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Port of Marblehead - Dock Report

Useful Information: Great Lakes Buoy Data, WUG-Marine Forecast, Lake Erie Marine Forecast, Marblehead Marine Forecast, Great Lakes Water Levels, Surface Temp Map, Live Lake Erie Webcam
Marblehead Dock Reporter: Eagle Eye Charters
May-13th-2013 - Two 29 inchers topped the catch of 16 walleyes on Thursday 5/9/13. They averaged over 4.5 lbs each. We fished north of Rattlesnake Island.  
Aug -20th - 2012 - Easy Day West of Rattlesnake Island

Waves were NW at 3-4 ft. Walleye were staying close to the bottom in 34 ft water. Spoons trolled at 2.3 kts. put 36 walleye in the cooler between 9:30 and 11:30. Fish were small 17 to 22 inches put plentyful and hungry!

Aug -4th - 2012 - Fishing Wwst of Middle Island, Southwest of Peelee Island was hot again! Fishing in 26 to 31 foot depths. Worm harnessess trolled at 1.8 KTS behind 40 True Trip Jets produced a 36 fish limit at 11:50 AM. Walleye ran from 19 to 30 inches today.
Jul - 24th-2012 -The Walleye were being a little tough but persistenses paid off with a limit catch off Gull Reef. The Walleye were deep and all were taken on harnesses 65' back on 40 True Trips.  
Jun- 24th-2012 - Finished with a catch of 30 Walleye off the weather bouy at 11:30am. Fish were Suspended at 25 feet. Worm harnesses 55 back on True Trips took the limit.  
Jun -10th - 2012 - Took 36 walleye west of the Wagon Wheel Reef . This PA. group finished at 12:00 today with 113 lbs. We were all glad to escape the heat that was building on the water. Fish are still suspended at 22 to 25 feet. Set the True Trips 35 feet back at 2.1kts.

Jun -5th - 2012 -
5-31-12 - Had a limit ctach casting harnesses of Middle Bass Island in 15 TO 30 Feet of water. Used a slow retreive and 1/2 Oz weights.

5-30-12 - Walleye off the west reef. After the wind died the casting gace way to trolling worms on harnesses which producted a 36 fish limit by 12:00. We took a lunker, 8lbs, Fished 35 feet back and 1.9 kt spped was the the best.

5-24-12 - A slow start around American Eagle Shoal, turned into a strong finish around Green Island. A limit of 36 walleyes was taken all on spoons set 25-35 feet back on 40 True Trips.  

5-21-12 - Team Indiana got on the fish early today with a limit catch of 26 fish totalling 146 lbs. Found the fish off the east side of Kelleys Island in 30 to 31 feet of water. All were taken on spoons behind 40 Tru Trips 35 feet back with our speed set atr 2 knts.

5-20-12 - Today we found the walleye 1 mile from the marina and we had a limit catch by 11am. Fish were 18 to 22 feet down. All were taken on spoons behind 40 Tru Trips 30 feet back. Good colors were Helmet, Pooh Bear Purple.

May -13th - 2012 3-4 Foot waves did not slow the fish down. Fishing North side of American Eagle Shoal, with Stinger spoons, 40 Tru-Trip Jet Divers, 25 - 30 feet back, Speeds from 1.8 to 2.1 KTS. Hot colors were Helmet, Pooh Bear Purple. A 30 fish limit was taken in 3 HRS.  
May -8th - 2012 -GREAT DAY!

The day started with heavy fog, and I had to use radar to get to the fish! Started the day north of the Niagra Reef. The action started slow but as the fog lifted and the sun broke. The walleye came to life. Stinger Spoons and harnesses on True Trip 40 Divers, 30 to 45 feet back was best. Finished the day at 1PM south of D Can with 36 fish.

May -5th - 2012 -Fishing north of American Eagle Shoal, waves were 2-4 and building to 3-5. Fish were hungry for worm harnesses trolled at 1.5 kts. Fish are also taking bottom bouncers and long lining colorado spinners. A few fish were in the 10 lb class although the majority of the fish today were in the 3-6lb. class. Waves were starting to subside by late afternoon. Looking forward to 1-3's tomorrow!
Mar -28th - 2012 - Our first trip of the 2012 season was a big success! Took big fish all on husky jerks, 25 to 50 back, running 1.2 to 1.5 knots. 16 fish, 141 lbs.! Fish were off F and G range cans.
Feb -27th - 2012 -Several fish are being taken off Cone Reef. Jigging is producing males in the 22-25 inch class. Trolling Rapalas around D-can has produced catches as well.
Feb -22nd - 2012 - Hopefully this will not jinx the early spring season, but a milder than normal winter has allowed some early fishing. Catches have been spotty with the best results coming by trolling raplas around "D" can. A few have been taken around Green Island as well. All were taken in small boats launched from Catawba or Turtle Creek.
Report Submited by
Eagle Eye Charters
Big fish were once again the story of the day all over the western basin. Limit catch today drifting just south of the Canadian line near Middle Island. The fish taken averaged 5 lbs. gold was the color of the day. Fish were suspended at 16 to 20 feet in 30 foot depths.

Report Submited by
Eagle Eye Charters
Apr- 29- 10 - 5# to 10# Walleye were chasing Reef Runners in 16' to 22' at 1.1kts. fish were located off the breaks on the northwest corner of Kelly's Island. Drifting fish are being taken on bottom bouncers off the NW corner of North Bass as well as around Rattlesnake Island.
Report Submited by
Eagle Eye Charters
Jun 5 09 - We introduced a new crew to the bounty of Lake Erie as a limit catch was had by 1pm. At first we thought we had the peta group aboard as a lot of the first fish were released back to the lake. After having a prayer meeting, the limits started rolling in the boat. Scoreing a 29 and 28 inch fish. Great day fishing the Starve Island Break.
Report Submited by
Eagle Eye Charters
May 15 09 - Green Island produces a great day!
Friday was a great day for the Graybar Electric fishing outing, a limit catch was had fishing close to Green Island. Total for the day was 36 fish, 133lbs. Trolling spoons again at depths of 22 to 25 feet. Great day for all.

Report Submited by
Eagle Eye Charters
May 5 09 - Stable weather this past week produced good catches. Winds were south at less than 5 knots, temps in the mid 60's. Trolled Stinger Spoons behind #50 jets divers with phoo bear releases which produced a great day for the Buckholt crew from Pa. At the end of the day the 5 man crew had taken 30 walleye totaling 146lbs. Fished just below the internalional line west of middle island.
Report Submited by
Eagle Eye Charters

Apr 23 09 - Took a limit of walleys on the 18th. the early bite started on reef runners but as the day progressed, spoons became the lure of choice. trolling speed of 1.2 knots to 1.7, 50 jets with the pooh bear releases 35 back were hot. water was stained to dirty, lake was calm with winds of 5 knots or less. the fish were an average of 5 lbs. with the biggest just over 27". looks like a the start of a great season!

Report Submited by
Eagle Eye Charters
Aug 13 2008 -  Captain Ed's Report - It is fairly slow, but we are still getting some walleyes trolling out near the islands and the canadian line. I ran one perch trip, did fair with a few big perch in the mix. Iit is still a little early for the prime perch fishing, I figure another week or two and it will start to fire up.  
Jul 12 2008 -  Captain Ed's Report - Fishing is still very good for us trolling small spoons, mixed with medium size spoons, such as DREAMWEAVER super slims have been producing good catches. Casting in U.S.waters is pretty much dead, but guys that are still casting are going over to Canadian waters around the shallows or the Hen/Chick Iislands. Trolling out by the west reef out to the Canadian line has been good for me. Some fish are also being caught neer Green Island, and between B & C can along the firing range trolling.  
Jul 12 2008 -  Captain Ed's Report - Fishing for walleye has been good, using downriggers, dipseys, slide divers, and planer boards. All the fish have been taken on DREAMWEAVER WD AND SUPER SLIM SPOONS, troll casting is very poor. We are also starting to pick up a few steelhead. The areas we have been fishing include, east of Kellys Island in the deeper water, out near the canadian boarder, out by the islands and out off of Huron, depends on weather as to where we set up. Having had several bad storms come through here. Spoon colors very from day to day, PURPLE MELON, MAY FLY, GRAPE JELLY, AND WALLEYE WHACKER have all been productive.

Jun 27 2008 -  Captain Ed's Report - The fishing is very good for us right now trolling with downriggers, divers and planer boards, casting has not been very productive. Our best lures are Dreamweaver spoons in the WD size. The last few days purple melon and may fly, have been the hot colors. We are also doing good running Dreamweaver super slims off diver rods. We have been fishing east of Kellys Island in the deeper water and also out to the Canadian/U.S. line north/northwest of North Bass Island, depending on the wind. With the fish still averaging over twenty inches.

Jun 12 2008 -  Captain Ed's Report -The fishing is very good for the most part, but we are fighting the wind. Casting trips are producing fish, but the better fishing is when we troll,this is when we are catching our larger fish. Dreamweaver WD Walleye spoons in the purple melon color has been best lately. We are setting our Big Jon down riggers deep, 2 low divers, 6 planer board rods is the standard set up on my boat. We are catching fish anywhere from Catawba, to east of Kellys Island. Every day is different because of weather. I will be running the next several days and the weather looks a little better than the gails we have been fishing in!
May-30-08 - Captain Ed's Report -We have been doing very good fishing with limit catches each trip. Trolling near Rattle Snake and Northbass island area in 30 plus ft. of water. using "Dreamweaver WD Walleye Spoons" colors very from day to day, but walleye whacker, and absolute cranberry colors have been the best. Most fish are comeing off the planer boards, but some are taken off the diver rods. Catching bigger fish this year, 20inch average plus.
Walleye WhackerAbsolute Cranberry
May-15-08 - Captain Ed's Report -We are fishing a little past west sister island and doing very well caught 20 today Avg 20 plus inches in size.  
Apr-26-08- Captain Ed's Report - Fishing is at its best right now as it is jig fishing season. I did not have a charter today, but Ii have been running fairly steady. Limit catches on each trip the last couple of weeks. Fishing the Davis Besse\ Locust point area around the reefs and k-can. Purple and john deere green hair jigs are the best bait so far somtimes minnows help, but lately just the plain jig has been the best. Thursday Ii had over a twenty inch average on fish.  
Apr-04-08- Captain Ed's Report - just got the boat in and had to cancel this weekends charter to much ice out in lake yet....

Some went out last week, had to turn around and come back in alot of dibre and ice out there. However we are seeing alot of little bass boats going out...a little scary, heard no one is catching anything the water is very dirty.

Jul-06-07- Captain Ed's Report- Fishing is very slow about 10 miles out from rattlesnake island.  
May-28-07- Captain Ed's Report- Catching limits, average size is around 18 to 20 inch. Tried trolling yesterday same size fish and caught our limit. Still fishing in same area as our earlier reports...
May-10-07- Captain Ed's Report- This past weekend Fishing was outstanding catching limits, fish average size was 3 to 4 lbs. BIG FISH!!!!!
Using bottom bouncers, also trolling with wolverine spoons using a variety of colors... Jr streak size.

Water was a little dirty yesterday fishing a little slower.

Was fishing Niagra and between Rattle Snake Island.

Apr-30-07- Captain Ed's Report- Walleye Fishing is really Hot! the fish are between 20 to 24 inchs. This weekend was a little harder because of the storms that blew thru whuch made the water very dirty, but still got our limits. Purple, Orange & Black jigs are still the hot baits. Still fishing the same area as last weeks report. Other reports have anglers getting hugh fish off of Kellys & Middle Bass islands.

Apr-21-07- Captain Ed's Report- Fishing is good, catching limits of walleye right off of Tousaint Reef and Kelly Island using mostly Purple Jigs but I have heard of some fish being taken on orange also...
Caught our limit by noon today!
Apr-19-07- Reading some reports off the web - the report goes like this - some walleyes are being caught on Kelleys Shoul and over by Cedar Point drifting using Purple Hair Jigs and minnows, some perch are also being reported.
Apr-05-07- Captain Ed's Report - would like everyone to know the weather has been so horrible, he had to cancel all trips for yesterday and rest of week - gail winds there with snow showers no luck fishing yet!