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Port of Muskegon MI - Dock Report

Useful Information: Great Lakes Buoy Data, WUG-Marine Forecast, Lake Michigan Open Water Forecast, Muskegon Near Shore Marine Forecast, Surface Temp Map DNR Harbor Information, NOAA - Weather Station and Web Cam
Muskegon Dock Reporter:
June 2nd-2011 - Good salmon fishing when boats can get out to waters 140 to 240 feet deep. Hot colors were green, blue, orange and gold. No word on perch. Pier fishing was very slow.
Aug -12th -2010 - Boats are trolling anywhere from 65 feet down to the bottom in waters 90 to 220 feet deep. Colder water was found 200 to 220 feet deep. Use paddles and flies or J-plugs here as well.  
July -29 -2010 - Boat anglers heading north towards Whitehall have caught more fish in the bottom 60 feet of waters 80 to 140 feet deep. Try paddle/fly combos or spinnies and flies in white, blue or green in the morning. Change to yellow as the sun gets brighter. The fish cleaning station is shut down for maintenance for an unknown period of time. No perch to report.
July -15 -2010 - Some nice trout and salmon have been caught by boaters trolling with downriggers. Target the bottom 60 feet of waters 80 to 110 feet deep. Green and blue flasher/fly combos were the ticket.
June -24 -2010 - Some nice kings are being taken trolling in 110 to 150 feet of water. Most fish were caught between the bottom and 40 feet. Try blue or green spoons along with silver and green flasher/fly combos. No pier or perch fishing to report.
June -10 -2010 - Boaters are catching a few salmon and trout in the bottom 40 feet of waters 120 to 170 feet deep. Lake trout were on the bottom. Try spoons high in the water column or flasher/fly combos in the lower. No pier or perch fishing.
May- 28 - 10 - A lot of Boats heading out to 60 to 160 feet of water, have caught salmon however the better bite seems to be in 110 to 130 feet of water. Spoons along with flasher/fly combos worked best. Hot colors were green, blue and white.
May- 20 - 10 - Pier and boat anglers were taking walleye at night. The better fishing came between midnight and 3:00am when casting or trolling crank baits.
Apr- 29- 10 - Walleye fishing has been successful off the short pier when casting spoons. Those trolling north of the port in 8 to 12 feet of water caught brown trout on black and gold rapalas.
Apr- 15- 10 - Boaters trolling around the piers caught brown trout on jointed rapalas. Pier fishing was slow.
Apr- 08- 10 - Boaters are trolling along the shoreline for brown trout. Pier anglers were using spawn for steelhead and brown trout but few fish were caught.
Apr- 01- 10 - Pier anglers are catching more brown trout than steelhead. Try spinners, green and white spoons or spawn. Boat anglers are catching brown trout on body baits, rapalas, or Hot-n-Tots.
Mar 25- 10 - Pier anglers are catching steelhead and brown trout when floating spawn bags or casting small to medium spoons.
Mar 18 - 10 - Pier anglers are catching steelhead and brown trout on spawn bags.
Mar 11 - 10 - Pier anglers are catching brown trout in the early morning and steelhead mid-day.
12- 03 -09 - Surfcasting has produced some steelhead. Boat and shore anglers have caught whitefish in the channel in the early morning or late evening when jigging spoons just off the bottom.
11- 26 -09 - Good whitefish action is being reported when fishing off the Pier, casting straight ½ or ¾ ounce spoons. Even a couple salmon have been taken when using Hopkins or Kastmasters spoons.
11- 19 -09 - Anglers have caught steelhead off the pier during the day, casting spoons or floating spawn. Whitefish have also been caught on the pier and boaters in the early morning or late evening.
11- 12 -09 - Fishing from the piers is still taking steelhead. Boaters took fish when trolling body baits or rapalas that resemble rainbow trout. A few whitefish were caught off the pier but catch rates should improve in the next week or two.  

11- 5 -09 - Steelhead have been caught off the piers when using spawn. Those surfcasting have also caught steelhead along with a few catfish. Boats are still finding a few chinook and steelhead when trolling from the piers to 40 feet of water.

Muskegon River - Is running high and muddy.

Oct 8 09 - Muskegon River - Salmon are in the river and hitting on flies, spawn, or spoons. Some fish were spotted on the beds up near Newaygo. Not many steelhead yet.

Sept 10 09 -Warmer water has boats heading out deep to 250 to 300 feet of water. Those in smaller boats might be able to catch fish in the early morning around the piers. Pier anglers will want to try casting spoons. Red and orange were good colors.
Sept 10 09 - Boaters are fishing shallow in the early morning and heading out to waters up to 300 feet deep as the day goes on. They are catching kings, coho and steelhead. Plugs are working in the shallows and spoons out deep. Pier anglers have caught salmon and steelhead in the early morning or late evening.
Sept 3 09 - Boaters are catching kings, coho and steelhead when trolling J-Plugs around the piers and in the channel. Good colors were chrome with red or the green ladder back. Pier anglers jigging or casting spoons have caught chinook.  
Aug 27 09 - Boats are still going out for kings, coho, steelhead and lake trout. Many are waiting for the lake to turn over. Cooler weather this weekend could push some fish. Those fishing the channel have caught walleye and bass.  
Aug 19 09 - Boaters are finding kings, coho, steelhead and lake trout 45 to 60 feet down in waters 75 to 85 feet deep.

Aug 6 09 - Salmon anglers are fishing glow spoons in shallow waters in the early morning then heading out deeper late morning and early afternoon. Perch were hitting on perch rigs in 20 to 30 feet of water.

Muskegon River - Boat anglers were catching walleye when trolling crawlers or body baits. Bass were still hitting on crawlers, leeches or spinners.

Jul 30 09 - Good numbers of salmon can be found in water 40-60 feet deep in the mornings with glow-in-the-dark Moonshines. In the afternoons, salmon are in 100-150 feet of water.  
Jul 9 09 - Plenty of salmon are in 30-130 feet of water. Try fishing 3-50 feet down for good results. Good size Perch are in 30-35 feet of water and are being taken on minnows and wax worms.  
Jul 2 09 - Boaters have caught fish in waters up to 150 feet deep. The fish are scattered so try 40 to 80 feet down with spoons or dodgers and flies. Good colors were green, blue and orange  
Jun 25 09 - Boaters are fishing in the top half of waters 120 to 150 feet deep. Few fish were caught and many were small.
Jun 18 09 - Trout and salmon are still way out in waters 200 to 320 feet deep. Troll the upper half of the water column with spoons. Good colors were gold, orange and yellow.  
Jun 11 09 - Boaters are finding fish 40 to 60 feet down in waters up to 300 feet deep. Try trolling with gold and orange spoons or plugs. The fish were suspended in waters about 41 degrees.  
Jun 4 09 - Salmon and steelhead fishing has been good, fishing in 100 to 140 feet of water about 30 to 60 feet down using blue or green Dolphins. At night, fishing in 250 feet of water, steelhead are staying near the surface, while the King Salmon are located about 90 to 100 feet down.
May 28 09 - The fish are scattered out in deeper waters however catch rates for salmon and trout were good. Target waters 150 to 220 feet deep.
May 20 09 - Salmon fishing has been excellent, when boaters can get out, the fish are in waters up to 100 feet. Trolling from the surface to 80 feet with good results. Fish are hitting on flashers but green and blue spoons are very productive.  
May 14 09 - Boaters are trolling north and south of the piers for salmon. Fish were found 30 to 80 feet down in waters 80 to 120 feet deep. Set dipsey divers 125 to 150 feet back. Blue, green and carmel spoons were taking fish.
May 5 09 - Kings are just starting to be caught. Perch are still slow.

Muskegon River - Steelhead have been caught in the upper section between Bridgeton and the dam. Walleye were caught in the Maple Island area.


Apr 30 09 - Some fish were being taken from the piers but the boaters were not able to get out due to storms and strong winds.

Muskegon River - Steelhead and suckers were being taken before the water levels went up.


Apr 23 09 - Plenty of steelhead and an occasional brown are being taken for some great fishing off the break wall using spawn bags.


Apr 9 09 - Pier anglers are catching steelhead and brown trout when using spawn.

Muskegon River - Steelhead have been caught up near Bridgeton. More from Betts Guide Service