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Fishing Report Page
Welcome to the Muck Boy Crews fishing report page, on this page we will post reports for inland lakes and rivers. If you have a report that you would like to share email it to and it is always great to have pictures.

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Jan 26th 2016 Genesee Co Mi - From Field Reporter Paul - Ice fishing in Genesee Co. On has been tough for me, but I have been getting enough for a few meals the past few weeks. The best bite has been on 10 - 13 foot flats with sparse weeds, top producing lure has been the Tungsten Bull Killer from Sportsman Direct. The slow bite has been producing some nice Gills though making each trip interesting.

Ice fishing bluegills in Genesse county isn't producing a lot of fish but there are some nice ones
Jan 15th 2016 Genesee Co Mi - From Field Reporter Paul - Finally on the ice catching some fish, it felt good to get out and catch some Gills. There was 5 to 6" on a sheltered cove on a Lake in Genesee Co. The weather was mild and the bite was slow but managed to catch a few fatties for a fresh Bluegill dinner that was long over due.

Ice fishing bluegills in Genesse county is getting started
Sept 16th 2015 Saugatuck Mi - From Field Reporter Bud - trolled in front of the pier heads it was a beautiful morning to be on the lake but not great fishing ,caught three under size walleye and one salmon the walleye hit small stinger spoons and the salmon was on a Dream Weaver blue dolphin.  
Mar 23rd 2015 South Haven Mi - From Field Reporter Bud - It was my first trip to the South Haven pier, had it all to myself pretty much. Caught 7 and took home my 5 fish limit using spawn bags on bottom. Lots of ice on the pier!

Mar 15th 2015 Genesee Co Mi - From Field Reporter Paul -
The frigid temps through the month of February kept us old guys inside and off the lakes, but with the month of March came warmer temperatures. Blue and the boys headed to Alpena Co. and did well on Perch and Crappie on the weekend of March 8th. Blue said there was lots of ice.

A few trips by our group to some Oakland Co and Livingston Co lakes provided our group with some nice messes of panfish through the first and second weeks of March. Gills and Crappie were biting good on snall ice jigs tipped with waxies. My buddy Mark won the big fish honors with a nice 12" Crappie. Most lakes still have near to 18" or more of ice but the shore ice was starting to melt.

On the 14th my buddy Chris went north to Saginaw Bay for the reported shallow water bite along the southern shoreline, fishing 8 ft of water he managed to ice a few nice eater walleye but was more impressed by some hog smallies that strained his gear. He iced a couple of dandies in the 20" range. With bass season closed they were returned but he still had the fun of fighting them. He said that although the shore ice was starting to get sketchy there was still near 2 ft out where he was fishing.

Alpeana Fishing Success for Perch and Crappie

Marks Big Crappie
Marks Big Crappie

Saginaw Bays Small Mouth Bass
Saginaw Bays Small Mouth Bass
Jan 6th 2015 Genesee Co Mi - From Field Reporter Paul -
Reports of keeper walleye being caught on the Saginaw Ruiver have been good for the past month or so, soft and hard water. The ice can be sketchy and fishermaen reporting anywhere from 8" to 2" in spots. Commonly used lures are Jigging Raps and plain old ball jigs tiped with a minnow. My freind Goldie iced a nice 26" eye horth of the Z-Bridge on the weekend of Jan 11th on a Jigging Rap..

Bluegill fishing has been fair to good the past few weeks on the local Genesee Co. Lakes that we fish with plenty of 8 - 9"+ fish in the mix. Small ice jigs tipped with waxies have been producing for us in 10 foot or less of water. Ice is approaching that 8-10" mark on most lakes we fish.

Jan 6th 2015 Genesee Co Mi - From Field Reporter Paul - Ice Fishing Season officially began for my Buddy Blue and I on the 5hth of January on a local lake in Genesee Co. Blue has been pounding the gills and crappie and I even got out to fish with him for a few hours. Warm spells and heat waves through December made for sketchy ice to no ice on SE Michigan lakes it wasn't until the cold snap after New Years that we finally had enough ice, 4"+, for us to feel safe. The bitter cold temps have made a heater and a shelter almost necessity.

Sept 1st 2014 - From Muck-Boy Mizzou Crew - Two members had a chance to get down to Branson MO to do some trout fishing over the Labor Day weekend. Branson is at the center of three lakes in South East Missouri, Bull Shoals Lake, Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo. We planned on fishing Lake Taneycomo, which is known as one of the best Rainbow Trout lakes in the country. We were also planning on getting out on Table Rock to do some bowfishing at night.

We made the trip from St Louis to Branson late Thursday night, set up the rods and set the alarm with great anticipation. The daily limit is 4 Trout per person, 1 of which can be a Brown Trout which must be over 20”. We were hoping to stock the freezer with a few days limit to cut down on the grocery bill.

Day 1:
We launched the boat at about 8am and only went about ¼ mile from the launch when we seen an inlet that had a large downed tree and looked like it should hold fish. Once we dropped the anchor, we set up with an array of bait; Crawlers, Red Worms and Power Bait in a variety of colors. The morning was relatively slow; we landed a few Rainbows and about a 14” Brown. The high point was figuring out what bait we would use the rest of the weekend. Once we figured out that Bubblegum (pink) and Chartreuse Power Bait were the most productive, everything changed. We ended up the day with 18 Rainbows including 8 nice keepers. When we headed back to the condo, we had a hub bearing go out on the trailer. We spent the rest of the night running around, finding parts and getting everything we needed to get the trailer fixed.

Day 2:
We spent the morning getting the trailer fixed. The complete hub we bought was the wrong size and with the trailer being as old as it is, the complete hub is not readily available. We bought some new bearings and grease and packed them ourselves. We headed to the boat launch around 11:00am.

Using the new bait, we hit the water with high hopes and Taneycomo delivered. We went directly back to our spot and started catching fish. Things started to slow down around 3, so we headed to another spot another ¼ mile down. It wasn’t any faster fishing but we hooked into a couple monsters. We had a Rainbow around 24” snap the line at the net. We finished the short day a little before sunset with a total of 41 Rainbows and 8 great keepers. Four of these fish were on the dinner table within the hour, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Day 3:
We slept in a little and made it out on the water around 9:30am. We headed down to the second spot hoping to catch a couple big fish today. The fishing was steady, using several different PowerBait colors. Around 3:30pm we had caught around 40 Rainbows and the alarm went off that they were going to open the dam. We decided to head back to our first spot, hoping the current and cover would yield good results. As we hoped, the fishing picked up and we landed a total of 108 Rainbows by sunset. It was an absolutely amazing day of fishing.

Day 4:
The weather did not want us out on the water today, we had thunderstorms all morning. We packed up and waited it out. Around 11:30am we hit the water with the hope of catching one more limit for the freezer. The first 45 minutes were very slow, landing only 1 fish. We moved back to our original spot and finished out the trip strong. We ended up landing a total of 16 Rainbows including 8 great keepers and were at the dock by 1:30pm.

This was an amazing trip, a trip that we will talk about for the rest of our lives and hope that we can replicate again. With all of the rain and wind, we never made it out bowfishing, but that just means we will have to head down again soon. If you have a chance to get to Branson, do it! It truly has some of the best trout fishing around.

July 30th 2014 - Report from Pat Kelly - Tuesday morning, a group of employees for the company I am employed with Were invited by a Supplier to do some serious Musky fishing on Lake St. Clair on the Canadian side. All together nine of use participated, splitting up into two boats, Our best location was a couple miles out from Stoney Point near the Hub. We lost a few but managed To land 12 Musky, 9 for 11 on one boat and 3 for 5 on the other. A yellow belly perch and a blue frog plug seemed to be the winners. Best time of the day was around 4 PM, water temp at 71 Deg F. At one point in the day, we landed at least 6 musky In about an hour’s time, that’s some fishing! I thank “Complete Prototype Services, Inc.” – Chris, Jeff, Aaron and Jay for the great experience.

July 29st 2014 - From Muck-Boy Crew - On our annual vacaation on Hart Lake near the village of Twin Lake Mi. Note: the public access is limited to this lake. We have rented a cabin for the week and as always we take all the kids fishing. Yesterday we took over 20 nice bluegills. Just hooks, worms and bobbers, the fish prefered worms over night crawlers. The kids had a great time.

July 21st 2014 - South Haven MI - From Field Reporter Bud - Perched fish this morning and caught a two man limit south of pier in 25' of water.

July 2nd 2014 Genesee Co Mi - From Field Reporter Paul - With brisk W and NW winds in the forecast walleye fishing on Sag. Bay would have more than likely been an unpleasant experience. So I decided to see if the Gills where biting on a local lake as my freind Craig and his Son Lyle had done well there a few days ago. With the breeze making boat control a full time job I anchored on an inside bend where I've had success in the past and caught bluegils almost non stop for an hour or so out of which I kept 9 nice gills and a crappie for dinner. It sure beat taking a beating on the Bay and I even made it home in time to watch the Tiger game.

June 9th 2014 Genesee Co Mi - From Field Reporter Paul - Bloogilz that's what we call 'em when they got broad shoulders like the bluegills we caught from a Genesee Co. Lake on the 9th. The gills were found staging in weeds near the shallow water beds, and they readily took our tiny 1/16 amd 1/32 oz jigs tipped with a bit of bait and fished under a bobber or just cast and slowly retrieved. It took a bit of sorting but we ended up with a mess of dandies that'll make a tasty dinner.

Apr 29th th 2014 - Saugatuck MI - From Field Reporter Bud - First time out with my boat this year ,beautiful weather until storm came in lightning and hail ,we left just in time ,went 7 for 10 in 10' to 20' of water on small Warrior spoons green and orange with 3 colors of lead !

Apr 11th 2014 Omer MI - From Field Reporter Paul - I couldn't make the annual sucker fishing trip to the Rifle River on April 11th due to prior commitments this year, so my buddies, Blue, Mark, and AJ went without me and wouldn't ya know it the run of fish that day was heavy. They caught 40 some in just a few hours on the river. All they wanted to carry out and clean. The grinders and smoker will be working hard for a few days.

They still fish old-school with crawlers and a heavy sinker on the bottom around slow water areas

Mar 17th 2014 Genesee Co MI - From Field Reporter Paul - The brief thaw finally made access to lakes easier as most of the deep snow had melted, just in time for some late ice sight-fishing spots to be heating up. Watching those Big Bloogills slide in and inhale your bait is more exciting than watching blips on a flasher, those 8"+ gills look real big and the 9"+ look humongous, when viewed through an 8" hole in the ice.

Sight fishing requires a portable shelter to close out the light so you can see down the hole. The 1 and 1 1/2 man flip style shelters excel for this application as they are light and extremely mobile. I use a one man Clam Scout Fish Trap. Short rods help also, as you can look down the hole without becoming a contortionist. I have 16" and 18" rods coupled with Frabill 101 straight line reels for hunching over and looking down the hole.

Mar 8th 2014 Alpena Co MI - From Field Reporter Paul - Blue and sons traveled north on the weeked and reported the crappie and perch bite was hot, so hot they said they were tired of cleaning fish. Another friend who lives and fishes in the area reported the bite was still hot on the 17th, as he went fishing that day and said he "slayed the jumbo perch".

Feb 15th - 14 Genesee Co MI - From Field Reporter Paul - Ice fishing the past month or so has been hot if you can get to the fish, deep snow and absolutely brutal weather conditions on many days has prevented anglers from fishing. After not having safe ice in many instances the past two years mother nature is making up for it this year as most local lakes have at least 2 foot of ice already if the trend continues I'll have to put an extension on my auger. Parking in public access areas on most lakes is a 4wd situation as they are unplowed and the snow is deep. The panfish have been cooperating when we've been able to get out and quick limits of fish are common.

Feb 15th - 14 - Saginaw River From Field Reporter Paul - Reports from Saginaw Bay and the River from some of my buddies have said that the walleye fishing has been good to excellent this year which prompted me to make a short trip to Saginaw for a try at some river fish, it was slow that evening but my partener managed to ice a nice eater and we saw a couple of 5 lbers landed. Ice thickness in the Saginaw area is mostly in the 1 to 2 foot range but beware as river ice can always have thin spots. Most of the old river rats are saying that the run is just starting.


Jan 1st-14 Genesee Co MI - From Field Reporter Paul - Ice conditions in most places has been fishable the past two weeks in the area, the panfish bite has been good and my shallow water spots have been producing some nice Crappie and Gills. The fridgid temps in single digits and the teens plus breezy conditions have made an ice fishing shelter and a small heater desireable, but there are still many hardcore bucket sitters fishing out there. I started the new year, with 15 fatties from 10 foot of water on a 3 hour morning trip to a local lake on January 1st.

Sept 5th th 2013 - Saugatuck MI, - Bud's Report - Good morning fishing 20' to 40' feet of water in front of piers spindoctors and flies and silver hoard in pink and in white landed 7 out of 11, off riggers, slide divers and 4 colors of lead all working well.

Aug- 27th - 2013 - Ogemaw Co. - From Field Reporter Paul - Despite the cold front passing through Michigan on the 22nd I decided to head to Northern Michigan to try catching some of those largemouth I'd been hearing reports abouthe bite was off a bit on the 23rd as to be expected with the passing of the cold front and our efforts were rewarded with a only few undersize bass and "hammer handle" pike. With the weather settling somewhat on the 24th we began to boat a few more bucketmouths. 3 Shells topped the catch of the day with a nice 4.75 lbs, 21.5" Largemouth that made my 1.5 to 2 lbers look like minnows. All fish where caught on spinnerbaits and plastic worms on flats near deep water.

Aug 8th 2013 Ogemaw Co. - From Field Reporter Paul Reports from Northern Michigan indicate that the Largemouth action has been good over the past few weeks on inland lakes. Most fish have been taken from mid-depth weed beds off shoreline flats. Lures of choice have been spinnerbaits, jigs, and plastic worms worked around and through the weeds. Digging through the weeds often leads to being served salad with your fish as 3 Shells found out when he landed a nice 3 lb plus Bucketmouth on August 8th.


Ogemaw County Fishing Report 8-8-2013

July 14th 2013 - Muck Boy Crew Memebr Kirk -
St Charles Missouri - Portage De Souix. Went bow fishing last nigth for gar. We spotlighted them off a bridge in the flooded creeks off of the Mississippi River. I end up taking 5.

Apr 14th 2013 - Ogemaw Co. - Bud's Report - I have the boat ready, but the weather has not been very good for boat fishing so I have been fishing from shore and it has been the best fishing I have ever had from shore or pier, most fish were from Saugatuck and Douglas area Kalamazoo River, I will send in a report when the trolling gets started, just not a whole lot going on yet!


Saugatuck Spring Pier Fishing

Saugatuck Spring Pier Fishing

Early Spring Steelhead Fishing

Apr 3rd 2013 - Ogemaw Co. From Field Reporter Paul With sketchy ice on most lakes in SE Michigan, I made another trip to the cabin the week before Easter, the bite was still tough and I had to work for my fish but managed to pull a few 12" plus crappie through the hole. There was still over 2 foot of ice on the lakes when I returned home for Easter weekend (What a difference 100 miles north makes). The red glow Demon (Custom Jigs & Spins) coupled with 2 lb test P-Line worked well for me again.

Reports from the Upper Peninsula by my buddy Blue indicated a slow bite there also with more than 2 foot of ice where they were fishing over the Easter weekend.

There should be a good possibility of a few more weeks of ice fishing in Northern Michigan and in the UP depending on how quickly the weather warms up.


Ogemaw County Ice Fishing Report - Prime Time to go Ice Fishing

Ogemaw County Ice Fishing Report - Nice Crappie

Ogemaw Co. Late February - From Field Reporter Paul After a few months of freeze/thaw cycles on my favorite lakes in Genesee and Livingston Counties along with somewhat lukewarm fishing, I welcomed the call from Up-North saying the ice was thick and the weather forcast for a relativly few nice days was in order.

This gave me a chance to finally give some of my new ice fishing gear a rigorous tryout. The Can-Am 400XT ATV I bought summer before last finally went ice fishing and performed flawlessly easing the load on my arthiritic knees. The Strikemaster Electric Auger I purchased before last years almost iceless season punched 8 inch holes in the 2 foot of ice easily and was still going strong after around 20 holes. The new Fishing 13 Black Betty 28"UL Combos coupled with 2 lb test P-Line handled some hefty Gills and Crappie easily, the drag on the reels worked great and the quick-tip rods had plenty of backbone for hooksets but still had a sensitive enough rod tip to detect even the lightest bites. With large low pressure systems moving through the area the fish seemed a bit off their bite and we had to really work for our fish, the quantity of fish in the bucket was only fair but the quality of the fish caught was good with Gills in the 8" to 10" range and Crappie up to over 13". Most fish were caught on 10 - 13 foot flats near deep water on various "glow" lures, red glow lures tipped with a waxie seemed to be the best combination for us.


Ogemaw County Ice Fishing Report  - Nice Blue Gills

Ogemaw County Ice Fishing Report  - Big Crappies

Ogemaw County Ice Fishing Report

Saugatuck Mi - Kalamazoo River 1-7-2013 - Bud's Report - Steelhead fishing is good using spawn,we got 4 more this morning. We were fishing from shore and up river for a few miles. I believe the river is full of fish all the way to the dam, it is a lot of fun when you get one on.


Kalamazoo River Steelhead Fisihing

Kalamazoo River Steelhead Fisihing

Saugatuck Mi - Kalamazoo River 12-3-2012 - Bud's Report -The fishing for steelhead has been good this winter so far, using spawn.

Genesee Co Aug 4th-12 From Field Reporter Paul The hot weather and warm water on inland lakes has the Largemouth Bass active, we've been fishing local lakes the past week with lots of success. Plastic worms and hula grubs have been producing bass for us from mid-depth weed beds. Berkley Power Worms and Yamamoto Grubs have been the lures of choice. Get out early to avoid the brain boiling heat, sunburn, and the nerve wracking jet skis and ski boats.

Genesee County Bass  Fishing
Genesee County Bass  Fishing
Genesee Co May 23rd-12 From Field Reporter Paul - The Gills were up and spawning on the lake we fished, small tube jigs and Custom Jigs & Spins Flu Flu Jigs tipped with pieces of worm were our lures of choice and provided us with plenty of panfish action. A few hours of fishing provided us with enough pannies for a delicious meal. Filets dipped in an egg wash, rolled in Andy's breading mix, and pan fried in olive oil, made for a tasty fare.

Great Blue Gills

Blue Gill Fish Fry
Genesee Co May 8th-12 From Field Reporter Paul Took my boat out for a shake down on a local Genesee Co. Lake and decided to do a little panfishng. The warm weather had some Bluegills in the shallows near emerging weeds and my buddy Blue and I caught enough for a tasty meal. Small 1/64th and 1/32nd ounce jigs tipped with a piece of worm seemed to be the ticket for these early spring gills.

Bucket of Blue Gills
Apr 19th -2011 - Field Reporter Paul Smith. Omer Mi. - The Crew made our annual Sucker Fishing trip to the Rifle River on April 11th this year. The water levels were starting to drop from flood stage due to storms a few days earlier. The fish weren't jumping out of the river but the bite was steady enough to make it interesting. In 4 to 5 hrs of fishing we brought home 43 for the grinder and smoker. We used store bought crappie rigs or hand tied double hook rigs to rig our crawlers on set (tight) lines. This is always a fun Spring outing for our crew.

Mar 12th -2011 - Field Reporter Paul Smith. Ogemaw Co, The Perch fishing drew us back north for another try at those Jumbo's on the 8th. With the 3 lines per ancler in effect this year we purchased a few of the new HT Ice Riggers so we could utilize our full number of lines per angler. Wth only limited success the few times I had previously used them for Crappies we decided to try 'em for Perch and picked up a few more at Northwoods in Pinconning on our way north when we purchased bait. With a minnow on a tear drop it didn't produce as many fish as our hole hopping, jigging method with jigs tipped with waxies, but it did produce fish and a dandy 12"+ at that. The Riggers are simple to use and will be a regular item on the ice for me as I only have two hands and am now allowed three lines on Michigan waters.

Mar 5th -2011 - Field Reporter Paul Smith. Ogemaw Co, its that time of year when the perch are starting to stage for the spawn so it was time for a road trip North. The fish were spread out around the spotty cabbage weeds near the drop in 10 to 15 fow. The bite was slow but we managed to return home with around 25 nice (8"+) perch of which about a dozen were Jumbo's (10"+) including a couple of "Jalopies" (13+ inches) and about a dozen decent Gills and Sunnies. Hot lures were Moxy Jigs and Ficious Jigs and the dominant colors were orange and white. The ice was about 24" or more on the lake we fished that's 6" to 12" more than we have near home in Genesee Co. as the thaw a few weeks ago ate up quite a bit ice.

Feb 17th -2011 - Field Reporter Paul Smith. -Two trips to the Saginaw River (Saginaw Area) in January sent us home empty handed, although we saw a few keeper walleye carried off the ice when we were there we failed to score. Reports of many undersize fish and a slow bite was common. Silver and Blue Jigging Rapalas seem to be the lure of choice for many of the successful anglers.

Our trips to Lakes in Genesee, Oakland, and Livingston Counties had mixed results for panfish, it seemed to be either a feast or famine situation but the good days out numbered the bad 5 to 1. Many days our sonar units were lit up like christmas trees as the fish were stacked up beneath us, with the bluegills biting readily. The ice thickness was a solid 1.5 to 2 foot on the lakes we fished making hauling out the power auger a necessity. Our lures of choice were Bobber Fry (Jammin Jigs), Fat Boy (Lindy Tackle), Demon Jigs (Custom Jig & Spin), and Wolfram 3mm Jigs (Fiska). Colors varied but chartreuse, orange, and green combos were usually tied on the fine 2lb test we use.

Fish on Flasher

Limit of Gills
Genesee & Livingston Co. 1-6-2011 - Field Reporter Paul Smith. - Ice fishing has been pretty good. We were out on the ice December 16th (one day earlier than last year). The first three weeks of ice has been fairly productive for panfish. The ice formed fast with 6" in sheltered areas on the 16th and now we have 8 - 10" on the inland lakes The bluegills as a rule have been willing to bite. Having good luck using Lindy's Fat Boy, Custom Jigs and Spins Demon, and Jammin' Jigs Bobber Fry jigs in chartreuse/green and chartreuse/orange combos. Wax Worms have been the choice of bait for tipping the jigs. I have really been impressed with the Marcum LX-5 flasher I purchased last year so much so that I have retired my near 20 year old Vexilar FL-8 (have to give an A+ for durability). The display on the LX-5 is brighter, target seperation is finer, it has an anywhere in the water column zoom feature, and a great interference rejection system when fishing near other sonar units.

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