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Ports of Port Sanilac & Lexington- Dock Reports

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Harbor Cam
, Port Sanilac & Lexington Report Archives, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

Dock Reporter: Pat Kelly
Nov 3rd 2015 - At Lexington, Atlantic salmon are in the harbor in good numbers and some are being caught on spawn or on small spoons. Some rainbows are also being taken, either on crawlers or on small spoons and spinners. Some perch are being taken there on minnows at both harbors  
Sept 28th 2015 - Lake trout and a few steelhead are being taken in 70 to 90 FOW. Pier fishing at both ports was generally slow The water’s apparently too warm for salmon and trout inside the harbors yet, someone caught and adipose-clipped Atlantic Salmon in Lexington Harbor while casting a Cleo and had the presence of mind to save the head for DNR creel senses taker.  
Sept 10th 2015 - Trollers caught lake trout and steelheads, a few walleye and a few white bass over 90 to 115 FOW. Blue, green, and purple were the best spoon colors. Pier anglers are getting a few smallmouth , and pike.  
Sept 1st 2015 - The species mix is lake trout, cohos, steelhead, and the odd walleye and white bass from 90 to 135 feet, most taken 40 feet down, and the fish all appear to be gorging themselves on young-of-year emerald shiners.Trollers fishing out of Lexington are going north and fishing off Port Sanilac and trollers out of Port Sanilac are fishing straight east or east-northeast of that harbor. Pier fishing is very slow at all the Thumb ports.  
Aug 18th 2015 - A few pike are being taken in the harbor at Lexington, and a few catfish taken after dark.  
Aug 10th 2015 -Trollers after lake trout and salmon were going waaaaay out…to 110 to 160 feet of water. This is as much as 25 miles offshore at Lexington. Way out there, they were getting steelhead, lake trout, and the occasional coho and king salmon fishing 50 feet down. Best spoon colors were green, blue and silver. Perch fishing remains very slow. Pier fishing at all ports is also slow but at Lexington, the pier anglers took a few white bass and pike.  
Aug 9th 2015 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - We fished 120 fow about 7am, using a watermelon and a red tail off a downrigger at 90 down landed one laker, landed another on 10 color lead core. Trolled at 2.7mph, water temp at 63f. Another hit the leadcore line but came off before reaching the boat. Other anglers did about the same. Perch activity is just getting started north of harbor. Waves were 4ft rollers, hard moving around.

July 21st 2015 - Lake trout fishing picked up, probably due to the thermoclines settling down. Lakers were hitting bright green lures in 100 to 140 FOW near the bottom, and bright orange spoons trolled halfway down were taking some steelhead and the odd king. Perch fishing remains slow.  
July 13th 2015 - Lake trout and steelhead are moving to deeper water at all ports. Trollers are finding them in 100 to 140 FOW with lake trout near the bottom and steelhead about halfway down. Many boats reported marking lots of fish but couldn’t get them to bite; it was kind of a slow week for trout and salmon last week. Perch fishing off Port Sanilac and Lexington was very, very slow.  
June 30th 2015 - Trollers were taking lake trout and steelhead from 85 feet of water at mid-week, with steelhead in the top 25 feet and lakers near the bottom. Fishing should pick up again as soon as the weather settles down.  
June 23rd 2015 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Even though I couldn't fish last weekend I have received plenty of good reports on lakers. Best Activity seemed to be in 80-90 FOW at 63 feet Down on riggers using spoons trolling 2.7 to 3.0 MPH.
June 16th 2015 - The same as last week. Good trolling success for lake trout and steelhead (a few cohos also) in 60 to 90 FOW, mostly in the 70 to 75 foot range. Lakers on lead core, about 20 feet off the bottom (spin-n-glos or dodger & fly were good) and steelhead on dipseys with orange spoons about 20 feet below the surface. No perch showing up at the weed beds yet.  
June 8th 2015 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Started out the weekend with a big disappointment, up Saturday at 5:00 am ready to go but the lake was not so much in agreement with me. Walked down to the beach only to see 5 foot rollers. So my team Decided to call it off. Now Sunday morning was a different situation, lake was calm and It really wasn’t too cold. We Launched out of Ports Sanilac at the same Time as the “Night Runner” team headed out. At the launch we talked A little then proceeded out to the lake. Both boats actually going to the Same area. Went North of the harbor, just south of the forester water ower. Tried 80-90 FOW at first with Water temp at 49Deg. then Night Runner went in to 60 FOW with water temp at 53 Deg. And was doing quite well, even had a double. So I said that’s it and headed back to the 60 Foot range. We trolled at 2.7 MPH, 30 down and used Lead Core 10 colors, Down Riggers, And Planer boards. We landed a Laker on lead core, then a King on down rigger and another Laker on rigger before the wing and waves really started to pick up. Started towards Deeper water again and landed another Laker on rigger but Had no action on planer boards. Night Runner ended up with 7 for 9, Great catch guys! We had the 3 Lakers and one King. One Boater reported a 16 lb. king at 150 FOW, and several boats were holding out in the 100 foot depths one reported one Laker, the rest no reports on how they did.

Port Sanilac Fishing Report 6-8-15, Lake Trout and a few kings were taken.
May 26th 2015 -Trout and salmon fishing at Port Sanilac and Lexington was good and pretty much all at the same depths. Trollers are working 60 to 80 foot depths and did real well on lake trout and steelhead with a few kings also. They’re fishing the bottom for lake trout and 20 to 30 feet down for the steelheads and salmon. Spoons were working best and orange spoons were the hot color. Inside the harbors, smallmouth bass fishing was slow but should get better. They’re still getting a few cohos casting spoons at Port Sanilac.  
May 27th 2015 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Port Sanilac, Strong Reports on Lake Trout in Deeper water over the weekend with a few steelhead also being taken. Fishing from 6:00AM till noon, Use Monkey Puke spoons, Fish at 2.5 MPH, 80 feet down in 90 feet of water, stay north Of the Harbor. The report on steelhead is they were taken early in top 20 feet of water, but not a lot were reported in my interviews. On a side note, Walleye on the St. Clair river is fantastic, anchored using pencil plugs are working great in 18 FOW.
2015 Port Sanilac Fishing Report, the lake trout were hot last weekend.
May 18th 2015 - Lake trout fishing is excellent on spin-n-glos and spoons near the bottom in 40 to 80 FOW. Assorted salmon and steelhead are hitting in 15 to 60 FOW with most fish taken about 20 feet down on body baits or spoons. From Legington to Harbor Beach.  
Apr 27th 2015 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - I was on the water Saturday , 7:30AM and Trolled South in 18-25ft of water. Went beyond the hi-banks then turned back north beyond the harbor. We marked a lot of bait fish, Water temp at 42 Deg F. Trolled about 1.7 to 2.5 MPH. Zig zagged, We used downriggers, planner boards and a Lead Core line with 3 to 5 colors out. Snapped the 18 lb. Lead Core line with a Monkey Puke 4” spoon. Nothing on Body Baits, downriggers or Plainer boards also used scent pods with Chad scent and dodgers. The only fish we marked were on the bottom, probley a Big Laker. All in All we may have had one hit but not sure. Some boats were lucky enough to bring in a few fish, but many were empty handed. I saw Boats trolling from 5 feet to 40-50 Feet, I think best action was very close to shore. All I heard from those I interviewed was “ You should have been here Friday!” I checked out the boat real good insured all is ready for the next trip out. When we Got back to the marina, the Coast Guard was their doing safety inspections on Water craft returning to the dock, we passed but a few while I was there were ticketed for safety violations.
Apr 20th 2015 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Saturday the Lake was extremely rough with white caps and high winds. The four boats I interviewed around 11AM had no luck at all and No pier fishing reports were available.

At Lexington: The marina was packed with reports of Salmon/trout doing fair in 5 to 12 feet of water south of the harbor and Lexington Heights. If it wasn’t so rough out there I think a small aluminum boat with a 10 horse motor would have done very well in the shallows running Body baits on the surface.
I walked a small creek nearby and watched school after school of minnows heading out to the lake, so fishing in the shallow waters makes sense.
Crankbaits and (some) spoons trolled on long-lines, off planer boards, worked best. Small Salmon and occasional steelheads and browns were reported. Pier fishing at Lexington was reported slow, but some Trout were taken.

Apr 13th 2015 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Saturday was a bright sunny and warm morning. Port Sanilac Pier - If you get out on the pier just at first light, anglers are catching steelhead and browns, either casting small hardware or on live minnows. The later in the morning it gets the less likely that you will be successful. I stopped by around 10 AM and action was at a standstill, but about 5 anglers were still giving it their best try.

Port Sanilac Launch - About 5 or 6 boats out trolling still at 10 AM, with one returning empty handed, Anglers reported marking fish but no takers, The boat that came in had called it a day only because of some mechanical issues. As for the others, I followed the shoreline north and located one boat about 2 miles north In about 30 ft of water. The others must have tried their luck south. Saturday afternoon still a few anglers fishing off the pier, no boats out trolling.
Apr 7th 2015 - Boats are getting out for early spring trolling for salmon and trout. Boats were taking a mix of cohos, lake trout, a couple of Kings and the odd walleye with body baits fished off planer boards. Pier anglers were getting a few coho and steelhead and large minnows fished under a bobber were doing well. There was also one fairly decent catch of perch from Lexington Harbor last week.

Oct 21st 2014 - Fishing pressure was very light at both harbors, shore and pier anglers casting hardware were getting some steelhead every day along with the odd brown trout and a couple of kings. Some perch were taken on minnows off the docks; lots of sorting here also. A few pike and bullheads were picked up also.  
Oct 13th 2014 At Lexington, a few steelheads and pike caught in the harbor. Shiners are starting to come in at all the harbors. The few boats that fished out of Port Sanilac last week were still catching some steelhead in anywhere from 30 to 70 feet of water.  
Oct 11th 2014 -Report from Kenneth Avery - Fished 40 fow today, started 1pm pulled lines at 5:15 with 3 man limit on steelhead, 2&5 color was best, 60 back and 17 down was a close second, trailer park to 7 miles south was our troll. Had a total of 11 hits in that 4 hours and 15 minutes of fun.
Oct 7th 2014 - Harbors are murky from the incessant wind and waves.
At Lexington: pier anglers caught a few steelhead, mostly casting spoons. Water temperature at Lexington is down to 54 degrees.
Sept 27th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Another great day for Sanilac Anglers, Lots of steelhead and lakers caught in 60 to 120 FOW. With the best at about 110 FOW. Anglers using fly’s, spoons and body bates, all seem to be working. Reports of 7 for 10 And 6 for 6 were being reported. Water temp at 63Deg F on surface, lots of small bugs in the water. Success was all over, lead core three to ten colors, Down Riggers 30 to 90 ft down, dippies all worked. Best time was 7 am to 10 am or 6pm till dark.
Sept 27th 2014 - Report from Kenneth Avery - Pat, Muck Boy's local dock reporter - pointed me in a direction and we headed out. In front of Forester, 110-117fow N and S troll 2.6-2.8 SOG. Green flasher fly combo 70 down took 2 small lakers and 8.5lb steel, greasy chicken wing on 3 color took 2 steel, and 1 steel came on a slider with the main line down 92. That 92 with a Micheal Jackson took a 15lb laker. Another rip came on 60 back 17 down rigger, drag was to tight and it poped the hook. Had a swing and a miss while trying some odd tactics all in all was a beautiful day on the water.
click image for larger view

Sept 16th 2014 - There was more fishing activity off Port Sanilac than anywhere else last week, and it still wasn’t a lot, but the blue-water trollers were getting steelheads and lake trout from 60 to 90 feet of water, fishing 50 to 60 feet down.  
Sept 15th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Although I did not have the opportunity to get out on the water Sunday, I here Anglers did Exceptionally well out in 80+ FOW North of the harbor. Watching from shore, quite a few boats (5+) were all trolling within a ¼ mile of each other, and a good mix of fish (steelhead and lake trout) were being taken. I looked out on the lake in the early afternoon, the group of boats were still out there in the same location. The heavy rain last week must have caused a nice run of hungry fish moving. Sunday the lake was calm, heavy overcast, and Lots of drainage from the rivers and creeks, Nice fall type weather, Everything seemed to be just right.

Sept 3th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -
On Shore: Anglers are catching big blue catfish off shore at night using worms and marsh mellows, I noticed 4 caught in one evening. Big! Big! Big!

Trolling: Walleye are being taken with black and gold body baits in 40 FOW

Aug 28th 2014 - Trollers are getting lake trout, steelhead, and pinks from more than 100 feet of water at both ports. Trollers fishing 60 to 80 feet of water caught some steelhead and the odd walleye. Pier angling at both ports was light and slow, with a few undersized pike caught and released at Lexington.  
Aug 13th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Steelhead are feeding off the surface so don't be suprised if one pops up next to your boat, try and stay in the top 15' when trolling, green dolphin is working well. Lakers seem to be in the thermo 30 to 60 feet down over 70 to 120FOW use orange crush spoons at 2.5 MPH. There is no salmon action at this time. Perch out in front of the trailer park is spotty art best but there are a lot of anglers out there trying.  
Aug 12th 2014 - Fishing was generally slow last week with pleasure boats predominating the scene. Pier fishing at both Ports was generally slow with just a few warm water species caught occasionally, however some larger pike were starting to show up in Lexington harbor.  
July 29th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Some Walleye are being taken in 40 FOW 20 feet down on spoons (monkeypuke was a good color). Perch are still spotty but improving near the weedbeds south of the harbor. Still lots of rock bass being taken of the Pt Sanalic pier.  
July 21st 2014 - Perch fishing from both harbors is spotty, with anglers having trouble finding the fish. All you can do is move from weedbed to weedbed and look for an active school of fish.  
July 16th 2014- A few 7 to 13 inch perch are being caught from various weedbeds in 18 to 20 feet of water; it’s important to move around until you find an active school. Pier fishing is generally slow, as it always is at this time of year.  
July 1st 2014 -The water is warming up on the outside of the Thumb, and trout and salmon fishing is slowing down a bit, but they’re still getting some. Salmon and steelhead are scattered at 40 to 70 feet in depth but lake trout can reliably be found near the bottom in 70 to 100 feet of water. Small pink salmon remain common. A few Chinooks and cohos are still coming in along with decent numbers of steelheads and good numbers of lake trout. Start shallower early in the morning and work deeper as the sun comes up.

Some perch are starting to show up south of Lexington, coming off the weedbeds, but you have to work to find them.

A few good perch catches have also come ashore at Port Sanilac.

Pier anglers at both ports are mainly getting rock bass, some white bass, and the odd large perch.
June 24th 2014 -Trollers were getting mixed catches of lake trout, steelheads, Chinooks, pink salmon and the occasional coho from 70 to 100 feet of water. The steelheads are in the top 10 to 15 feet, the salmon are halfway down, and the lake trout are near the bottom . Pink salmon seem to be ubiquitous this year, but they are small, running ½ lb to 1 lb.

A few perch are being taken, mostly by drift fishing, off Port Sanilac. Average catches were 10 to 12 keeper perch per boat. The weed beds are slow in coming up this year, no doubt due to the cold water and late spring.

Pier fishing as slow at both harbors.
June 17th 2014 - Pier anglers are getting a few walleye at night at both ports casting crankbaits or fishing big minnows under a bobber. At Port Sanilac, some salmon and trout are still being caught from the breakwall on the outside of the wall.

Trollers are taking big lake trout and a mix of cohos, kings, steelhead and pink salmon from 80 to 120 feet of water, with a few fishing as deep as 150 feet.
June 9th 2014 - Trollers are getting a mix of salmon and trout from 40 to 90 feet of water in between the two ports. A few steelhead were taken on large minnows fished under a bobber at Port Sanilac last week, and pier anglers at both ports fishing with worms, small minnows or small hardware were catching a lot of large rock bass.  
June 3rd 2014 - Trollers were fishing in 40 to 80 feet of water and getting some large lake trout near the bottom and steelheads off high lines. The steelhead were eating June Bugs and othe insects off the surface. Start in 40 feet of water very early in the morning and move deeper as the sun comes up. Pier anglers at were mainly catching rock bass and the occasional pike.  
June 2nd 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -What a beautiful day Saturday, Sun shining, Warm, lake almost no waves at all, with a slight breeze To keep you cool. Lots of boats out of Lexington and Port Sanilac trolling. Morning fishing started a little slow with reports of a steelhead and a Laker being reported right out of the harbor. One King at 35 down in 62 FOW. We started out In 45 FOW working our way to 60 with no results. Marked fish about half way down but no bait fish. We moved out to one of our favorite locations, did find lots of fish but no hits. It took a while to figure out what was going on with the fish, that’s until my fishing partner noticed a nice size Fish coming to the surface right next to the boat. Noticed the area was full of dead bugs floating on the surface. Landed a Coho off lead core with a purple and silver spoon, so we raised our lines to 20 ft. and less - a few were just under the surface. Got a strike again off lead core, but lost it just after setting the hook. About a half hour later had another hard strike that ended up breaking my 17LB Floral carbonleader line. About another half hour went by and we landed a nice size laker on an Orange Crush spoon, using a orange dodger about 5ft down. That was enough for us for the day, decided to pull lines and Head home even though we found the right area, setup, speed, etc...

click image for larger view


May 28th 2014 -Trollers are getting a mixed catch of lake trout, Atlantics, some steelheads, an occasional king and coho, and quite a few pink salmon. The fish are scattered but most fishing is in 60 to 70 feet of water, with a lot of fish coming from about halfway to the bottom on assorted colors of spoons.

At Lexington: Kids fishing during the day inside the harbor were catching some really big rock bass on crawlers.
May 27th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Anglers doing well trolling out of Port Sanilac this week, Saturday with the cloud cover seemed to be the best. Harvesting some mixed-bag catches of lake trout, cohos, pinks, steelhead and an occasional Walleye. Reports of more activity in deeper water this weekend although some fish marked at 15 to 16 FOW. Sunday and Monday things slowed down just a bit but still harvesting trout. Fishing off the Sanilac docks bringing in a few perch early AM. Lots of little bugs out on the lake, they seem to have no problem finding your face, eyes, nose and mouth. Expect the poplar tree seed fuzz to be the next annoying issue on the lake, with the cotton like fuzz sticking to your line, what a mess to clean up later. Expect the June perch run to start up as soon as the water temp goes up another 5 to 10 Deg F, Starting at 15 FOW South of the harbor increasing to 25 FOW as the water gets warmer. Drifting till you find a school of perch works well, Then using a slip bobber rig 6 inches from the bottom or a perch rig with one hook ad 3 inches and the other at 18 inches is a good combination.
May 12th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -I don’t have a lot to report, sounds bad but really isn’t. I along with about 10-15 other boats I’m aware of, We fished hi and low around port Sanilac but our effort were not the greatest. On Friday, the south at the hi-banks seem to be doing fair, landing mostly lake trout but Reports of a few small kings being landed. I fished north of the harbor near Cherry Creek but came up empty Friday morning. Used planner boards, down riggers and lead Core. For my team not even one hit in 5 hours. On the radio I received report early in the morning being somewhat Successful with dippy’s and spoons. Many knockoffs were reported, more than fish that were actually landed. Kings are still in the area and a few Atlantic salmon have been caught. On Saturday, I fished again near Cherry creek about 6 miles north of the harbor and landed One Laker in 36 FOW off lead core with 4 colors out and 50Ft leader, using a gold body bait And trolling in a zig-zag pattern. Water temp still cold at about 41 – 44 deg. but marking lots of Bait fish. I did move out to 80-85 Ft of water and marked bait and a lot of nice size fish at around the 38-45 of water range and at least 4 monsters on the very bottom, but still without success. Upon returning to the launch, there were a few DNR reps collecting data on fish caught but I think it was about 50/50 on the success rate. Three boaters I know of came up empty but then the cleaning Station was not empty, I was happy to just bring home one. Just a short note: I think spoons are starting to be a little more successful, Try Orange crush Or monkey Puke early AM.
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May 12th 2014 - Trolllers are taking some nice mixed-bag catches of lake trout, kings, cohos, steelhead and browns from 15 to 30 feet of water early to mid-week last week, but by the weekend the fish were scattering and were being taken anywhere from 8 to 40 feet of water on spoons and body baits. Shore fishing has been limited to small perch and a lot of bullheads, with a couple of big pike also taken.  
May 5th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Port Sanilac was a good place to be on the water this weekend. Kings are in the area both north and south of the harbor. Anglers were Picking up Kings, Coho, Lakers, and Steal Head both north and south of the harbor. The most productive spots were south of the harbor about a mile at the Hi-Banks, North of the harbor about a mile out in front of the trailer park and out in front of the Forester water tower. I don’t think there was a bad depth to be productive, anglers were picking up fish in 20-25 fow, 25-35 fow and in the 40 fow range. Water temp ranged from 41 Deg. F to 45 Deg. depending On the location you were at. Green, Gold or Red body baits seem to do best, many of the fish taken were in the top 10 FOW With lots of bait showing up on the surface at all depths 15-45 fow. Many of the anglers were reported having a good hard strike, fighting the fish for a while then Having it break loose. I also had this happen, When my best struck it jumped 5 feet out of the Water of 100 feet of leader and 5 colors of lead core using a Gold Body Bait. I played the fish for another 5 minutes before it broke loose. I did catch fish each time I went out over the last two weeks, mostly big lakers. The Salmon in the photo was caught on Saturday morning, Great fish Ron!

click image for larger view

Apr 30th 2014 - Salmon and trout fishing was good over the weekend and during last week when the weather allowed anglers to get out. Trollers were taking a lot of cohos and a mix of Chinooks, steelheads, browns, lakers and Atlantics on crankbaits and spoons off downriggers, dipseys, planer boards and long lines in 10 to 18 feet of water. Cohos mostly ran about 3 lb, Chinooks 8 to 14 lb.  
Apr 29th 2014 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Starting out this year, Lake Huron is producing good Trout fishing. I launched out of Port Sanilac on Friday about 8:30AM and traveled south towards the hi-banks about a mile from the harbor. At first tried 18 ft of water, lots of bait fish were showing up but did not produce any bites. Moved out to 37 FOW, Water Temp an 43Deg F, Trolled at about 11FT Down and started producing fish within the first half hour on Red Body baits. Back at the harbor, most of the boats arriving produced good catches of 2-4 trout, Lakers, Coho, Kings and Steelhead. Anglers were fishing both north and south of the harbor, and the fish were reported as being full of river chubs (3”) and or smelt. I did not receive any reports of any Atlantic Salmon yet.

click image for larger view

Apr 22nd 2014 - Salmon fishermen started hitting the water at Lexington over the past weekend and did pretty well trolling in 10 to 18 feet of water south of the harbor off Lexington Heights. Catches of 3 to 4 fish per boat were common. Crankbaits and (some) spoons trolled on long-lines, off planer boards, and off downriggers produced mixed bags of cohos, Chinooks and occasional steelheads, browns and lake trout. The water is reportedly clearing up after recent windy weather. Pier fishing at Lexington was reported slow. Not many people were out fishing yet at Port Sanilac.  
Apr 15th 2014 - The ice just went out of the harbors at Port Sanilac and Lexington, and pier anglers were having some luck on steelheads, cohos, and browns casting with small spoons. Hordes of minnows are starting to enter the harbors; a sure sign of spring. Early spring anglers will want to get their boats out on the water soon at those ports to take advantage of salmon and trout close to shore.  
Apr 8th 2014 -The ice has broken up around the edges making ice fishing treacherous. The mouths of both harbors are now open.
Oct 29th 2013 - Pier anglers (of which there really weren’t many last week) caught the odd Chinook and a few browns. A few rainbows are starting to show up at both ports. The domestic rainbow trout the DNR plants there come back mainly in November and December, and fishing inside the harbors should be good until freeze-up. You need to wear your ice fishing gear, though, ‘cause it’s COLD out on those piers.  
Oct 24th 2013 - Shore and dock anglers casting assorted lures are getting the odd brown, steelhead, king salmon, and a few pike. Emerald shiners are starting to show up in good numbers at both ports.  
Oct 9th 2013 - salmon can be seen flashing, rolling, jumping, cavorting and canoodling in all three harbors, but nobody can figure out how to get them to bite. (Well, if YOU only lived four years and only got to spawn one time in your life, one brown trout was taken at Port Sanilac yesterday on a spinner. That was about as exciting as it gets. Boats trying to troll report warm water down to at least 90 feet and nothing hitting.  
Oct 1st 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Saturday I went out straight from the harbor, fished 80 to 117 feet of water, using Spoons, J-Plugs, and spin an glow’s. We needed a good set of Sea legs with 5 ft rollers out there. Set up three Down Riggers with added Sliders for a second spoon, also put out 2 lead core lines, One with Flasher and Spin an Glow the other with a two piece bomber both with 10 colors out. Set down riggers at 90 ft max up to about 40 ft. Four hours of fishing marking only lakers on the bottom and a lot of clutter in the water, No hits this time. When we got back to the harbor, lots of anglers off the breaker wall casting On both sides of the inlet and at the boat ramp, Again a few fish were caught.
Sept-27th-2013 - A few salmon are being taken inside the harbors casting spoons, with an occasional steelhead or brown trout. A few big pike were also caught out of both harbors on spoons. Again, no boat activity at either port. Water temps are still around 64 degrees. Cooler water might bring in more fish.
Sept 23rd 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -
It’s Time for Shore fishing, This weekend was a little too rough for
boating out of Port Sanilac so a few Anglers took to the Breaker wall casting off it with Cleo’s and hot & tot lures. Some Salmon and Steelhead were taken during the week and on Saturday and Sunday. Some anglers were fishing at the harbor entrance and others right off the Public Ramp. My choice would be at the harbor inlet at first light and again at dust.
Aug 26th 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Didn’t get a chance to get out on the lake myself this weekend, But did stop by and spoke with the Sanilac launch DNR attendant. He informed me that on Saturday a lot of boats came and went, but not even one anglers stopped by the cleaning station to clean
fish and he didn’t have reports of any one being successful. Sunday morning noticed a lot of larger boats were launched, they went way out in deep water. Although at 9:30 am still had no reports come in yet. I did manage to walk the shore line in Forester, lots and lots of Minnows everywhere, that’s something that I hope will draw in The trout and perch within the next week or so.

Aug 23rd 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Went out of Forester in 40 Feet of Water for Perch. I tried 8ft, 15ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40 and 45 Feet of water with no luck. Didn’t even mark a perch. But I did manage to mark some top water big fish and managed to land the SheepHead in the picture.

Still better than staying home.

click image for larger view

Aug- 15th - 2013 Off Port Sanilac and Lexington, trollers were getting a mixed bag of lake trout, coho, Chinooks and steelheads in 60 to 100 feet trolling magnum sized spoons. Perch fishing off Port Sanilac was very spotty and hit or miss last week. Thursday, several boats did real well in 40 feet of water, but the weekend was pretty much a bust.
Aug- 7th - 2013 -Spotty perch fishing at Lexington and Port Sanilac 20-45’.
Trollers at Port Sanilac were getting 6-10 fish per boat - Kings, Lake Trout, Steelhead and occasional walleye (80-100’ fishing all depths) straight out and north.
July- 31st - 2013 - Perch fishing off Port Sanilac and Lexington is hit and miss in 20 to 30 feet over the weed beds. An interesting side note is that pier anglers at Port Sanilac are catching some brown trout early in the morning and again in the evening casting Cleos. They’re also getting the occasional pike.

July- 24th - 2013 - Perch fishing is still spotty in 15 to 30 feet; the most successful anglers drift with minnows on perch rigs until they find some active fish, then anchor. The perch move from weedbed to weedbed depending on the day. Some walleyes are being taken in the evening from 30 to 40 feet, but it’s one or two per boat. Boats after trout and salmon are catching coho and steelhead from 85 to 100 feet of water. Pier anglers have recently taken a few brown trout and northern pike; evenings are best.

At Lexington: Pleasure boaters predominate, but anglers are fishing the various species similar to Port Sanilac. Pier anglers are mainly catching bluegills and rock bass.
July 22th 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Yes, It was a beautiful weekend and it started out great on Friday. Reports came in on over 300 perch being caught in the weed beds just south of the harbor on Friday. After the Storm Friday, everything seemed to slow down with only a hand full of perch being caught by each group. But that’s not uncommon the day after a storm and the wind out of the north. Sunday was better early in the morning, Lots of boats out just south of the harbor again with a few scattered out northward. Just a note: The local DNR reported over 700 perch have been reported caught in the weed beds south of the Sanilac Harbor so far this summer.

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Port Sanilac Fishing Report 7-22-2013
July 16th 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - This past weekend was Hot! Hot! Hot! And I don’t mean the Fishing. I went out with some friends that had never beet Salmon fishing before. We spent six hours trolling around from 80 FOW to 140 FOW, Using Downriggers, Planer Boards and Lead Core (all ten colors with a watermelon spoon). We ended up with one Steel Head As shown in the Picture. Another Angler did similar by fishing all day and landed 3 Trout In a ½ hour period. All the trout were caught in top water. Lots of perch anglers out this weekend, fishing North and south of the harbor in 25 to 40 FOW. Note: the surface water temp was 71 Deg F. Not a lot of jumbo perch were caught, Some anglers found a good hole to fish from and were somewhat successful, but many only caught a few. I noticed the weed beads are starting to fill in, that’s a good spot for action.

Good Luck!

Note: Pier anglers at Port Sanilac took a couple of browns and a couple of walleye in the evenings and at night last week. Pier anglers at Lexington were taking some nice bluegills on worms.

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Port Sanilac Fishing Report 7-16-2013

July- 10th - 2013 - Perch fishing is hit and miss, with most perch taken in about 15 feet over weed—beds. Perch catches on good days are running from 12 to 24 big perch per boat.
July 1st 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Reports from the Local DNR attendants reported success as slow but still bringing in Coho and Lakers. However not all boats were successful, If you managed to bring in a few fish at all you shouldn’t complain. As for the perch activity in, it all stopped as fast as it started, I’m hoping it was just because of the storm activity we had last week that put a sudden stop on the perch. I also received reports from Harbor Beach and Grindstone City this weekend. Harbor beach reported a slowdown on trout being taken but a few Walleye have been harvested. At Grindstone City doing very well in 100 + Ft of water out by the reef. I would say 8 Lakers and 3 Steelhead is not bad for a day’s catch. Use flashers and dodges with your favorite action bait work very well, Note: Flashers with Smaller action lures with spinners working best. Looks like the weekend of the 4th should be a great time to get out again for Perch/ Walleye or Trout.

June 28th 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Perch, You will have to find the school, but the Jumbo Perch are Out there. With the Water temp at 54 Deg. F the Jumbo’s wereFound in 29 Feet of Water (about 1/2 mile out). If you have a fish Finder look for rough or rocky bottom areas. If the current is not too strong, You might try drifting using a heavy sinker with a perch rig until You find the school. I had to do a little work myself finding them. The Photo is from an angler who found a school last week, on a day That I had very little luck. A few days before that I was doing great, even landing two at a time.

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Jumpo Perch at Port Sanilac

June-26th- 2013 - Trout and salmon fishing is a bit spotty at both harbors as the thermocline hasn’t set up yet and fish are scattered at various depths. Reports of steelheads and kings taken anywhere from 90 to 160 feet of water. Some perch are being taken off from the weedbeds, but anglers need to keep moving until they locate fish. Catches for anglers that had fish ranged from 12 to 20 perch per boat, with a few perch up to 16” taken.

At Lexington: White bass came in last week and pier anglers took good numbers of nice-sized (12”+) white bass.


June 6th 2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -At Port Sanilac Steelhead seem to be the most popular catch out of Sanilac harbor This past weekend as reported to me by the local DNR attendant and A few anglers at the launch. The best areas seem to be 80 to 120 FOW fishing the upper 40ft. Sunday the weather was a little better and early boats returning to the launch were reporting Steelhead 2-3 per Boat again in 80 plus feet of water.

At Marine City: Heads Up! I also had a good report from an angler in Marine City doing well On walleye with pencil plugs in the ST. Clair River. (5 keepers in 5 tries) make it a short night Saturday.

May-25th-2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -We started trolling in 40 FOW out of Sanilac harbor at about 6:30AM. Not much in the way of bait fish to be found so we slowly trolled Northeast to deeper waters. When we arrived just north of the trailer park about 2 miles from the Harbor in 92 FOW we started marking a lot of surface bait fish and then a lot of large fish. Our first catch was on lead core, five colors out using a gold spoon. As seen in the photo it was the center trout. Not much later we had one knockoff on a planer board, another off a downrigger. Had another break a carbon fiber Leader 20lb test and another snap a lead core line off a planer. Those fish again were 25 to 35 ft down using silver or gold spoons. Well we started doing things right by Landing a pink and then a nice Steelhead, Both off sliders on the downriggers. Our last hit was a nice laker off a downrigger, 60ft down on a spoon looking something Like a redtail. We lost that one also at the side of the boat, it just rolled off and away. Back at the boat launch reports of trout being caught in 40-60-90 FOW, mostly Steelhead And lakers and most top water hits.

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Port Sanilac Fishing Report  Saturday  5-35-2013
May-20th-2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Many boats were out Saturday fishing in 40 to 120 Feet of water. Best action seemed to be around 60 feet of water straight out from the harbor and north. Saturday the orange colored spoons seemed to be very successful. The Team in the photo had four trout in the box. Sunday, Steelhead and Lakers were taken in 80-90 Feet of water on Michael Jacksons and Monkey Puke spoons.

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May-13th-2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Friday 5/10 Great Day today, reports on fishing took a turn for the good. Got a call from my fishing partner at 9:20am, He had already landed a King, Laker and a Steelhead In 40 to 45 FOW straight out from the Port Sanilac Harbor.

Saturday morning 5/11 was a little chilly with full cloud cover, the lake was choppy with 4 foot rollers but really not all that bad. There were about 15 or more boats, trolling in 80 -100 feet of water almost straight out from the harbor. We used small planer boards with three To six colors of lead core using spoons. We hooked one on a purple colored spoon, played it for a good 5-10 minutes before it got off, the fish never did break water. Had two other knock offs and that was it for the day. We also used the downriggers set to 30 – 60 ft down without much success. We were out there for about four hours and saw several fish netted by nearby boats in the same area. In addition, reports of large amounts of minnows and suckers in the nearby Creeks.

Note: Port Sanilac launch has a pile of stone out in front of the First (south west) boat ramps – About 3 ft down. Several boat\ props were damaged using those ramps. Use the North East Ramp closest to the Lake and you should be ok. The Local DNR said they have a report in to have the stones removed. Note also, The Orange Markers on the Ramp docks locate the end of the cement for the ramp. I wouldn’t advise rolling your trailer wheels any further in the water than that.

May-7st-2013 -Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -Water was extremely clear on Saturday morning, you could look down and see the bottom without any effort. As for the fishing, That was another issue, although a few anglers caught some trout in the 40 FOW range, others came up empty, Big change from a week or so ago. I spoke to a few boaters out of Lexington, all told the same story, just washed lures all morning. Although there was a report of one boat arriving with 7 fish in the box. I believe the trout are moving north quickly, Harbor Beach might be a good choice this weekend. I’ll be launching out of Port Sanilac Saturday morning trying my luck with body baits off downriggers and lead core. Might end up spending more time than usual looking for schools of bait to improve my chances.Steelhead are about finished with their run in the northern streams And are moving back to the lake from the streams Pushing minors and small bait fish out to the lake, I might try those areas and north. Enjoy the weekend, Hope to have great report for everyone next Monday,

Kelly’s Trophy.

May-1st-2013 - Boaters caught a lot of cohos and a surprising number of Kings NICE Kings…10 to 15 lb. average and one 18 pounder, as well as a couple of steelhead, browns and lake trout. All of the salmon and trout were reported to be chock-full of smelt. Most of the action was in 20 to 30 feet of water, all the way from Lakeport at the south end to the mouth of Cherry Creek north of Port Sanilac at the north. Body baits, spoons, and cut baits were all producing fish. This is the typical southern Lake Huron early Spring fishing pattern, but it has developed later than usual this year because of the late coming of Spring weather. Eventually the fishing will move north along the coast to Harbor Beach and Port Hope before the fish disperse for the summer. The water along the outside off the Thumb is finally clearing up after all the bad weather.  
Apr-29th-2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly -This weekend was just great, especially Saturday to be out on the lake fishing or castingon from the pier. Browns are still being taken in the harbor off the break wall, in fact if you look close you can see lots of smaller brown 6” to 12” long splashing around close to shore, as many as twenty at a time, That’s a good sign for next years harvest. As for trolling this weekend, Sanilac produced many Trout, I got reports on Saturday of at least two Nineteen pound kings, some big brown and lots of Coho. It was reported one group came in with eleven trout in the well, and two over boats came in with nine trout each. Fishing south around the High Banks and north a few miles was a great area to find bait fish for a successful trip. Sunday wasn’t so sunny but lots of boats out, many north as far as Deckerville Road and beyond. I didn’t get out myself, late on getting the boat ready, hope to have it all checked out by the second week of May.

Apr-24th-2013 -A few cohos taken north of the harbor in 22 to 23 feet of water on body baits.

At Lexington: A nice mix of cohos, steelheads, and a few Chinooks and lake trout taken Sunday, with 3 to 6 fish per boat the norm. They’re fishing straight out and north of the harbor in 15 to 30 feet of water. Find the clean water and you’ll catch fish. Fire-Tiger Rapalas were the hot bait Sunday.

Pier fishing at all the Thumb ports is generally slow due to dirty water inside the harbors.


Apr-17th-2013 - A few brown trout being caught by pier.

It’s easier to bet a bigger boat out of Lexington than Port Sanilac due to sand near the launch ramp in Port Sanilac Harbor. Boats trolling 12 to 20 feet of water off Lexington were taking a few Chinooks, cohos, and steelhead.

Apr-10th-2013 - Pier anglers catching steelheads, browns, and a few cohos either casting small hardware or on live minnows
At Lexington: Dock anglers were catching a lot of very small perch and sorting hard to get 8 or 10 marginal keepers. It’s early for perch out there…water’s too cold yet. Boaters were trolling body baits in 10 to 15 feet of water south of the harbor and 16 to 20 feet north of the harbor and getting some steelhead and cohos.
Apr-9th-2013 - Report from Dock Reporter Pat Kelly - Great to be back for another year of Trout Fishing out of Port Sanilac & Lexington. I drove by the Sanilac Launch on Saturday about 11:00AM. Not an angler to be found. Fish station still under Lock and Key and the Launch Ramps pulled away from launch. I looked at the Water level scale next to the launch, It showed the Lake is still down by 2-2 ½ feet from normal. I could not see how far the cement pavement extends into thewater at the ramps because it was too fogged up. That would be my biggest concern at this time, don’t want trailer wheels getting stuck in mud. Will be checking things out again next weekend, Hope to hear some success stories and Take a few pictures.

Apr-3rd-2013 - Transitioning from ice to open water fishing. A few steelheads and browns being caught. Large live minnows working best, but hardware is worth a try. Try still fishing a live minnow on one line and casting a spoon on another and it’ll help you keep warm out there.  
Jan-23rd - 2013 - Ice is just getting started in Port Sanilac Harbor. Some browns were caught in there before the thaw down in the south end of the harbor. At Lexington: before the thaw, they were getting browns and also some steelheads and lake trout. The fish bite sporadically, with cloudy days being the best, but when they do it is usually on tiny jigs baited with spikes or small spawn bags. Brown trout eggs are best that means first you have to catch a brown trout with eggs in it…and they bite best on brown trout eggs.  
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