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Port of Manistee MI - Dock Report

Useful Information: Great Lakes Buoy Data, WUG-Marine Forecast, Lake Michigan Open Water Forecast, Manistee Marine Forecast, Great Lakes Water Levels, Surface Temp Map DNR Harbor Information, Surf Cam

Manistee Fishing Report Archives, 2010, 2009, 2008

Manistee Dock Reporters: Captain Tom & Mary Rasmussen
Aug 28th 2014 - Salmon fishing has not been easy as the fish were scattered. Anglers did find fish 40 to 90 feet down in 80 to 180 feet when trolling green meat rigs or flies and orange spoons. Use glow spoons or plugs in the early morning. Pier fishing is slow. Those trolling near shore early or late have caught a few kings.  
Aug 20th 2014 Catch rates were spotty with most anglers targeting the top 80 feet of waters up to 200 feet deep. In low light conditions, anglers are using glow spoons or plugs. Try meat rigs in red, purple or blue. Salmon fishing was slow for pier anglers.
Aug 7th 2014 -Catch rates were hit-or-miss. Boat anglers found salmon and trout 20 to 80 feet down in 80 to 300 feet on glow spoons and plugs as well as yellow or purple meat rigs. No salmon were caught off the piers.  
July 8th 2014 - Salmon fishing has slowed down compared to what it has been the last couple weeks. Boats were finding Salmon 40 to 80 feet down in 100 to 200 feet of water. Steelhead anglers going offshore looking for the temperature break were doing well. The hot color for steelhead was orange. Pier fishing is slow since the water has warmed up.  
Aug -12th - 2012 - Captain Tom & Mary's Report - The fishing was good for some. The cold water has the fish on the beach and out to 330' of water. We fished 180' to 275' of water. The glow plugs on 1/2 leads and 1/2 coppers were good. The divers back 90' to 150' with glow plugs were good. The riggers grabbed a few fish from 50' down to 100' down, later in the morning. The later bite had a few kings hitting meat rigs with rotators. Our best water was 1425 north line down to 1150 south line. Watch for those surface temp breaks.

Good Luck

Jun 26th-2012 - Captain Tom & Mary's Report - Fishing in Manistee was very good this morning. We left the dock at 5:15 am and was back at 8:05 am. The marina owner said “Fish the Flats” 16 north to 14.75 south. It was nonstop action. Big black paddle took the first bite and glow mag spoons all went in the next 20 minutes. At 7 am we dropped in a couple meat riggs – 1chute rigger w/meat & 1 diver w/meat. The diver went 3 times in the next 30 minutes along w/the glow mag spoons. We never got 6 rods in the water at once. The total depth fished was 90’ to 130’, fishing down 50’ to 80’. The smallest fish in the box was 8 ¼# and the largest was 22#

Good luck

May -24th - 2012 -Trolling took salmon 50 to 140 feet down in 140 to 280 feet of water. Orange and green spoons worked higher in the water column while flies and meat rigs worked deeper. Pier anglers caught a couple brown trout when casting spoons.

Manistee River: Trout fishing below Tippy Dam has been good with the Caddis and Stone Fly hatch in progress. Carp and suckers are spawning.

Apr -12th - 2012 -A fair number of brown trout are being taken for those using spoons or body baits around the harbor. When boats can get out, Kings were caught about halfway down in waters up to 200 feet deep.  
Sept-8-11 - Is producing good salmon action between the piers and 90 feet of water. Anglers are bringing in some big fish weighing 20 pounds or more! Meat rigs and spin/fly combos were catching the majority of fish. Kings were caught off the piers at dawn and dusk when using glow spoons.

Manistee River: Is producing some large chinook salmon. Overall; the fish caught are much bigger than the past couple years. Anglers are reminded that the Little Manistee River is closed to fishing from the weir downstream to Manistee Lake.

Aug 16th-2011 - Captain Tom & Mary's Report - Cold water was close to shore, 48 degree surface, and so were the fish both to the north, to the south and in the Harbor. The fish hit a mixture of magnum glow spoons and plugs from 2-20 feet down in 15-40 feet of water in an assortment of colors. The fish this week remain large with lots of 20-28 pound fish being brought in. It may just be that the fish are a couple weeks late and the next 4 weeks might be great.

July 24th-2011 - Captain Tom & Mary's Report -

July Fishing recap report through July 21st:

The first half of July: fishing has been very good on full day charters from 12-20 miles out down 8-50 feet. All colors seemed to work on regular size spoons and the fish box has been a mixture of Steelhead to 8 pounds, Lake Trout to 6 pounds, Coho to 6 pounds and an occasional King to 17 pounds.

Third week of July: Inshore Fishing is starting to pick up as Lake Michigan is in the process of turning over. That means the King Salmon are moving in with a 27 1/2 pound king caught on Tuesday in 80 feet of water. Regular size spoons in Blue & Green and mixed vegetable color have worked well from 7:30am on with Glows working well the first couple hours . July 21st. Fish were from 35-100 feet deep with medium spoons on Copper and Lead doing the trick. Some boats came in with 15-20 fish, Kings & Steelies ranging from 6-21 pounds.

It looks like July, for the third year in a row will have been a very good fishing month and great weather.

July 21st-2011 - Boaters were catching kings in 50 to 150 feet of water. Try running green flies or spoons. Coho and steelhead were also caught off shore when fishing the top 50 feet with orange spoons. Pier fishing was slow.
July 7th-2011 - Salmon action was slow with only a few fish caught 60 to 120 feet down in waters 100 to 200 feet deep. Steelhead were caught in the top 40 feet when trolling orange spoons. Pier fishing was slow.
June 16th-2011 - Salmon fishing has been decent when anglers can get out. Most are using spoons in the top 50 feet although some chinook salmon were caught a little deeper. Blue or green spoons were good. Pier anglers have caught chinook and brown trout.
June 2nd-2011 - Boats are catching a few brown trout and salmon just in front of the piers. The salmon were caught in the top 50 feet of waters 100 to 200 feet deep. Try orange or green spoons. Pier fishing was slow.

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