and at about any of the usual hot-spots. Linwood, the Spark Plug, the Slot from Quanicassee all the way to Sand Point, the Bar, the Callahan Reef, the deeper water west of the Bar; ALL areas were producing fish. Note: weeds are starting to become a problem in a lot of the shallower areas like the Callahan Reef, but anglers fishing the edges of these weed-beds are getting good numbers of walleye, especially in Wildfowl Bay. Some limit catches of walleye are still coming from the lower Saginaw River and the shipping channel out to the Spoils Island also. Walleye fishing is just great almost anywhere you go.
July -2nd - 2013 - Pinconning Bar—still getting walleye west of the bar 14 feet. B Buoy, 1 mile West of Spark plug, 1 mile NE of Spoils Island, Callahan Reef - getting walleyes trolling crawler harnesses and some drifting. West of buoy 11 & 12, and buoy 1 and 2 – some limit catches. Quanicassee, Sunset & Thomas Rd - still fishing the slot and the deeper side (west side) of the Bar with good success. Fishing shallower weedbeds, but harder with more vegetation now. Sebewaing and Bayport - fishing the islands and around Wildfowl Bay - fair to good for walleye. Getting some smaller walleye around the Sand Point Ball. Also fishing around triple humps. Caseville - starting to pick up a few walleyes off Oak Point to out front of Sleeper State Park.

Saginaw River - Walleye trolling from Consumers to Coast Guard Station, and at Smith Park (Essexville) – some sheephead, channel catfish, and smallmouth.

From Dock Reporter Terry T - On Friday the 28th we took 10 walleye and 2 big perch out front of Oak Point in 22-32 FOW (perch came in around 17 FOW when we made a shallow pass). Took us about 3 ½ hours to get our fish. Orange and Purple harnesses with 2 oz. BB off of inline boards between 1.0 and 1.3 worked best for us. Our walleye were 15.25, 3 between 17-18, 2 between 20-23, and 4 bigger than 23 with and the biggest just over 26. The perch were right around 11 inches.

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Caseville Walleye Fishing  July 2013
June-26th- 2013 - Excellent walleye fishing in several locations; off the Pinconning Bar, off Gambil’s Marina, off Linwood, at the Spark Plug, off the mouth of the Kawkawlin and Saginaw rivers, on the Callahan and Coryeon reefs, in the slot from Quanicassee to North Island, on the Bar, and in the deeper water west of the Bar to the shipping channel. Walleye are also being caught in Wildfowl Bay, and around the big ball buoy off the tip of Sand Point, although action there is spotty. There are a lot of short fish being caught all over the bay, so be sure to take your bump board along; most estimates are that you get at least one short walleye for every legal one. There are rumors of walleye taken northeast of Big Charity Island and Oak Point, but unable to confirm it.

Walleye are also still being taken in the lower Saginaw River by trollers towing hot-n-tots between the river mouth and the Coast Guard station. This is a possibility for the small-boat guys who don’t have a boat big enough for open water. Caseville Friday the 28th with Murlick. We took 10 walleye and 2 big perch out front of Oak Point in 22-32 FOW(perch came in around 17 FOW when we made a shallow pass). Took us about 3 ½ hours to get our fish. Orange and Purple harnesses with 2 oz. BB off of inline boards between 1.0 and 1.3 worked best for us. Our walleye were 15.25, 3 between 17-18, 2 between 20-23, and 4 bigger than 23 with and the biggest just over 26. The perch were right around 11 inches.


June-24th- 2013 -Good walleye on Calahan Reef, action in the Slot north to the Islands is good, also good at Wildfowl Bay and North Island.

At Caseville out to the Big Charity the fishing action is slow.
Also in Saginaw River off Smith Park, anglers catching bass, sheephead and channel catfish.

June 13th 2013 - Good walleye catches from Saganing bar and Pinconning bar in 10-12 ft., off Finn Rd (5-8’), Coryeon Reef, Callahan Reef, and Spark Plug East Side of the bay Fish Point to Quaunicassee: action seems to be slowly moving up the slot and toward the eastern end of the bar in 10-12’. Crawler harnesses (orange Chartreuse and copper). Many limit catches.

Bay Port has been slow but they are getting a few walleyes in the weeds. A few walleyes being taken by the sailboat buoy at end of slot. Catfish action was tapering off.

Caseville: Wall pretty slow. A stray walleye at night. Some reports of Walleye off of Oak Point and NE of the Big Charity, although water temps remain cool yet for this time of year.


June-6th-2013 - Walleye good at Callahan Reef in 5-6 ft. (crawler harnesses and spoons) Walleye good off Kawkawlin River in 5 ft. (crawler harnesses and spoons) Walleye—trolling in Saginaw River from Consumers to Coast Guard Station ( crankbaits and crawlers)

At Quanicassee: Walleyesbeing taken out front, and north in the slot. It appears the fish are moving out.

Quanicassee River and Thomas Cut - getting catfish. Sebewaing to Caseville - little action due to weather
Wildfowl Bay - getting walleyes near weed line, drifting crawlers. Bayport - getting some walleye off by the sailboat nall and by the islands

May-20th-2013 - Well, this last week during the week was a little slow out on Saginaw Bay but the weather improved and the fishing picked up on the weekend! How often does THAT happy sequence of events transpire in Michigan!?!? We had a lot of east-northeast winds last week that kept a lot of guys off the water, through the day on Saturday, and then by Sunday the winds changed to the south, the air temperatures warmed up, and fishing was not bad at all!
Good walleye fishing in 10 to 12 feet of water on harnesses from Linwood south to the mouth of the Saginaw River. They’re also doing well in the old shipping channel. Some of the best walleye fishing was still in the lower Saginaw River from the Karn-Weadok power plant upstream to the Coast Guard station, trolling fire-tiger hot-n-tots. Some are also being taken vertical jigging. There’s a lot of bow-fishing activity for carp from Jones Road east along the south end of the bay. Shore anglers at Smith Park in Essexville are taking catfish, drum and white bass.
Walleye anglers were doing well out in the Slot from Quanicassee north to Sunset Bay Marina, getting decent numbers of fish but few limits. Pretty much the same story out of Sebewaing, for those going south. At Bay Port, catch and release bass fishing was more popular than walleye fishing over the weekend with good numbers of smallmouth keeping the guys busy. Walleye fishing from Bay Port and Caseville is concentrated around the Sailboat buoy off Sand Point with average catches of 2 to 3 fish per person per boat the norm. Channel cat fishing in Wildfowl Bay is excellent right now, with a couple of flatheads also taken. Pier fishing at Caseville was spotty last week, no doubt due to weather.

May -14th - 2013 - Kind of slow along the west side of the bay last week, but there were walleyes being taken off Linwood in 18 feet and up at the Pinconning Bar they were getting walleyes on harnesses in 12 to 14 feet. They were also still getting walleye in the lower Saginaw River trolling body baits off Consumers. A few (not as many as last week) walleye were also taken off Jones and Finn roads. Some walleyes taken from the lower Slot from Quanicassee north to Sunset Bay. Average catch was 2 or 3 fish per boat. The skid pier is now in at Quanicassee. Catfish are just starting in the Quanicassee River, but it’s a bit early yet. Nothing much going on from Sebewaing to Bay Port with only a few boats trying the sailboat buoy off of Sand Point with very limited success at best. They are still dredging inside Bayshore Marina. At Caseville there were rumors of walleyes being taken off the wall at night.  
May-7th-2013 - Most Marinas are just getting ready and opened, and the water has been quite dirty still from the April floods. Caseville - smallmouth catch and release off the wall incidental to a few walleye…nights better. Bayport - still dredging, a few trollers out by sailboat buoy/Sand Point – success is limited as water is dirty. Bass activity near North Island, and canals of Sand Point fair to improving with warming temperatures. Sebewaing - some bass activitie in the channel and in the canals off the river. A few walleye coming in from the southern part of the Slot. Quanicassee - Little activity. Most marinas not open yet or still in the process of dredging , skid pier not in at the state launch, M-25 road construction also seems to be deterring folks. A few walleye from shallow off of Sunset. Walleye fishing in and around the Inner Bay near the Saginaw River to Linwood is very good to excellent. Many caught in the lower Saginaw River, trolling and jigging, Jones Rd 4-6 ft (crawler harnesses), Off Kawkawlin in 4-6’ (crawler harnesses), Spoils Island (jigging and crank baits), off Linwood –plastic and crawlers 18-20’, and near Consumers –jigging, plastic worms, minnows.  
May-1st-2013 - The inner bay is still pretty muddy after recent rains and floods, and success seems to be limited to the west side. Very good walleye fishing around the Spoils Island over the weekend with both trollers and vertical jiggers taking fish; it seems vertical jigging near the rocks was more effective than trolling. Small boat anglers trolling in the lower Kawkawlin River downstream from the Euclid Avenue bridge were doing very well on walleye with body baits. Rapalas and Shad-Raps were the hot baits. . The east side of the bay is still very muddy and not much was going on from Quanicassee north to Caseville. Anglers were out but fishing was tough. Be careful throughout that area with boat launching as all the ramps are shallow. Dredging will be taking place shortly at Bayshore Marina near Bay Port and at Caseville; this may involve temporary closures of both launches. Lindy's in Quanicassee is also doing some improvements, as well as Sunset Bay Marina so those launches as well maybe shutdown from time to time over the next few weeks. Also, channel marker buoys are not all in place yet so watch your depth gauge.  
Apr-29th-2013 - Blue and Kevin made their first trip of 2013 to Saginaw Bay on April 27th, it was a sunny spring day with morning temps near 50. They slow trolled spinner rigs with crawlers and stick baits in 8' to 12' depths, the bite was slow but they boated a few fish for their efforts.

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Apr-24th-2013 - Water levels have crested in most central Michigan rivers but flooding remains widespread and we just got another 1/2 inch last night. Who knows how long before the boat ramps on the area rivers are back to normal but expect mud, wood and other flood debris for a few weeks. Before all the rain and high water, channel markers and docks at boat launchs were starting to be put in.

At Linwood: Fair to good catches of walleye trolling Husky-Jerks in 16 to 18 feet of water. Find the clean water and you’ll find the fish.

At Bay City: Some walleye reported taken somewhere east of the Spoils Island. Again, find the clean water.

Nothing much going on up the east side of the bay from Quanicassee to Port Austin.

Apr-17th-2013 - With Torrential rains all last week and more to come in the next few days fishing is pretty much on hold in east-central Michigan for the near future. Most area rivers crested way above flood stage late last Friday night and are coming down, but no river is really fishable as of today. If we don’t get a bunch more rain this week, rivers should be approaching normal levels by next weekend. On the other hand, if we DO get much rain this week, it may be another week before fishing is practical. We’ll just have to see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Apr-10th-2013 - Perch fishing in the Pine River near Standish was absolutely excellent last week with limits of 7” to 10” perch to be caught on minnows if you stayed long enough. This was in the river itself, upstream from the boat ramp. The launch ramp remains unuseable due to the jam of ice and floodwood just lakeward of the ramp.

Perch fishing is good on the lower Kawkawlin River off the Bridge at State Park Drive. Excellent perch fishing was reported from the lower Saginaw River from the river mouth upstream to Essexville, with a lot of 10” and 11” perch taken on minnows. Walleye fishing in Saginaw Bay off the mouth of the Saginaw River was also excellent, with walleyes hitting jigs and minnows or about anything else thrown at them. Some channel cats were being taken out of the Hot Ponds.

Perch fishing was really excellent on the Quanicassee and Sebewaing Rivers early last week, but it kind of tapered off by the weekend. Spring rains this week may bring in some fresh fish, but don’t wait too long to get out there. Too much rain can be as bad as too little. Perch fishing hasn’t really cranked up on the Pigeon River in Caseville yet, but the water is colder outside of Sand Point. Not many people were fishing the pier, but the weather out there was windy almost all week.

It would be a good idea to call ahead to check current conditions before you make plans for the upcoming weekend - with all the rain and the rain yet to come the rest of this week, fishing conditions are sure to change.

Apr-3rd-2013 - Boats fishing lakeward of the Saginaw River mouth are getting good catches of walleyes on jigs & minnows. Perch fishermen in the river from the mouth upstream to Essexville; limit catches of large perch over the weekend on perch rigs and shiner minnows.

Quanicassee River: Limits of large perch over the weekend on perch rigs & shiners from M-25 bridge downstream to the bay. Fishing not as good off the old State Road bridges.

Sebewaing: Good catches of perch in the river over the weekend. Perch running 8” to 11”; average catch 20 to 25 per angler. Perch rigs & shiners.

Caseville: Some perch being taken off the docks in the city marina. Breakwall has been empty, but the last of the ice just moved out over the weekend.

Mar-28th-2013 -Ice conditions are quickly deteriorating, but anglers staying close to shore are getting some perch. Steelhead runs appear to be underway in area streams, but the suckers didn’t get the memo about dip-net season opening on March 20th and they haven’t showed up yet in the Rifle River. Fish runs seem to be re-set to when they used to occur before the recent succession of early springs. Actually, a long, slow warm-up is better for fish reproduction as the primary production cycle then lines up with when the fry hatch out and there’s plankton available for the fry to eat. The fish don’t care if spring arrives late…it’s just us humans who get so sick of winter!

Last-ice perch anglers were doing fairly well off Newman and Newburg roads in 5 to 6 feet of water. Average catch was 10 to 25 perch per angler, 8 to 10 inches in size, and the perch were hitting both minnows and beads. Some perch were being caught in the morning off Bay City State Park, and some walleye in the evening There’s not much going on east of Bay City; the ice is bad, with lots of holes, thin spots, and pile-ups. A few boats are going out of Quanicassee generally staying in the river in search of perch, but with little success. Still some activity on thin ice at Sebewaing, Bayshore Marina near Bay Port, and in the marina basins of Caseville. Success for perch is slow and spotty at all of these locations.

Mar-12th-2013 - Good catches of perch at several locations last week and over the weekend: White’s Beach in 6 to 8 feet of water, Cody-Estey Road, Newman Road in 5 to 7 feet, and Parish Road. The key seems to be to use minnows or minnow heads on small spoons, as the fish don’t seem to be hitting plastic beads very well. Fishing was generally better during the week, than on the weekend, as all the people on the ice on the weekend seems to run the fish out. Folks at Bay City State Park reported seeing a lot of walleyes down their holes but the fish had lockjaw. On the east side, some good catches of perch were reported off Tietz Drain in 4 to 7 feet of water. As usual, the weekend crowd seemed to shut down the fishing. Note: the dirt roads and trails to a lot of these local fishing spots are turning into a sea of mud after yesterday’s rain, so people going fishing should use caution driving out there. About the only fishable ice left is in the marinas at Sebewaing and Caseville, and there’s nothing much hitting besides small perch. Shore ice is starting to break up and making it hard to get on the ice elsewhere. Permanent shanties have all been pulled. Be especially cautious of the ice on Wildfowl Bay off Mud Creek. Ice is honeycombed at all locations.

Saginaw River: Time to get the boats out! Boat anglers fishing just upstream of Gordonville Road on the Tittabawassee were taking walleyes on white twister tail jigs and also on spoons. Boats out of the Center Street launch ramp were likewise doing well on walleyes around the M-46 bridge. On the Saginaw River, the Rust Avenue ramp was full over the weekend, with anglers ranging downstream as far as Zilwaukee and doing well on walleyes, mainly vertical jigging with spoons or jig heads baited with minnows or Gulp baits. The ice is out of the ramp at Zilwaukee and anglers are fishing as far downstream as Cass Avenue in Bay City and picking up walleyes. In Bay City, the ice is getting dangerous and should not be trusted.
Mar-5th-2013 - Some perch being taken off Newman, Newburg, and Townline roads, in 5 to 8 feet of water. Average catches are 20 to 25 fish per angler. A few walleye are also being taken in the evening. Further down inside the bay, most effort is off Bay City State Park in 5 to 6 feet of water and off the mouth of the Saginaw River. Some nice perch and a few walleye are being taken off the park, and anglers at the river mouth are getting perch and walleye near the Spoils Island and from 10 feet of water off the Trailer Park. Some perch are still being taken off Vanderbilt Park at Quanicassee in 6 to 7 feet of water. Further up Fish Point, there’s open water about 2 miles offshore and there’s not many people going out up there(Considering what happened to the guys in the airboat, it would seem wise to go someplace else…). About the only activity at Sebewaing is inside the marina basin, and the catch there is mostly small perch. Due to low water, there’s almost no activity out on the bay. A few guys are fishing off Geiger Road in search of the big crappies that show up there toward last ice, and they are having to go out by Maisou Island just to find enough water under the ice to even fish in. The ice is not good off Bay Port or in Wildfowl Bay, with a handful of snowmobiles going into the open water over the weekend. Fortunately, everybody got out. The storm last Tuesday night and Wednesday de-stabilized the ice even further. At Caseville, most of the shanties have been taken off the harbor and marina basins. The storm blew the ice out off the end of the breakwall where people were fishing for lake trout.  
Feb-28th-2013 - Ice conditions continue to be a bit dicey around greater Saginaw Bay, but people who watch what they’re doing are getting out and at least getting some perch here and there. Those who don’t watch what they’re doing are sometimes having their fishing trip turn into a very cold bath.

They’re getting some perch off Cody-Estey and Newman Road in 4 to 5 feet of water; some guys are using plastic beads and others are using live minnows. This afternoon, there’s a group of guys fishing right off Bay City State Park about 400 yards offshore, well inside the first crack. They’re reportedly taking some very nice perch (10” to 12”) but not in great numbers. Oddly enough, the perch are ignoring minnows but hitting beads. Reports over the weekend of some very nice perch being taken out near the Spoils Island in 26 feet of water in the shipping channel. Those were also 10” to 12” perch, mostly on minnows, and the average catch was 18 to 20 perch per angler. There’s a fair amount of perch fishing activity out of Vanderbilt Park near Quanicassee, but anglers there need to be careful…two guys went through the ice yesterday morning into 4 or 5 feet of water, but fortunately got out. Some perch and walleye are being caught off Tietz Drain, but no activity off Sunset Bay or Thomas Road. Llittle activity at Sebewaing except inside the marina basin, where mainly small perch and bluegills were caught. Out on the bay there was little effort from Sebewaing to Bay Port. Activity at Mud Creek was spotty and anglers are warned that the areas of open water and bad ice out in Wildfowl Bay continue to grow. At Caseville, anglers in the various marina basins were sorting through a lot of small perch and a few lake trout were taken out near the end of the breakwall.

Feb-20th-2013 - STAY OFF SAGINAW BAY!!!
The Coast Guard plucked two guys off an ice floe up near Bay Park on the east side of the bay yesterday, and the big orange helicopter was back again this morning, apparently looking for somebody again. There is shore ice that extends out for 1 to 1 ½ miles depending on where you are. Beyond that is open water. Our spotters have confirmed open water about a mile offshore along the east side of the bay also. Strong west winds this morning are churning up major wave action in the open waters that will also tend to de-stabilize the shore ice. The fact of the matter is that nobody with any sense would go out there with conditions like this.

Feb-12th-2013 - STAY OFF SAGINAW BAY!!! There are numerous, very active cracks in the ice out there which will make ice fishing dangerous and foolhardy. Since I got here this morning, a crack has opened up about 1 ½ miles offshore of Bay City State Park that appears to run out of sight in either direction and there is nothing but open water visible on the other side of it, even with binoculars. At 11:45 AM at Bay City, the wind was from the southwest at 23 miles per hour, gusting to 37 mph. This is the worst possible wind direction, as it will tend to push the offshore ice out into the open waters of Lake Huron. The seiche effect that results from prolonged offshore winds here will also increase current velocities in the Saginaw River, further de-stabilizing the ice in the river. Ice conditions are going to be very treacherous in greater Saginaw Bay and on the river for the next several days, and anglers should use EXTREME caution if they venture out.

Feb-5th - 2013 - There are a lot of cracks along the west side of the bay, including one big one that may be open as much as 50 feet wide. Walleye anglers are going 4 to 5 miles off White’s Beach (and crossing 4 or 5 cracks to get there) and are getting fish, which are reported to be hitting anything you jig with. The story is the same off Erickson Road, but to get to the 18 to 20 foot depths most guys are fishing, it’s necessary to go north up the bay nearly to Pinconning to get around the big open crack out there. Some walleyes up to 6 lb. were taken over the weekend. It appears that a lot of the walleye fishing activity converges around the Spark Plug which is at Buoy 11 & 12. This is a LONG way out, but the people with the 4-wheelers don’t seem to mind and the fish are hitting out there! Not much activity inside Linwood Marina after the rain last Tuesday and Wednesday. The water’s very muddy and just a few small perch were taken over the weekend. Ice at the mouth of the Saginaw River was marginal at best as of Sunday. River currents remain strong as last week’s rain drains out, and the water in the river and the south end of the bay is terribly muddy. Nothing much happening there. There are quite a few people going out of the end of Callahan Road, between Essexville and Quanicassee, and making the long run out to the Spark Plug to fish walleye. At Quanicassee, the perch fishing off the river mouth and off Vanderbilt Park is at a standstill due to muddy water. A few guys tried for perch off Tietz Drain over the weekend, but the water’s too muddy there also. Lots of people have been going out off the end of Thomas Road, near the tip of Fish Point. Hundreds of cars were reported there over the weekend. They’re going 8 to 10 miles out and doing very well on walleye. There is reported to be a “soft spot” about 6 miles offshore and a few machines went through out there over the weekend. One is still there, upside down, floating by the tires, as of this morning. The water inside the Sebewaing Marina is muddy just like the river and next to nothing was biting in there. The river was just starting to refreeze as of Sunday. A couple of guys went out of the Geiger Road access site to the Slot on Sunday for walleyes, but they didn’t catch anything. Nothing going on at Bay Port. At the Mud Creek access site, anglers found the place aptly named…too muddy to fish, and the creek is open out at least as far as the boat ramp. Anglers were pulling their spearing shacks back out there after bringing them to shore for the third time already this year. A few people fished inside the marina basin in Caseville, but found the basins too muddy, just like the river which has some ice jams in it and was just starting to refreeze as of Sunday.  
Jan-29th - 2013 - What a difference a week of frigid weather makes! By Wednesday of last week there were ice fishermen back out on the Saginaw River and there were guys going from Linwood clear out to the Spark Plug by the weekend. More remarkably, they were catching fish just about wherever they went! The forecast is for record high temperatures tomorrow, but dropping back into the deep freeze by Thursday or Friday. This could make fishing on the river dangerous (especially with a big flush of melt water coming down the watershed) but ice on the bay and on inland lakes should hold up if the warm spell is only a couple of days long.

Fishing Report:
Lots of walleye activity 3 to 3 ½ miles off Erickson Road, and also out near the Spark Plug off Linwood. (Anglers beware; there are several pressure cracks out there between shore and where you are going.) Good numbers of walleyes being taken, with some running to 4 or 5 lb. On the east side there was a lot of activity off Vanderbilt Park at Quanicassee for perch, but fishing was spotty. Anglers after walleyes were going to the Slot and further and were bringing back fish at most locations.

There was very little activity from Sebewaing to Bay Port Sunday, some anglers out after perch in the marina and in the Sebewaing river channel. The perch and pike spearing at Wildfowl Bay off the Mud Creek access site just south of Sand Point is reported slow. There are still some open water spots out there, so you need to watch where they’re going. Fishing in the harbor and marinas in Caseville found the perch finicky over the weekend. Those who fished with live minnows did better than the bead fishermen, those who use a soft plastic bead of various colors on a Russian hook.

Saginaw River on Saturday and Sunday was the busy with over 250 shanties on the river between Saginaw and Bay City on Saturday. Walleye were being taken just about everywhere, a lot of sorting through sub legal fish is necessary, but most are getting 1 or 2 legal walleyes and some had 3 or 4. Areas with lots of fishermen included Ojibway Island in Saginaw, Zilwaukee, Veterans Park along M-13 south of Bay City, around the Boys & Girls Club off Salzburg Road, the other Veterans Park near the M-25 bridge in Bay City, the area just downstream of the Independence Bridge, and the mouth of the river. In addition to walleye, a couple of nice catches of big perch (everything over 8”) came from the vicinity of the river mouth.

Jan-23rd - 2013 - Ice conditions are changing daily so check conditions before you go out - Ice was just starting to harden off White’s Beach, Pinconning, and Newman roads. The few guys who tried it on Sunday couldn’t get out far and weren’t catching much yet. The only place on the west side where they were doing any good at all was inside the Linwood Marina basin, where they were getting a few perch. There was nothing going on yet at the mouth of the Saginaw River, the Hot Pond or Quanicassee. There was almost no fishable ice on the east side of the bay by the weekend with the exception of the marina basin at Sebewaing. Fair catches of bluegills were reported along with the odd crappie, lots of sorting of the perch, and a 37” Northern taken in there Wednesday. Little activity off of Bay Port to speak of; and up in Wildfowl Bay the wind on Saturday Night blew some of the pike spearing shanties over on their sides. No fishable ice in Caseville with the exception of the city marina,


Jan 16th 2013 - After heavy rains last Friday night and near-record high temperatures on Saturday, ice conditions on greater Saginaw Bay became unsafe in most places. Anglers are cautioned to stay off the ice until the colder weather coming this week has a chance to make new ice. Ice fishing over shallow water for perch should be possible again after a few days of frigid weather.

River fishing for walleye on the Tittbawassee and Saginaw rivers was pretty good at mid-week last week, but rising muddy water and floating ice chunks made fishing nearly impossible after Saturday noon. Other area rivers including the Au Gres, Pine, Kawkawlin, Quanicassee, and Sebewaing are high and muddy, but long-rod anglers are getting a few perch in all of them. Fishing is generally rated as slow about everywhere. A few pike and walleye also came out of the Hot Pond over the weekend on crankbaits and jigs. Surf anglers fishing spawn off the mouth of Whitney Drain at Singing Bridge were taking a few nice steelheads but were putting in a lot of hours for each fish caught.


Jan 10th 2013 - Monday the ice blew out from roughly Finn Rd to the north/northeast and west leaving just a few areas with a couple hundred yards of shore ice on the west side. The east side held pretty tight but had a lot of big cracks open up, and the continued offshore winds the next couple days may do in a lot of that ice too. Wildfowl Bay also has lots of open water and thin ice areas. Most areas, with the exception of some marina basins, will be shot before the weekend. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU GO OUT.

At Palmer Rd/ Pine River: Lots of activity here over the weekend; Steve estimated 300 people. They fished 2 to 3 feet of water. Perch action wasn’t red-hot, but most people got a few keepers. Ten to fifteen perch kept per angler was about the norm.

At Linwood: Lots of activity in the Linwood Marina basin and out front of the marina, and most people got a few perch. Guys casting tube jigs into the open water around the bubblers seemed to be doing better than the ice anglers.

At Quanicassee: LOTS of activity at Vanderbilt Park! There are estimateds of up to 500 people there last Saturday. Catches off Quanicassee were good earlier in the week, but the mass of humanity that descended on the place over the weekend apparently spooked the fish out of there. Fishing may pick up again the first of this week as the crowd declines….if the ice holds up.

Activity is limited to inside the marina basins at Sebewaing, Bayshore Marina near Bay Port and Caseville. They’re getting a few good perch at all locations, lots of sub-legal walleye in Caseville, and a few pike being taken by the spearers in Wildfowl Bay.

Nov 27th 2012 - From Dock Reporter Terry T - The fishing has been great - last Wednesday & Thursday were great days -taking 60 real nice perch one day and 80 the other, all on the edge of the channel past the island. Walleyes are hot my buddy's have been doing well and they are real nice fish. Be aware of the boat launch problems with real low water making it very hard to launch, some are even going off the cement and need to be pulled out by wreckers. Patterson Rd launch is very hard to get out of with lots of bent props. But be extra careful on a south or southwest wind days when the water is going out of the river you may not get your boat back on the trailer. There has been rumors that Lindwood Beach may not be able to open next year due to the low water.  
Nov-23rd - 2012 - Muck Boy Crew Fishing Report - Earlier in the week I reported that the perch were in the Quanicassee River and today we decided to take advandage of this fun fall fishery. We took the younger crew members (grand kids) out this morning to catch a few perch for lunch and the fish did not disappoint. We ended up the morning keeping 25 with a few near that eight inch mark. The morning was windy, cool and the bank of the river muddy, but as long as the fish were biting the kids didn't seem to mind. Also everyone along the river was catching perch. The river must also be loaded with shad because we snagged four of them when reeling in. Want to have a good time with the kids this is a good way to get them started.
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Saginaw Bay Perch Fishing

Saginaw Bay Perch Fishing

Saginaw Bay Perch Fishing

Saginaw Bay Perch Fishing
Nov-18th - 2012 - Shore fishing for Perch from the Quanicassee and Sebewaing rivers is getting those fishing a lot of fish but many many throwbacks.  

Nov-16th - 2012 - Yesterday perch fishing was hot, In the Saginaw River, at the mouth, at the island, past the island it did not seem to matter a whole lot. Hit the channel edges and load up, perch rigs and minnows. Those fishing walleye in and around these areas also did well trolling stick baits.

Caseville: Minnows are in the harbor and those fishing are starting to pick up some perch in the river 6 -8 inches with an occasional 10 mixed in, minnows and jigging ice fishing rods and perch eyes doing well too.

Saginaw River: The lower river fishing is day to day for walleye.

Nov-9th - 2012 -The walleye are moving in closer to shore so those trolling or drifting will want to fish shallow or near the mouth of the rivers especially at night.

Saginaw River: Walleye are being caught near Bay City. Some are fishing up near the confluence of the Titan and the Shiawassee River (Wicks park) reports suggest the fishing success is day to day. Shore anglers caught perch in the lower river.

Oct -23th - 2012 - There are Perch in front of spoils island, in old shipping channel, Buoy 18 and a few still going out to spark plug. –good success.

Walleye—a few being taken with jigs and minnows at the mouth of the Saginaw River .

Saginaw River - getting perch at the mouth, and out from Bay City Yacht Club. (perch rigs/shiners)

Slow fishing from Quanicassee to Caseville. Hit or miss on bluegills and crappies at marinas. Small perch at Sebewaing, Caseville, and Quanicassee in the rivers. Boats had varying success for perch, but the better catches were from deeper water along the Shipping Channel.

Oct -11th - 2012 - Inner bay boat fishing was pretty much non-existent all week due to continuous windy weather. A few perch were caught in the lower Saginaw River in the Bay Aggregate Cut by boats unwilling to brave the waves out on the bay. Shore and pier anglers caught a few bluegills and crappies out of the Sebewaing Marina, and pier anglers at Caseville caught a few perch and smallmouth bass. Other than that, the traffic was almost all duck hunters.

Note: The bay level is getting so low at Quanicassee and Sebewaing that even medium-sized boats are having trouble launching and retrieving
Oct 4th 2012 - From Dock Reporter Terry T - Fishing has been great on the bay, the best I have seen in 20 years - limits of perch in many areas - mine have been near and around buoys 1 and 2, every day is a little different but that area has been hot - also straight out of Lindwood Beach has been good. We talked to 2 guys there this week that were in 10 ft of water and took there limit so the perch are all over - now the problem will be weather. The next 7 days look to be very windy,  
Oct -2nd - 2012 -Good catches of perch are being reported from several locations along the shipping channel including buoys 17 & 18, 11 & 12 (the Spark Plug), 8 & 9, and 1 & 2. Perch are averaging 8 to 10 inches at all locations. Shiners remain scarce at local bait shops and the word is that if you can get shiners you can catch perch. Boats from the east side of the bay are crossing The Bar to fish in the shipping channel. A few guys out of Quanicassee have been trying in the Slot, but they’re not getting as many perch as the boats along the shipping channel yet. At Caseville, pier fishing for smallmouth bass has been good anytime the water is choppy, but poor on calm days. Some anglers are starting to fish the Saginaw River for walleye, but with indifferent success.
Sept -27th - 2012 - Not much to report - there was a report of a few crappies being taken off the Kawkawlin River Bridge on State Park Drive and a few perch right at the river mouth. Anglers at the Hot Pond were catching and releasing a few smallmouth bass.

Walleye anglers may want to start trying in the lower Saginaw River . I have information from a credible source that walleyes are being caught pretty consistently in the Flint River below the Hamilton Dam in downtown Flint . That means they had to come up the system from the bay.
Sept -18th - 2012 - Last Monday, boat anglers were getting perch along the shipping channel at buoys 1&2 (the outer Spark Plug), 11&12 (the inner Spark Plug) buoy 22, and near the Spoils Island . Not much activity except from shore the rest of the week. Shore anglers had indifferent success on a mix of bluegills and sunfish at various locations near river mouths and in marina basins.  
Sept -10th - 2012 -From Dock Reporter Terry T - Another good Day on Monday 65 great fish and right back to the same spot near Buoys 1 & 2. Minnows are the key- today we had good shiners and it made a big difference. Hope to hit it again this week -  
Sept -10th - 2012 - Perch continue to be caught at a lot of the usual locations including the Spark Plug (Buoys 11 & 12), Buoys 1 & 2, and the Black Hole. A lot of people fished around the Spoils Island over the weekend because they didn’t want to venture out into the heavy waves, and they caught some perch there, averaging 15 to 25 per boat. (Not exactly red-hot, but at least they got a few.) A few channel cats are coming from the Hot Pond. Little shore or pier fishing of note in the inner bay last week.

Sept -9th - 2012 -From Dock Reporter Terry T -Good day @1&2 buoy's - nice perch -biggest 11 nothing under 8-little rough but a real good day-65 fish for two of us

Sept -5th - 2012 - Perch were hitting when it wasn’t too bumpy to fish west of the Spark Plug in 17 to 18 feet of water and in the Black Hole. Anglers who didn’t want to brave the waves on Sunday stayed in the mouth of the Saginaw River, fished off the Karn-Weadok power plants, and took fair catches of 8 to 9 inch perch there also. At Caseville, some perch were being caught up by Oak Point. Most anglers from Quanicassee to Bayport were crossing the Bar to fish perch in the Shipping Channel or the Black Hole.

Aug -28th - 2012 - Perch fishing has been pretty darned good ver the past week, but success seems to hinge on getting shiner minnows for bait. As we have been reporting shiners are in short supply at local bait shops, partly due to high demand and partly because this is the hardest time of year for the minnow catchers to get them. Word on the water is that if you can get shiners you can catch a nice mess of perch, but if you have to use fathead minnows or other species, it can be tough fishing.

Perch hot-spots include 21 feet in the Black Hole, 17 feet off Linwood, the old abandoned shipping channel, the Spark Plug, Buoy #9, Sailboat Buoy H, and Buoy 22. Boats are converging on these spots from both sides of Saginaw Bay , Oddly enough, even the boats from the east side of the bay are making the trip across The Bar to fish in these areas. No reports of walleye last week except for a couple caught incidental to perch. Average perch catches were 25 to 30 fish per angler; average sizes in the inner bay were 8 to 9 inches with occasional 10 and 11 inchers.


Aug -20th - 2012 - Well, last week was the best week for fishing in the last three weeks in greater Saginaw Bay …as long as you’re after perch! Walleye fishing was slow to non-existent at all ports and most anglers had switched over to perch fishing. There is a chronic shortage of shiner minnows at most bait shops, as this is the toughest time of year for the minnow catchers to get them and wholesalers’ supplies of minnows caught last fall are exhausted. Just the same, if you can get minnows you can catch perch out there. A word about walleye, walleye fishing always slows down in Saginaw Bay at this time of year for a couple of reasons. First of all, a lot of the walleyes have moved out of the bay into deeper water to get away from warm summer water temperatures. Secondly, all of the baitfish born this spring have now reached a size where they are attractive to walleye and other predators, and the forage base in the bay has reached its annual peak. So food is at its most abundant point of the year and the fish don’t have to look very far to get a meal.

Good perch fishing is reported from several locations, including the abandoned shipping channel just north of Bay City (there were six boats fishing along the old channel at 10 AM this morning), the vicinity of the Spark Plug (buoys 11 & 12), the Black Hole, and 17 feet of water off Linwood. Perch being brought in averaged 8 to 10 inches with some larger than that. Boats fishing out of Sebewaing are mostly going for perch fishing up by Lone Tree Island or going across the Bay and fishing the areas mentioned above; the few guys still trying for walleye aren’t having much success. At Caseville, the traffic was mostly pleasure boats as the town celebrated the annual Cheeseburger Festival.

Aug -18th - 2012 -From Thursday (8/9/12) morning through Saturday (8/12/12) morning, the Bay City area received nearly 7 inches of rain. Fields are flooded, culverts are plugged, ditches are full, some roads are flooded, and the Saginaw River is running high and muddy, murking up the entire inner part of Saginaw Bay . Fishing on the inner bay is virtually at a standstill, and will probably continue that way for a week or so, until all the murk settles out.


Aug -8th - 2012 -Windy weather made for light fishing pressure on greater Saginaw Bay and southern Lake Huron last week. There just weren’t many times when boat anglers could fish comfortably. The weekend was particularly light for pressure, with hot, muggy threatening weather on Saturday and high winds on Sunday. Very few boats ventured forth. Nevertheless there are fish out there to be caught for the versatile and persistent angler. Perch are starting to turn on in the inner bay, as they usually do in August.

Walleye fishing is pretty much confined to the area north and west of Buoys 1&2. Perch are starting to bite around the Spark Plug and in the Black Hole. The biggest problem the perch fishermen have (besides the weather) is finding shiners for bait at the local bait shops. (Wholesalers have used up most of the shiners they caught in the spring and often substitute fathead minnows which most anglers consider an inferior perch bait.) Very little fishing activity at Quanicassee, Sebewaing and Bay Port last week, but pier anglers fishing right at the end of the Caseville pier were getting good catches of smallmouth bass on worms or minnows fished under slip bobbers.

Jul -31st - 2012 - Not a lot of boats out as of late, and getting a lot of stop in/by questions from anglers about perch. Perch should start picking up here as we get more into August. What maybe most difficult to find will be shiners as a lot of the bait shops aren’t keeping them in stock because of the warm weather and short holding time in the tanks. The Walleye fishing effort is concentrated in the area of the bay around the end of the shipping channel in 25 to 35 feet of water. Anglers report having to move around a lot to find active fish, and bottom bouncers with crawler harnesses are working better than baits fished in mid-water. There was little activity in the more southerly reaches of the bay or in the Slot last week. Fishing pressure off Caseville was light, probably due more to the windy weather and lack of walleye in the area.


Jul -23rd - 2012 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report -The fishing was tough and the water was rough with 2 foot plus waves the crew looked more like disco dancers in the back of the boat than fishermen. I saw Blue make a couple of moves that would have made Travolta envious. We fished the eastside of the inner Bay and ran spinner rigs and crawlers, 30 - 40' back with 1.5 oz in-line weights, and 1/4 oz Hot n Tots, 40 -45' back. Both programs caught fish we just couldn't get a good bite going. We ended up with 7 nice walleye for our efforts with about a half dozen undersize throwbacks.

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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing
Jul -17th - 2012 - Persistent trollers are still scratching a few walleyes out of 20+ feet of water outside Buoys 1 & 2 and in 19-20 feet along the west side of the Bar or east of the shipping channel from Buoys 11 & 12 out to Buoys 1 & 2. Some walleyes are still being taken from the middle of the Slot from Sebewaing to Sand Point, on the outside of the islands.

At Caseville: Fishing off Oak Point and the reefs slowed down over mid-week, probably due to winds and weather, but should pick up again after the weather stabilizes.

Jul -10th - 2012 - Walleyes are still being taken in 18 feet of water off Linwood, around the Black Hole, off the Pinconning Bar and in the deepest areas of the Slot. Some walleyes are still being taken in the lower Saginaw River, from the river mouth upstream as far as the Independence Bridge, by smaller boats on days when the bay is too rough to fish. Channel cats are being taken from the Hot Ponds and their vicinity, and shore anglers fishing at Smith Park in Essexville are catching channel cats, drum, and a few smallmouths and perch.

At Caseville: Walleye fishing was excellent off Oak Point, around the Steeples north of Big Charity Island, and around the reefs off Sleeper State Park.

Saginaw Bay July-2nd-12 - Muck Boy Crew Fishing Report - Fished this morning with field reporter Ernie Smith. We launched from the DNR ramp at the mouth of the Saginaw River and headed northwest to the fish near the sail boat buoys in 18 to 20 fow, we marked fish from 12 to 15 feet down all day. Our lines were set anywhere from 45 to 60 feet back, with 55 back being the best, but we took fish no matter how far back we pulled the 'tots'. Our best tot again was the chrome w/ black back and red on the under side near the lip. After our last trip I tried to find a few new ones but Storm does 't make this pattern any longer, so I painted a couple myself and we took some of our larger fish on them. Also took a few fish on a dark metallic green and a Mad Flash Shad pattern, this has red on the nose. I kept the trolling speed between 1.9 to 2.1 sog. Total fish today was 10 for 16 with the size of the ones we kept ranging for 15 1/4 to 20 inches long.
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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing
Jun -27th - 2012 - Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report - It was a beuatiful morning on Saginaw Bay, sunny with moderate temperatures in the 70's to low 80's, light winds, and a slight chop on the water. The walleye bite was steady from about 8:30 am when we dropped lines until we got our 15 fish 3 man limit at around noon. We fished 18 - 21 fow on the eastside of the Bay. Our lures of choice were homemade spinner rigs tipped with crawlers which we ran 35' back off in-line boards using 1 1/2 oz in-line weights run at approximately 1.4 SOG. Blades with silver seemed to produce best for us. Fish were larger than in size from our previous trips this year as we only had 4 undersize fish thrown back and no barely legals (just over 15") in the box.
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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing

Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing
Jun -27th - 2012 -Walleye were hitting everywhere over the weekend. Here the spots, 20’ off the Pinconning Bar, off Buoys 1 & 2, the Black Hole, the Sailboat Buoys off Linwood, 5’ of water off the Hot Pond, the weed banks of Callahan Reef, the middle of the Slot (especially near the Thomas Reef), the deeper water side of the Bar, the vicinity of the Spark Plug (Buoys 11 &12), drifting and jigging in Wildfowl Bay, and the weed banks from Heisterman to North Island on the section of the Slot up there. Fish were taken at all of these areas over the weekend, although anglers report a tendency of the fish to move toward deeper water as the weather and water temperatures continue to rise. Up at Caseville, Really nice walleye being taken, from 30-40 FOW off of Oak Point, 20-24 FOW in front of Sleeper, and out on the Banana and North Steeple off of the Big Charity Island Some walleye are still being taken in the lower Saginaw River by trollers on days when it’s too rough out on the bay. Shore anglers are getting catfish, drum and a few bass around Essexville  
Saginaw Bay June-23rd-12 - Muck Boy Crew Fishing Report - Moved over to the west side of the Bay today and WHOW, we had wanted to launch at the DNR launch at the mouth of Saginaw river but at 6:30am the parking lot looked to already be full and there were boats lined up out to the road waiting to launch, we turned around and whet back to the launch by the Independence Bridge which makes for a long slow trip out to the bay, wasting an hour of fishing time. We started fishing by the sail boat buoys and didn't really nail down a spot with active fish until about 9:30am. The bite stayed good until 11:00am and we managed to hook ten fish of which we could only keep five. Our best action came on Hot & Tots, most fish came on a chrome black back with a red throat trolled 55 feet back in 18 feet of water, dark metallic green and a jr thunderstick also took fish.

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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing

Jun -19th - 2012 - Best walleye fishing is out near Buoys 1 & 2, around the sailboat buoys off Linwood, and east of the shipping channel between the channel and The Bar (also known as the Coryeon Reef). Depths vary from 19 feet to as deep as you can find, which is 30 to 35 feet in the inner bay. Crawler harnesses trolled on bottom bouncers off planer boards are the ticket. Some walleye are also being taken over the weeds on the Callahan Reef using crawler harnesses trolled without bottom bouncers so they skim over the tops of the weeds. Fishing in the Slot is slow, but at least one boat did well in there on Sunday before the bad weather arrived. Windy weather forced some anglers to fish in the lower Saginaw River over the weekend, and they got a few walleyes trolling hot-n-tots between the river mouth and the Coast Guard station. Bass anglers continue to do pretty well around North Island . Walleye are starting to hit on the reefs between Caseville and Port Austin, and also out by the Port Austin Lighthouse in 15 to 20 feet. When they start hitting out there, it’s a sign the fish are reacting to warming temperatures and moving out of the inner bay toward the main basin.
Jun -17th - 2012 - From Dock Reporter Terry T - The Walleyes for Warriors event was very wet and windy for a great couple of guys and myself, but we caught fish like crazy. Fished on the west side of the spark plug and caught fish up to 25 inches.
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Walleyes for Warriors on Saginaw Bay
Walleyes for Warriors on Saginaw Bay
Walleyes for Warriors on Saginaw Bay
Saginaw Bay June-16th-12 - Muck Boy Crew Fishing Report - We just can't catch a break when it comes to fishing conditions. The waves were to be 2 foot or less, just right for a long run with our boat, but by 9:30 the waves managed to built to 1 to 3 and our youngest crew member got a little green and our day ended before we could get to the spot we had planned to fish.

But for our first timer on Saginaw Bay he managed to take two sheeps head and 2 sub legal walleyes. He had a good time while it lasted and handled the rods like a pro.
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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing
Jun -15th - 2012 - From Dock Reporter Terry T - fished out of Caseville from Sleeper down towards Philips Park in 30-34 feet of water. Managed 6 walleye in about 3 hours time before the wind laid down and the biting flies got so bad you couldn't stand it. Had 3 or 4 other releases, and lost one at the back of the boat. There were 5 other boats out there to start the day, we were the only ones there after 9:30 a.m., and thats when we started to get our fish. Red and white blades and orange and pink blades were best ran off of 2 oz BB at 1.0-1.2 sog.
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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing

Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing

Jun -12th - 2012 - Walleye seemed to be moving toward deeper water in greater Saginaw Bay last week, and the best locations were shifting somewhat. Water temperatures are starting to warm up, and this may explain the shift. Crawler harnesses off planer boards remain the go – to bait for walleyes at all locations. A few guys are using crankbaits or small spoons but they’re definitely in the minority. There are A LOT of sublegal walleyes, 14 to 14 ½ inches, being caught all over the bay this summer. Anglers are reminded to run their catch across a ruler before putting it in the box.

Best fishing was definitely out in the vicinity of buoys 1 & 2, at the very end of the shipping channel. Trollers are working the whole area, in anywhere from 19 to 30 feet of water. Lots of fish being taken, but a lot of sorting through short fish also. Some good catches were also reported from the edges of the weedbeds closer to shore. Conversely, the Slot and the east side of the bay is pretty quiet right now with not much success over there. Nothing much going on around the Callahan Reef at the south end of the bay either, although some fish were taken from 7 feet of water around the Spoils Island. Most trollers from the east side are crossing over The Bar and fishing the deep zone just east of the shipping channel, or heading for Buoys 1 & 2

Jun -5th - 2012 -Depending on weather, walleyes were hitting in 12 to 17 feet off Linwood, in the Slot from Quanicassee to Sebewaing, behind the Spoils Island off Jones and Knight roads, on the Callahan Reef, out on the Bar, and in Wildfowl Bay off Bay Port. There are still a lot of sublegal fish reported. Windy weather forced some trollers to stay in the lower Saginaw River over the weekend, and they caught some walleye in there on crankbaits. The water in Saginaw Bay is reported to be quite turbid due to recent winds and there’s a lot of floating weeds around to foul anglers’ lines.

May -30th - 2012 -Good catches of walleye reported from off the Pinconning Bar, from 17’ of water off Linwood, from 6 to 12 feet off the area from Parish Road south in front of Killarney Beach , Bay City State Park , and around the Spoils Island . Anglers are sorting through short fish here also and even more so out on the Callahan Reef. Boats out of Quanicassee north to Sebewaing are mainly working the Slot area and doing well, with several limit catches observed….and lots of sorting. Walleye trollers were also getting channel cats, drum, white bass, and a few big perch incidental to walleye. The best part of the Slot seems to be from west of Sunset Bay Marina northeast to the start of the islands. Crappie fishing in the various marinas seems to be about done, but there are still enough carp and gar inshore to keep the archers shooting.
At Bay Port: bass tournaments were the order of the weekend with the possession season opener. There wasn’t much walleye activity out of Bay Port , just lots of happy bass fishermen. Fishing activity was very light at Caseville; it seemed almost all pleasure boaters there this weekend.

5-22-12 -Some bigger fish were taken by those jigging in the river, although most boats have resorted to trolling the open waters of Saginaw Bay . The MWT winner weighed in just over 40 pounds on 10 fish jigging by Vets Bridge —no more than 1000 feet from the tourney dock. Otherwise those out in the bay are sorting through a lot of sublegal fish—a ratio of what right now looks to be about 3 to 1 sublegal to legal fish especially on the east side of the Bay. There are also a lot of big cats and drums (master angler sized of both) being caught too, unless you bump up the trolling speed to 1.6 or higher. With the water settling out more and more everyday, blues and purples have worked well when trolled way out from the boat; otherwise chartreuse, antifreeze, pinks, and orange have still been good colors in the dirty water if you can find it.

Good walleye fishing at a variety of locations, including; 10 to 18 feet off Linwood, 17 feet east of the Spark Plug near the Bar, 6 to 8 feet off the Trailer Park just north of the end of Patterson Road, the Callahan Reef (reports of a lot of sublegal fish over there), 12 to 14 feet in the Slot from Oakhurst to the tip of Fish Point, (best boat access from Quanicassee, Sunset Bay Marina, or Sebewaing), and the north end of the Slot from the Buoy south outside the islands (Access from Bay Port or Bayshore Marina). Most keepers are running 15 to 18 inches. Anglers drifting and casting jigs in Wildfowl Bay are also picking up walleyes, some a bit bigger than already mentioned. Boat anglers from Caseville are mostly going down and fishing the top of the Slot inside Sand Point. Archers continue to pursue carp and gar in the shallows, cuts, and canals. The best of the carp-shooting will probably be over pretty soon.

Saginaw Bay May-20th-12 -Muck Boy Crew Fishing Report - Finally got our Walleye Boat out for the first time after all of this past winters upgrades. We fished north out of Quanicassee in 12 to 14 feet of water, about 6 miles. We trolled Hot & Tots off big boards with the lines back 55 feet. Took 2 nice fish within the first 15 minutes with one coming on a chrome and black back and another on an all brass. Then we spent the next 3 hours searching, like most all the other boats, looking for another active school, we marked a lot of fish, but our time ran out and we had to head back.

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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing

5-19-12 -Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report - Daddy Duck (Chris) and I took my boat for it's first trip to the Bay for 2012. The word that the walleye bite was on, the nice weather, and the fact that it was Saturday made for some traffic jams on the water as you could see pods of boats which ever way ya looked. Action was steady but a there was a lot of throw backs and other fish (mainly white bass and catfish) being caught on our lures. We sorted through the hodgepodge till we had our 2 man limit plus a couple of nice perch in the box. We trolled Hot n Tots and Reef Runners at approx. 2 mph SOG, 50' - 55' behind tethered boards. About any color caught fish but Gold seemed to be the best for us.
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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing
5-14-12 -Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report - Mark and I joined Butch on his boat for this trip. We began the morning trolling north out of Quanicassee, dragging meat on spinner rigs but put a Hot n Tot on one line just to see what would happen. After a few hours we had 7 fish in the boat and 2 of the nicer fish came on the Tot so we pulled the spinners and ran all Hot n Tots it wasn't long and we had our 3 man limit with some in the 3 to 4+ lb range. We ran the spinners at aprox. 1.3 SOG and the Tots around 1.9 SOG, anything shiny seemes to do the trick silvers, golds, etc. 12 to 16 fow seemed most productive for us although we saw nets in action in both shallower and deeper waters.
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5-14-12 -Field Reporter Paul Smith's Report - Old Blue and his sons had limited on walleye the past two weekends on Saginaw Bay dragging meat on spinner rigs so we gave 'em a go on a Monday morning. Well the water cleared, the sun was bright, and winds were calm pushing the fish deeper and somewhat scattered. We only managed to catch 5 keeper walleye but stretched the kinks out of the lines with some hog catfish.
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Saginaw Bay Walleye Fishing
5-15-12 - Good catches of walleye from the following locations: 18 feet of water off Linwood; the old dumping grounds off the mouth of the Saginaw River, the Callahan Reef, the Slot south of Fish Point, and out on the Bar. The fish are shallower on cloudy days and deeper on clear days. Crawler harnesses are best, but a few are coming on crankbaits such as Shad Raps. Further north along the east side of the bay, walleye action is starting to pick up off Bay Port in Wildfowl Bay and out near the sailboat buoys. Catch & Release fishing for largemouth bass is very good around Bay Port. Walleye fishing around Sebewaing is reported still slow, but there’s good bass fishing in the Sebewaing River and crappies are hitting in the channel out toward the bay. Crappie fishing is picking up in marina basins all around the bay as water temperatures warm into the low 60’s. Also, large numbers of carp and gar are entering the shallows, providing plentiful targets for bow-fishing enthusiasts.
5-9-12 - Good walleye action in 15 to 18 feet of water off Linwood, mostly on crawler harnesses. Good walleye fishing also reported around the Spoils Island and on the Callahan Reef , mostly on crawler harnesses. The lower Saginaw River is pretty muddy following recent rains, so not much action there. Likewise, fishing is slow at the Hot Pond channel.

At Quanicassee: Boats are either going west to the Callahan Reef or north into the Slot and were picking up walleye mostly on harnesses. Tuesday was about the best day weather-wise for this port last week. There’s a fair amount of catfish fishing going on at night in the river also.

Cold nights have lowered water temperatures, and slowed down panfish activity in Sunset Bay Marina, Bayshore Marina, and Sebewaing Marina. Warmer weather should get the crappies, bluegills, and sunfish going eventually. River anglers

At Sebewaing: Still getting a few walleyes, pike, and bass (catch & release) in the Sebewaing River. Bass anglers were doing pretty well on smallmouths around North Island, but walleye action was slower that far north although a few anglers were albe to manage a few fish per boat.

Not much action of any kind at Caseville last week, but there were rumors of walleyes off the pier at night.

5-2-12 - Most walleye fishing has been concentrated around the mouth of the Saginaw River and the Spoils Island. A few boats were also fishing 7 to 8 feet of water off Bay City State Park and the mouth of the Kawkawlin River. Boat anglers are trolling and vertical jigging in the Lower Saginaw River at many locations from the river mouth up to about the Independence Bridge. Anglers fishing the Hot Pond channel are mainly catching and releasing a mix of bass and pike.

Not too many boats going out of Quanicassee last week, and those that were, headed west to the area off Finn Road. They were trolling 7 to 11 feet of water and using both crankbaits and crawler harnesses and were getting some walleyes. Success was rated as a few fish per boat, but at least one limit was taken from 6 feet of water. There was even a one coho salmon taken off Finn Road last week. Panfish action in Sunset Bay and Sebewaing marinas was slow last week, probably due to the cold weather lowering water temperatures and scotching the spawning urge of crappies and sunfish. Anglers casting in the lower Sebewaing River were catching a mix of bass, pike and walleye, although the walleyes were few in number. A number of catch & release bass anglers were fishing off Bay Port and around Beadle Bay, and they reported success was slow probably also due to cold water temperatures. Fishing was slow at Caseville, with just a few smallmouths being caught & released off the pier.

4-24-12 - Trollers were getting some walleye off Bay City State Park in 6 to 8 feet of water, and near the Spoils Island early last week, but nothing since Wednesday  

Mar -28th - 2012 - Perch fishing in Saginaw Bay off the mouth of the Saginaw River along the shipping channel from Buoy 22 to Buoy 18, just past the Spoils Island, was excellent during the early part of last week, with a lot of 8”to 12” perch taken. Unfortunately, fishing tapered off over the weekend. Shore anglers fishing in the boat basin and channel at Finn Road got a few 7 to 8 inch perch. The Quanicassee River was reported slow for perch, with lots of people trying it for awhile, coming and going. Shore anglers fishing the drain at Garner Road were sorting out some 7 to 8 inch perch.

Perch fishing seems to be pretty well done in the Sebewaing River, but boat anglers going out to the end of the channel off Sebewaing were still doing pretty well. Perch fishing was reported slow at Bay Port and Caseville.

Mar -20th - 2012 - Boat anglers were doing well on walleye off the Pinconning Bar trolling and vertical jigging last week. Trollers were also working the bay off Parish Road northward toward and slightly past Linwood with a variety of lures including crawler harnesses,crankbaits, husky jerks, reef runners, and shad-raps, mostly in 16 to 22 feet of water and having fair success on walleye. Perch are being taken from marina basins along the Saginaw River by boat anglers. Lots of shore fishing activity along the Quanicassee River for perch; anglers are doing lots of sorting like everywhere else, but they’re getting enough nice perch to keep them fishing. Shore anglers fishing the marina basin at Sunset Bay Marina were getting a few perch and crappies on minnows.

At Sebewaing: Lots of perch fishing activity in the Sebewaing River over the past week. Lots of sorting, same as everywhere else, but some were able to sort out enough nice ones for a mess. Perch fishing at Bay Port and Bayshore Marina was hit and miss last week, but both spots are worth a look on any given day you happen to be up there.

At Caseville: Lots of shore fishing activity last weekend, also a lots of sorting, but a few really nice perch taken. Pier anglers last week also took a couple whitefish and a few walleyes, as well as the odd brown.

Mar -14th - 2012 -Boat anglers are trolling for walleyes with fair success off Linwood in 14 to 18 feet of water, mostly using Husky-Jerks. Bright colors (fire-tiger or pink & white) are producing best. If you’re going out on the bay to fish walleyes, be sure to look for clear water and stay away from the plume of murky water coming out of the Saginaw River. Perch are being taken inside the Linwood Marina, off the bridge on State Park Drive over the Kawkawlin River, and out of the Quanicassee River. At all locations, expect to sort a lot of fish to get a mess of keepers, but at Quanicassee in particular, keepers were running 9 to 11 inches.

Perch fishing in the Sebewaing River was really good last week and over the weekend. Lots of sorting here also, but anglers are getting enough 8 to 11 inch perch to keep it interesting. Slow fishing at Bay Port and Mud Creek last week.
At Caseville: The ice is rotten in the marina and shore anglers are mostly catching small perch. Boat anglers were catching some walleyes but they really had to work for them in the high muddy water.

Saginaw River:
The water is muddy from the Tittabawassee as far as Zilwaukee. The fish are scattered, a lot of guys got skunked, and the average catch was 2 or 3 fish per boat, but a couple of guys did manage to get their limits. Everybody seemed delighted with the chance to fish in such nice weather over last weekend, regardless of their success or lack thereof. Further downstream toward Bay City, fishing was a lot tougher. Around the Independence Bridge, a lot of sublegal fish were being taken. Boat anglers inside the Bay Harbor Marina basin took some nice perch, with 12 to 24 per angler being the norm. Lots of sorting here also. Some boats were going out on Saginaw Bay after launching at the Patterson Road access site at the mouth of the river. They were getting a few walleyes out by the Spoils Island, but action there was far from red-hot.
Mar -6th - 2012 - There’s no ice from Pinconning south. Wading anglers fishing in the Hot Pond channel caught a few pike early last week, but nothing since. Boat anglers fishing in the Quanicassee River took a few small perch, but nothing to write home about. On the east side of the bay, fishing is limited to marina basins where some are sorting out some decent perch, but those connected to rivers are very muddy. Rivers and creeks at Sebewaing and Caseville are high, muddy, and full of debris at the time of the report.

Saginaw River: Is high, fast, very muddy, and full of floating debris. A few anglers who tried over the weekend reported currents too fast to control their drift. Conditions might improve toward the end of this week, if the area doesn’t get a big rain event. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Best bets for this week, especially if the weather warms as much as predicted, would be for boat anglers to go out on the bay and look for clean water.
Feb -27th - 2012 - Still some ice fishing activity in 1 to 2 feet of water at Cody-Estey, White’s Beach, and Newman roads. Machines are breaking through; walking anglers better wear waders. Some perch still being taken. No activity reported at Linwood or Bay City …because there’s no ice.
At Quanicassee: Some small perch are being taken in the river by boat anglers. No activity reported at the Hot Ponds off Jones Road .
At Sebewaing: Still some ice fishing activity in the Marina. The Sebewaing River is muddy and rising after last Friday’s storm, but should be fishable from open water later this week.
At Caseville: Some perch are being taken in the Marinas but sorting is required, but stay away from the docks! There’s essentially no ice fishing activity on the east side of the bay due to wave action breaking up the ice, snow pushing it down, and runoff from creeks and drains eating it away. Poor ice conditions are keeping anglers ashore at from the beet factory to Geiger Rd, and the south shore of Wildfowl Bay. A few anglers are tip-toeing their way out atMud Creek.
Saginaw River: There was a lot of boat fishing last week on the nicer days. Anglers continue to sort through a lot of sublegal fish, but they’re getting some 15 to 20 inch walleyes from Rust Avenue downstream through Zilwaukee to Bay City . The best area last week was from the Cass Avenue launch at the south end of Bay City south to the mouth of Cheboyganning Creek. A few fish as large as 4 to 6 lb were taken, but most were 15 to 20 inches. Decent catches of walleyes were also being taken on the lower river around the Bay Aggregate cut across from Essexville.

Feb -22nd - 2012- Good catches of perch through rotten ice in 2 to 3 feet of water off White’s Beach, At Linwood, the Linwood Marina isn’t letting anglers on right now as they prepare to dredge in anticipation of the spring boating season. Some people were still trying to get out near Quanicassee but a lot of them were getting wet in the attempt. Fishing off the Hot Ponds is reported slow right now because apparently the power plants aren’t generating and no warm water is being released.

At Sebewaing, Some perch and also a few nice crappies and bluegills are being out of the marina basin last week. Success is running hot & cold. The Sebewaing River remains froze over with the cold weather over the weekend, but the ice is rather thin to walk on and not fishable. Fishing pressure on the bay from Sebewaing north to Geiger Road is very light and ice conditions are very poor. At Bay Port, anglers using air boats are getting some very nice perch, and other anglers on foot are doing well too, but really need to use caution and spud their way out.

At Caseville: Ice conditions are poor outside the city marina, fishing pressure is light, and mostly small perch and sublegal walleyes are being caught.

Saginaw River: Some walleye were being taken near the confluence of the Shiawassee and Tittabawassee rivers upstream from Rust Avenue, but walleye fishing was better from Lee Street in Saginaw downstream to Cass Avenue at the south end of Bay City. There were several good days last week with most boats sorting some keepers out of a lot of sublegal fish. Keepers were running 15 to 18 inches with occasional fish from 4 to 5 lb taken. Boat anglers were casting or vertical jigging and jig heads baited with minnows were the standard bait. Down in Bay City proper, boat anglers were taking some nice catches of perch in front of the Bay Aggregate cut. Walleye anglers were sorting through a lot of short fish. Ice at the river mouth made launching at the Patterson Road ramp too difficult, but launches near the Independence Bridge were useable.

Jan -31st - 2012- Real good perch fishing at mid-week off Cody-Estey Road, Newman Road, and Townline 16 Road, but things went to pot with the change in the weather over the weekend and some of the ice blew out with the high winds on Saturday. Some VERY nice perch (8 to 14 inches) were taken from 4 feet of water, mostly on beads. Perch anglers inside Linwood Marina were also sorting out a few keepers. At Vanderbilt Park near Quanicassee, perch success was hit and miss with a couple nice catches from 5 feet of water and a lot of skunks. Lots of small perch and the odd pike in the marina basin at Sebewaing, and a lot of sorting perch from the beet factory to Geiger Road. Ice conditions are uniformly not good from Sebewaing to Bay Port, but some guys are out there trying… and occasionally putting their quads in the drink! Perch fishing was best and ice conditions the worst up in Wildfowl Bay, with some guys making good perch catches (on beads) while their others tried to retrieve their pike shanties from the bottom of the bay. One air-boat went out of Geiger Road to the Slot to fish walleyes, and they reported breaking ice most of the way out there. They saw lots of dead and dying shad, but apparently didn’t get any walleye. (Why hit your spoon when they have all the shad they can eat?)

At Caseville: No fishing activity along the breakwater due to poor ice. In the various marinas and in the river, anglers are sorting out a few perch and there are a lot of 8 to 11 inch walleyes in there.

Jan -24th - 2012- Some excellent perch fishing was reported very early in the morning over the weekend, but it tapered off quickly as soon as the sun came up. The bigger perch seem to move back offshore. Anglers inside Linwood Marina were doing a lot of sorting but getting some keepers. Bridge anglers fishing in the lower Kawkawlin River were also getting some perch. Some perch were also being taken out by the range light at the mouth of the Saginaw River, but anglers there need to be particularly cautious of ice thickness due to river currents. There were unconfirmed rumors of a few walleye being taken from 6 feet of water off Vanderbilt Park near Quanicassee. Up at Sebewaing, ice anglers were out behind the sugar beet plant and also out at Geiger Road, as well as fishing in the city marina off the Sebewaing River. Los of sorting involved, but some decent keeper perch also taken.

At Caseville: Lots of smaller perch and sublegal walleye in the river and the marina, and lots of sorting to get some keepers. No lake trout fishing out along the breakwall yet, as the ice out there is not very good.

Saginaw River: Boat fishing is not practical now because of ice. Most of the lower Tittabawassee is ice covered but not by any means safe to fish on. The Saginaw River in Saginaw is stuck in the “In-between period”; too much ice for boat or shore fishing, but not enough to ice fish. A couple of people were creeping out on the river near Veterans’ Park south of Bay City, but this is emphatically not recommended! There were also some anglers fishing near the pilings downstream of the Independence Bridge in Bay City, mainly catching sublegal walleyes. (This is not recommended either!!!) As mentioned earlier, anglers accessing the river at the Patterson Road access site were getting some perch out by the range light, and also at the mouth of the Yacht Club basin. They were also walking on the shore ice up to the Bay Aggregate cut and getting some perch there.
BE CAREFUL ON THE RIVER ICE!!! I don’t think we can emphasize this point strongly enough
Jan -18th - 2012- Ice anglers fishing off White’s Beach got some decent perch at mid-week last week, but it tapered off over the weekend. Those that tried to get out at Pinconning to ice-fish yesterday broke through . Some fishing is available at Linwood Marina where guys are standing on certain docks and punching holes in the ice. Ice is reported poor at Quanicassee. Some ice fishing (from ice and from docks) is available in marinas from Sunset Bay to Bay Port. Anglers were reportedly breaking through at Geiger Road, Rose Island , and Mud Creek both Saturday and Sunday. All rivers and cuts from Quanicassee to Port Austin were reported open again at one point before the weekend. After the cold snap over the weekend, there’s a lot of floating and shore ice, making shore fishing difficult. A few spearers were starting to prospect on the frozen part of the harbor at Port Austin and in the marina at Caseville.

Saginaw River: Walleye fishing from boats was quite good around the confluence of the Shiawassee and Tittabawassee last week, but the cold front and subsequent ice formation pretty much shut it down. Boat anglers should bring along a spud and a bag of rock salt if they intend to launch. You’ll need the spud to get out of and back into the boat basin, and you’ll need the salt for traction, as the boat ramps are very icy.

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